Monday, November 24, 2008

Early Christmas Present

I'm getting an early Christmas Present! I already know what my mother has gotten me for Christmas. And I think I will be getting it on Thanksgiving.

Remember when I talked about how I lost the diamond in my engagement ring? (See: I Lost My Diamond!) Well awhile back I was telling my mother what had happened. And I wanted to take it to the jewelers in my home town, because my mother has been going to them for years. And I would trust them with it. So my mother said to give her the ring and she would have it fixed for me.

She brought the ring in the the jewelers and they told her there is no fixing it. It was so old and broken that the diamond could not just be popped back in. And another thing that has been wrong for a long time is that the gold was really thin all around the ring.

So the only way was to get a whole new ring made! My mother called me and said she would be willing to get me a new ring made, but it would be my Christmas present. Fine by me! She also wanted to know my ring size. I had no idea, but knew the old ring was always way to big on me.

Tip: If you need your ring size go to Walmart or Target jewelry displays. And they can size your finger. Without any pressure to buy anything. That's what I did, I went to Walmart. That way I didn't have to feel weird going into some fancy jewelry place. And guess what? The ring I have been wearing for about 15 years was a size to big! I take a 7 and it was an 8!

So I'm really excited to see my new ring on Thanksgiving! And I'm really grateful to my mom for doing this for me! I also think everyday how lucky I really was that I found the diamond to begin with!