Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Cabin Cuddler

Do you do a lot of air travel? Well you've probably heard that airlines are cutting back on things that used to be complimentary. Like snacks and drinks and also pillows and blankets. They haven't officially said they are not handing out pillows and blankets, but they are phasing them out. And pretty soon you won't be able to find them on airplanes.

Also if you do end up finding one, it probably has been sitting around for awhile, and won't be very clean. You also might be wondering why do I need a blanket in the summer? Well if you've been on a plane lately you know how much they turn on the air conditioning. And it can be downright chilly on there. It's also when people are wearing T-shirts, shorts, and summer attire. Then when you get on the plane it's cold!

That's were the Cabin Cuddler would come in handy. It's a blanket (that is long enough to cover you're whole body.) And comes in with an inflatable pillow that blows up easily. It all comes in a handy tote bag that can be carried right on the airplane. And the tote bag turns into your personally hygienic pillow case.


When I went to Disney World recently, I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, because it was so hot in Florida. Only to get on the plane and freeze the whole way home! This travel blanket really would have been great then.

The Cabin Cuddler also would be nice if you have a layover somewhere and get stuck in the airport. If you end up having to sleep in the airport, you'd already have your own blanket and pillow!

The Cabin Cuddler also could be used at work. Work in an office where they crank up the air conditioner? By the end of the day you're freezing. You could use the Cabin Cuddler discreetly at your desk to warm up.

If you get cold at work, the airlines or anywhere you really should check out the Cabin Cuddler.

Sponsored by Cabin Cuddler

Thursday Thirteen #2 - Things I did on My Camping Trip


1. Hiking. One hike was to the 2nd Highest Waterfall in NH. It was beautiful.
2. Swimming. Swam in the Sacco River
3. Tubing. Tubed down the Sacco River
4. Bike Riding
5. Fishing (caught 2 trout)
6. Had campfires
7. Picked Blueberries
8. Ate (hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, cake, ice cream, etc. - ate too much!)
9. Read (finished one book & started another)
10. Packed the car, unpacked the car, packed the car (still haven't unpacked
everything since we got back)
11. Spent quality time with the family
12. Saw wildlife - toads, a snake, turkeys with baby turkeys
13. And best of all on the way home less then a mile from the campground we saw
a Momma Moose with her baby!

Here's a few pics. of the Moose (my son took them & didn't get a pic. of the baby)

Read about our last trip to Crawford Notch: HERE

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Download As Much Music As You Can

Do you like to download music and ringtones, but hate paying the per song fees? Well there is a website called and it is an "all you can eat" music destination. This means that you can download all the music you want for a low monthly fee.

Don't worry either, it is fully legal, and endorsed by all major record companies. They have a 1.5 million track catalogue now with CD quality to choose from, and there is no limit to what you can download.

Try a Free 7 Day Trial and see how much free music you can download in 7 days. Sounds like a great deal. I personally hate paying the "per song fee." So with this 7 day free trial and a low monthly fee it sounds like I really could get my money's worth from this deal. Check out their website to start your Free 7 Day Trial and see if you can download as much music as you can handle!

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Sunday, July 27, 2008



If you knew you had in your power to possibly stop yourself or a family member from getting a disease, wouldn't you do something to help? Well now there is a way. Research is now showing that life saving stem cells are found in a woman's menstrual

C'elle is a company that is helping women to collect stem cells in the privacy of their own home. And these stem cells could be used for possible future treatments of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, MS, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Not only could women store these cells for themselves, but they could also be a match for there family members as well.

My mother had a small stroke a few years ago, and if either I or one of my sisters inherited the potential to get a stroke, then I may want to consider stem cell research.

If you want to learn more About the Science behind C'elle then I encourage you to visit their website, were you will also be able to hear C'elle Client Testimonial and were you could purchase their C'Elle kit during the "Caring is Sharing" get one free promotion. And start empowering your future and the future of your loved ones with this innovative technology.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

PhotoHunt 120 (2): "Hanging"

This weeks Photo Hunters theme is hanging. Here's some pictures of my daughter "hanging out at the park."

