Monday, December 9, 2019

Superior Source Vitamin (SSV) December #giveaway

Hey everyone!! Now that it is December, this is a good time to post this month's Superior Source review and giveaway. Hope you have a nice December and following Winter Months.  And it's good timing because this months promo is Give the Gift of Health!

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Why Hiring a Licensed Electrician is Important

In today’s world there seems to be a lot of pressure to do-it-yourself. Individuals, social media and even big box companies promote the mentality that many home improvement jobs can be done on your own. While this may be true for inherently safe jobs such as painting, electrical work generally should not be attempted on your own. Here are some reasons why hiring a licensed electrician is important.

Permits and Inspections

Any time you have a project that involves getting a permit and having routine inspections, it’s a good idea to hire a licensed electrician Myrtle Beach. A licensed electrician will be knowledgeable about current code requirements and if there ends up being something wrong with the wiring, it’s up to them to correct the problem – not you.

Serious Consequences

If you paint a room poorly or hang the cabinet hardware slightly crooked, the consequences aren’t life-threatening. However, incorrect wiring can be dangerous and even deadly. If you’re looking to save money, consider tackling the home improvement projects that fall under the benign category instead of deadly.

Quality Work

While it may seem simple to hang some wires, install a ceiling fan or add GFCI outlets or generators, it’s better to hire a licensed electrician that has a greater knowledge about electricity. You don’t want to find out that the additional wires you added are overloading the circuit. Additionally, an incorrectly installed ceiling fan can cause serious damage.


If you’re looking to hire a licensed electrician, it’s smart to ask if they offer any type of warranty on their work. A good electrical company typically has a strong online presence and you’ve likely heard of the services they offer. Be sure to do some research before hiring an electrician to make sure their knowledgeable about the type of work you need to have performed.

Service Philosophy

Even though you may wish to handle an electrical project on your own, there are excellent licensed electricians available that make your next home improvement project less stressful. Hire an electrician that offers quality work, employees that have been background checked, and convenient services and payment options.

Even though it’s tempting to try and handle electrical work on your own, consider the safety and reliability that comes from hiring a licensed electrician. If permits and inspections are involved, hire an electrician. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to avoid serious consequences, enjoy quality work, take advantage of warranties and appreciate an excellent service philosophy.

Friday, July 12, 2019

How to Ensure You're Looking After Yourself After Receiving the Wrong Prescription

The dispensing chemist at a hospital, medical clinic or inside a shop is responsible for providing the correct medication for a prescription. When a mistake is made and it’s not spotted in time, it results in the patient being issued and taking incorrect medicine.
Most medicine has side effects when taken correctly but when the wrong medicine is issued, the outcome is less than certain. Sometimes, there’s little change that comes from it and other times it’s possible to have a strong adverse reaction to it. 
In this article, we consider how to take care of yourself after getting the wrong medication. 

Consider Whether the Chemist is Negligent

It depends on both the seriousness of the error and the negative consequences of having taken the wrong medication as to what compensation might be possible. 
When the prescription was completed correctly then the mistake is on the part of the chemist (assuming the right medication was in the correct box from the manufacturer). 
Dispensing errors are a real hazard. People have died from being given the incorrect medication before. So, it’s a serious matter even if a chemist looks to dismiss it as ‘minor’. It’s not. 
If you feel that the medical consequences for you were pretty bad, then you may want to think about compensation for their mistake. Check website to learn if you can make a case in the UK. 

Talk to Your Local G.P. Urgently

Make an appointment with your doctor. See them the same day and go into the surgery to impress upon them that you need a same day appointment. 
Explain the circumstances and any side effects that you’re currently experiencing. Let the staff speak to the G.P. in between his or her booked appointments to gauge the doctor’s level of concern. They may fit you in to see them right away or advise that you visit the A&E at the local hospital. You can also call 111 to get advice from the NHS directly too. 
If you cannot get to see the doctor, attend the hospital if you feel that your health is a concern at this point. 

Avoid Driving or Drinking

If you’re unsure how the medication may affect you, it’s sensible to avoid driving in case it makes you drowsy, dizzy or gives you vertigo. Take public transport or a taxi until the half-life of the medicine has passed. The doctor can advise you how long the half-life is expected to be.
Also, don’t consume alcohol while on the wrong medication. Many prescribed medications deliver different, strong side effects when mixed with alcohol. Therefore, abstain from drinking while the medicine is still active in your system.

If you feel the need, take time off work until you feel better. Explain to your employer what has happened and they’re sure to understand because it wasn’t through any fault of your own. Slow your life down to only carry out the necessary actions and defer everything else until a later time. This allows you the time to take care of yourself, focus on how you’re feeling, and rest up.