Monday, July 26, 2021

4 Things To Consider Before Opening a Horseback Riding Business


Many entrepreneurs choose to start a company in an area of personal interest. This way, business owners have in-depth knowledge about their profession from the get-go and are less likely to become burned out. If you love riding horses, for instance, you might be drawn to the idea of running your own horseback riding company. Though you may have a lot of experience around horses, there are a few business concerns to consider before you are ready to open your doors to new riders.

1. Insurance Coverage 

Practically every business owner needs liability insurance of some kind. When working with horses, this is especially important because there is a chance a rider or spectator could be injured while on your property. Be sure to purchase a horse business liability insurance policy.

2. Contracts and Rates

It is also important to think through how you will charge your customers. Depending on the type of business you run, you may wish to offer long-term contracts, individual rates, or a combination of the two. If you do work with contracts, you may wish to consult a legal professional.

3. Available Services

Though the focus of your company may be horseback riding, you could offer other services, as well. Can riders board their horses in your stable? Are you willing to help train horses? Diversifying the services you offer may help you reach a wider range of clients.

4. Target Market

Finally, be sure to think about which types of riders you expect to frequent your business. Your answer to this question may have important legal implications and could affect the way you advertise. For instance, if you plan to offer lessons to minors, their parents may need to sign a waiver of some sort and you may need kid-friendly signage.

Making money doing something you love is the dream of many entrepreneurs. With careful preparation, your horseback riding business is sure to be all you hoped.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

How to Know You Need a New Roof for Home Improvement


When you are thinking of home improvements, it can be difficult to determine whether it is worth it. For a new roof, the biggest question is going to be, do you need it? A new roof does have the potential to provide a return on your investment as high as 60 percent. It could even be higher than that, depending on the materials that you use and your geographic location. 

At the same time, many contractors like will want to see if a repair to your roof is all that is needed. Learn more about the signs that you need a new roof here before you begin sweating the bills.

Age of Your Roof

The roof of any home should have an age of approximately 25 to 30 years. Some roofs can go much longer, but shouldn't. If you are near this age of your roof, then it's definitely time to consider getting quotes for a new roof.

It is possible to extend the roof by a few years, even if you are close to this age. If your roof is in excellent condition, don't worry about it until you have to. It won't hurt to have a professional look at it.

The Shingles Curl

You may not know what natural wear and tear on a roof look like, but if the shingles are not looking good, it's time for some improvement. You may only need to replace a few here or there, but chances are that curling shingles mean that it is time for a new roof.

Curling shingles may look like they are turning at the edges, or that the middle of the shingle is coming up. Curling shingles may not mean that you need a new roof. It depends on how bad the problem is. You could still have up to five years left on the roof if the problem isn't too bad.

You Have a Leak Problem

If you are having some water damage problems in your home already, it may be a sign that you need a new roof. The next time it rains, have a look in your attic for signs of a water problem. This is where the worst of your water problems are going to begin if you have a leaky roof.

Along with water damage, you want to look for ice buildups. These form when the snow melts from the roof, and freezes after it moves down the eaves trough. Water will move down the roof during a storm and may find its way under the shingles if it can't move past an ice dam. This is going to bring water into your home.

If this happens, and you see some leaks, they will probably be confined to a specific area. If this is the reason you are wondering if you need a new roof, then you probably don't. This is a location-specific repair that can be done easily and affordably.

Signs of Mold

If you have any signs of mold inside the home, this could be a sign of a bad roof. This might not be a location-specific problem, but be a sign that you need a new roof. You may want to call a contractor to come and have a look at the roof to give you a better idea. Have a look in the home and rule out plumbing problems which could save you a new roof cost as well.

Get a Quote

There are a number of ways to tell if you need a new roof or not, but you may not always be able to recognize that yourself. Get a quote for your roof problem, and have the problem taken care of either way. A new roof could boost your ROI, if that is what you are looking for. You might just need a simple repair and be worrying for nothing.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

New Email subscriber website

 Hey everyone! I just want to give you a heads up about my blog STAY AT HOME MOM 's new email (feeds) website. Because I don't know if you heard or not but Google's Feedburner is ending soon I guess.(at least the email subscriber part?)  I just found out about it too not to long ago!

So I have switched to a new website I learned about. It's a feedburner alternative that's called  Which if you have your own blog/website you may want to look into switching. It was pretty easy and the support on the website seems helpful too if you have questions or need help. 

Don't worry if you already subscribe/ get my emails to blog you don't have to do anything you have been switched to the new website. Which there are more features on that feedburner didn't even have. Like you can now define filters and more delivery channels, e.g. to receive your news via Telegram, news page etc. (many others to follow soon) The big advantage when using that bloggers can get more visitors back to their site (typically 70% of visitors will never come back – so it’s important to have a retention tool so that they do!). 