She was also hanging on the equipment and hanging upside down on the equipment.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Deposit Your Checks Online

I was just watching my local news, and there was a story of someone who was trying to cash their check in the bank. For some reason they gave this girl a really hard time about cashing her check. It was something to do with her ID. They kept her waiting for over 45 minutes before they finally cashed her check. There ended up being no reason for the delay. This poor girl just wanted to cash her check.

I've never been in a situation that bad, but sometimes it is a hassle having to go to the bank. Well now there is a new solution to this problem. A service called DepositNow lets you make bank deposits online. You can do this using an ordinary computer: Just pass a check or money order through a scanner, and transmit it to the bank electronically, without even leaving your home or office.

Unfortunately this technology is only available to banks in the United States. But to those in the US who are interested all you need is a special scanner for check scanning. DepositNow has actually developed there own scanner that is half the price of other companies scanners, and theirs also works as a scanner for all your documents. So you are getting a lot for your money.

This technology would be great for online businesses, or eBay power sellers, or anyone who handles a lot of checks. If you you decide to sign up use my blogs name: STAY AT HOME MOM as a promo code and you'll recieve $25.00 off the scanner!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big Apple Awards III

"Hope is good for breakfast, but not necessarily for supper." Have you heard this quote before? Well that was the quote Mort Zuckerman the keynote speaker at the Big Apple Awards used. Mort Zuckerman is owner of the New York Daily News and Editor-in-Chief of U.S. News & World Report.

Hope is one of the ideas being used in the Obama campaign. What does that quote mean to me? Well I feel that if you have hope in the morning it can carry you through your day. And by the end of the day things might start to get you down, but if you can get up again in the morning with a renewed sense of hope then you'll be able to get through the day again. It's kind of like things always look better in the morning.

Check out this video below, and for more information visit DS Simon Vlog Views.

Sponsored by DS Simon

Wordless Wednesday 19- Fun With Bubbles & a Sprinkler

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cool Slogan Generator

Try Mom, You'll Like It.

Enter a word for your own slogan:

Generated by the Advertising Slogan Generator. Get more MOM slogans.

Here's a cool slogan generator. I remember seeing this on someone's blog before (forgive me I can't remember whose.) But thought it was fun.

You can type in any word you want, and it will give you a cool slogan to use. I typed in MOM and it gave me "Try Mom, you'll like it." I thought that was cute.

If you get a slogan you like you could also get it put on a T-shirt, which is kind of cool.Type in a word here and see what you get. What slogan did you get? Anything you want to share?

Or head over to their website and get your own slogan generator. You can get the html, to paste it into your blog.

Take the Bills IQ Test

I just took the Bills IQ test. I didn't get a very good score. My overall score was a 63%, which is actually a D. I guess I need some help to become more financially fit.

To take the test you answer various questions about how you pay your bills and how much debt you have, etc. After they give you suggestions on how to get Debt help. What I learned about by taking the Bills IQ test is that I need to consider Debt consolidation. By paying off high interest credit cards first I could be closer to achieving Debt relief.

I also learned that I really should have some sort of plan with my finances. I guess a "mental" plan isn't enough. I should have a budget and be more in control of my financial future.

Right now things are a little tight around my house for money, but eventually I would like to save 10% of our take home pay. Bills IQ made me think about saving for the future, both towards my kids college fund, and my husband's and my retirement.

Bills IQ really had some great suggestions on how to turn around my miserable score of 63%! If you want to become financially fit and see how you score on the Bills IQ test head over to their website and see for yourself!
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Abnormal Bile Pigment

For those of you who have been following my previous posts on some of my health issues, I thought I would give you a quick update. As stated in some previous posts my blood tests showed "slightly elevated liver enzymes."

Well I was to wait 6-8 weeks to a get a new set of blood tests. I went back this past Thursday (finally) for the repeat tests. I did not expect to hear back from them for at least a week. If it was to be like the other ways the Doctor's office has dealt with things, then I was expecting just to receive a letter in the mail.

But the nurse called me Friday night, around 5:30. This is where I get mad again at this Doctor's office! I was unable to answer the phone at the time, and shortly after checked my messages. The message said, this is so-and-so from the Dr.'s, please call back Monday morning after 8:30 AM!

