Saturday, November 22, 2008

Make a $20 Responsible Investment

Rebuilding of America is an organization that unites everyday people to help their communities. Through affordable, secured certificates of deposit they invest, rebuild, and resell viable income producing properties.

For only a 20 dollar investment (plus $5 processing fee) you could help to get worthwhile projects up and running again. You can make a difference as an investor in the United States. Your purchase of a $20 FDIC Insured Certificate of Deposit is a fast, easy and safe investment that can actually make a difference.

Just think what you normally spend $20 dollars on. You would spend that much and more just to see a movie in the theater. For only $20 you could actually use your money for a worthwhile investment instead. Projects that could benefit from Rebuild America are loans to construction sites enabling construction, jobs and completion of projects that otherwise would not be completed. This can really help rebuild America!


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