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

July SSV (Superior Source Vitamins) Review & Giveaway

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 Hey everybody, Happy July! And hope you're having a nice Summer! There's a  review & giveaway for you today here on the blog. I am excited to share this with you. Please read on for more details. (you can also search my blog for my other posts on SSV vitamins) 

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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The tech to take on your next road trip

 The road trip has become synonymous with spending time outdoors and for many this will mean being away from tech that we use and need in our daily lives. There is, however, some really useful tech that you will still need on your road trip. Go through the suggestions in this article and you will be surprised at how many of these you needed on your last road trip, and how easy these fixes are to implement.


Ensure that the vehicle you use has solar fitted, with all the right connections to be able to charge your mobile devices, smart watch and tablets. If you intend to explore off-grid, then solar becomes a necessity and you must ensure that the vehicle is solar ready. The batteries take up the most space, so be sure to ask the right questions and check that the batteries you need to transport are not adding too much weight, affecting your fuel bill.


Many a road tripper will note that it is pointless to fit a television as the signal is always really bad on the road and the added expense for digital or streaming TV is not worth it. However, there are some great, simple ways to improve your caravans TV signal and having access to a screen that works while driving, can go a long way towards a more peaceful trip. Whether it is for the local news or weather or just being able to veg in front of the box after a long day at the wheel, having a television on the trip is an essential piece of tech for many.


Whether it is a satellite phone you need, or your mobile phone suffices, you will need to have a good form of communication both for emergencies as well as for the obligatory catch up with friends and family. For those planning to work while on the trip then having Wi-Fi and on-going connectivity will be key.

Parking assistance

Either have parking assistance fitted in the motorhome or campervan upon purchase or do a retrofit. Having a set of eyes watching and assisting you park will be a relief when it comes to squeezing the vehicle into a normal sized parking spot, or against a set of barriers and getting through narrow gates and entrances. If over 20% of all accidents happen in parking lots or garages, then having the tech to protect you is a good move to make.

A good coffee machine

It might not be recognized as tech in the real sense of the term but having a great coffee/expresso making machine is critical for the coffee drinkers out there going on a road trip. You will be surprised at how many bad coffee spots there are once you get tasting, so the most sensible thing is to have the ability and tech to make your own.

If you are new to the campervan or motorhome travel segment, then you will need to do as much reading as possible to pick up on all the tips that the experienced road trippers share online. These tech tips are based on trial and error and many long hours on the road; ensure that you learn from them.

Monday, July 12, 2021

What To Do When Your Dog Gets Stung By A Bee

 As the weather gets hotter, we can celebrate the return of the bees. These pollinators are great for the environment but can be annoying for pets and humans alike. 

Yep, no matter how fuzzy or cute they look, bees do sting. And unlike when the cat gets your tongue, a bee sting for your dog could be dangerous. 

That’s why in this guide, we’re going to discuss how to identify bee stings in dogs and what you to do if your dog does get stung (note: Take funny pictures for Instagram is not the solution).

How to Recognize Bee Stings in Dogs

Dogs can suffer from bee stings in different ways. Like humans, dogs can be allergic to bees – making a sting much worse. For the most part, they’ll just feel discomfort like the rest of us. 

As you can’t keep an eye on your pooch 24/7 and might not have the vision to see a bee come up and sting them, there are several symptoms you’ll be able to recognize. Knowing what a bee sting looks like means you can treat it quickly and alleviate your dog’s discomfort.

Like on human skin, bee stings will look red and swollen on your dog’s skin. They might come up in hives and suddenly be really itchy too. If the reaction is particularly bad, your dog might be in a lot of pain, and as a result, might seem to be whining or yelping for no apparent reason.

A bee sting to the leg or body shouldn’t be too bad, but the reaction can be much more intense on the face – or worse, in the mouth. If your dog is stung on his nose or eyelids, this can potentially cause breathing issues and pain, so these should be treated as soon as possible. 

If you think your dog may have had a bad reaction to a bee sting, take them to Kelly Crossing Animal Hospital or another vet in your area. 

Bee allergies in dogs

As mentioned above, if your dog is allergic to bees, their reaction will be much more intense. They may suffer from a loss of appetite, vomiting, or even collapse. 

What to do 

Remove the stinger

Although tiny, a bee’s stinger will continue to release venom into your pooch until it’s removed. So it’s important to find it as soon as possible and remove it. You might need to use tweezers for this bit! Alternatively, you can scrape the stinger off with plastic to avoid squeezing out any venom. 

Cool the area

Use ice to soothe the stung area. While this will calm your pooch and reduce the swelling, it’s important to keep an eye on your dog for the next few hours to identify any concerning changes in behavior. 


Protect the wound from infection, dog licks, and scratching. If the sting is particularly irritating, your dog could easily lick the stinger and get stung again. It’s also important to stop them from irritating the area while it’s trying to heal. 

Try not to panic if your dog gets stung, and it’s much better to stay calm and keep a level head so that you can look after your pooch till they feel better.