Gee thanks for calling me so late on a Friday and then leave me hanging and I can't even find out what it is about until Monday morning! I was so #$@! MAD!!! Let's just say I didn't exactly have a great weekend! I basically worried all weekend on what they were going to tell me. How nice of them, couldn't they have either called me a little earlier in the day, so I'd have a chance to get back to them. Or leave a more specific message, so I would know what it was about. Or better yet don't even call me then until Monday morning!

So anyway, I called them back Monday morning. And the nurse told me my blood test showed I have "Abnormal bile pigment." Have no idea what that means, and she wasn't exactly forthcoming with the info to me. So I have to go back in another couple of weeks for another blood test. Then I will actually meet with the Doctor, at the beginning of August.

Maybe then I will get an answer to what is going on. Geez, it's like a mystery that either the Doctor knows the answer to, but for some reason they won't tell me. Or a mystery that I end up having to figure out for myself! It's like I'm not a Doctor but I play one on TV. I have been doing my own research as to what this all means. And I still think this is going to all lead to my gallbladder. When I looked up "Abnormal bile pigment," that is one of the things that came up. And that is what previously my research has pointed too.

Why can't this stupid Doctor just come out and tell me this, I guess that would be to easy. They want to make you sit around and worry. Well that's it for now. I guess I can't worry about it constantly or I'll go crazy. And like my husband keeps telling me, if it was some life or death thing they are not going to make you wait all this time in between all these tests. Gee that's comforting, kinda.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Walk for a Cure for Alzheimer's Disease

If you've had a family member who was or is now affected by Alzheimer's disease, than you know how difficult it is. My Grandmother in her later years was affected by dementia. She died about 11 years ago, and all though was never officially diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I suspect she may have had it. It was very upsetting to have someone you love, not remember you. And my Grandmother would talk about everything that happened in her past, but could not remember things that would happen that day. It would be great if researchers could find a cure for this debilitating disease.

The Alzheimer's Memory Walk is the nation's largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer care, support and research. They are looking for Team Captains and volunteers to participate in the event. Volunteers of all ages are welcome to participate. There are walks in more than 600 communities around the United States. A typical Memory Walk is a 2-3 mile walk held on a weekend morning in the fall.

By participating in this walk you could help the Alzheimer's Association get a step closer to eradicating this disease, that effects so many people. And help families and their loved ones, not have to go through the pain of Alzheimer's disease.
Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

A Strong Cup of Coffee Award

Yenzz from See N Read gave me this award.

Thanks Yenzz! Check out her blog, See N Read, if you get a chance. She has some really cute posts, and photos on her blog.

She is a great online friend who I think I met through SocialSpark. And now she visits me often. And gave me this great award. She also had given me another award the Sweet Home blogger award which you can read about here or even see it on my sidebar. I might put this on my side bar, when I get around to it, too! Thanks again Yenzz!

I'd like to pass this on to some fellow bloggers, for there mad blogging skills:


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Been In a Car Accident?

Have you ever been in a car accident that wasn't your fault? I bet you didn't know that you can re-coup the diminished value of your vehicle for up to four years from the accident.

After you've been in an accident, and dealt with insurance companies, even if you get your car repaired, the bottom line is that your car isn't worth as much anymore. This phenomenon is called diminished value. Diminished value is something that only a small portion of the population knows about. Diminished Value or DV, can be defined as the loss in market value of a vehicle that has been in an accident and repaired.

What the Insurance companies don't want you to know is that, Insurance companies are required to restore a vehicle to its pre-loss condition and value. Unfortunately, most consumers aren’t aware that they are entitled to diminished value compensation – and insurance companies don’t volunteer that information.

Advocate Auto Claims can help car accident victims re-coup the diminished value of their cars. And will give you a Free diminished value estimate to find out what you're owed!

What IS That?

This is my first Photo Hunters, but when I saw the theme this week, What IS This? I thought I had some pictures that went with the theme.

Here's a picture of my kids I took, near a bush in our yard.

My Son Happy

My Daughter Happy

Now What IS This? In the last picture, can you guess What it is that is making my daughter do this? (I crack up everytime I look at this picture!)

Added: 7:19 PM
What is This?

UPDATE: What it is making her do this and since no one so far seems to know, is the bush was full of huge bumble bees! She did not want to stand near it in the first place, but I made her. Then when it got to much and she heard all the bees enough was enough! She ran!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Get IT Training with Cisco

When I was in college, oh gosh 18 years ago, computers where not part of the curriculum. We didn't even have computers at my college back then. I was still typing my papers on an electric typewriter!

Even at my job I had after college, we were still typing everything on typewriters. How times have changed! Now to be in the competitive work force you really need to have knowledge of computers. Someday I when my kids are a little older, I am probably going to re-enter the working world. And I'd really love to work with computers.

I really enjoy working on the computer. But everything I know is basically self taught. I would need to have some kind of training and even IT certification would really give me a leg up in getting a job.

I discovered a great program Cisco certification. They have a training program that can open up new possibilities. Whether you are beginning, changing or enhancing your career, Cisco can help you towards your goals. On their website you can check out other peoples personal stories how Cisco helped them advance their careers.

You can register right online and take a course in a virtual classroom. They have a wide range of IT certification programs, some include Routing & Switching, Design, and Security. I'd love to work in the computer field someday. It's been awhile since I've had a job, and in order to be competitive when I do start working, a Cisco certification would really help me to achieve that.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Blogoversary to Me!

Today is STAY AT HOME MOM'S 6 month Blogoversary! I started this blog back on January 17, 2008.

In some ways it doesn't seem that long ago and in other ways it seems longer. I've learned a lot in the past 6 months. From the first days of just trying to set my blog up. Dealing with html (which I had no clue about), RSS Feeds, and just getting things to work right!

Now things run a little smoother, for the most part and I hope to continue blogging. I look forward to another 6 months when I can celebrate my One Year Blogoversary! Thanks all my new online friends for making STAY AT HOME MOM's first 6 months fun!

In honor of my 6 month blogoversary here is my TOP 6 Posts (according to me and one's I still get hits on.) Check out some of these posts if you already haven't. And thanks again for all your support!

1.Washing Your Shower Curtain Liner

2.The Spaghetti Stain Versus the Plastic Container

3.Freeze Your Bananas

4.My Family'sTrip to Disney World (Part I)

5.My Family'sTrip to Disney World (Part II)

6.How To Get Water Out of Ears

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Transform Your House with Renuzit TriScents!

I received my Renuzit TriScents kit in the mail. I was very excited to start using it! I opened the box and read the directions. It was very easy to assemble. And couldn't wait to try it out.

I knew immediately what room I was going to use it in. My cellar was where I knew I should put my Renuzit air freshener. My cellar is a play room and extra TV room for the family. My kids hang out there and watch TV or play video games. When my kids aren't down there, my husband is down there watching TV and relaxing after work. Sounds great right?

The only problem is that the cellar is also kind of damp and can smell musty. We have a dehumidifer down there but it doesn't always help. Also it gets more humid down there in the summer. And to top it all off, it's also the only place where I can keep my cat's litter box! When you walk down my cellar stairs, unfortunately, the first thing you smell is the litter box. Yuck.

I really am tired of the smell down there. But since I plugged in the Renuzits TriSents air freshner all I smell is Seaside Breezes! I love it! I walk down stairs and instead of being hit with the cat litter smell and mustiness, I'm struck by a great fragrence of Seaside Breezes.

Another thing about the Renuzit air freshner is that it has three different scents. Each sent goes off for forty-five minutes, and then changes to the next scent. Because did you know that when you get used to a fragrence, you stop smelling it? So having it change every forty-five minutes you won't get used to that particular smell, and you'll keep on smelling it! That's a great idea!

If you want a coupon for your own Renuzit starter kit then visit:
You can print a coupon so you can have the great long lasting smells in your house!

Sponsored by Renuzit TriScents

WW 18 - "Happy 12th Birthday Son"

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home Run Derby

Anyone see the Home Run Derby last night? I really can't say that I've ever watched it before, but last night since there was nothing much else on I decided to watch it.

It was actually pretty interesting. And I really enjoyed it. Even though Justin Morneau ended up winning it. The real story was Josh Hamilton. He hit 28 home runs in the first round. It was awesome! It was one hit after another.

I have no idea how this Home Run Derby works but I think if you hit 28 home runs you should win the thing. I actually stopped watching it once he hit all the runs. Only to find out later that he didn't win! It seems crazy to me!

Josh Hamilton has a story too, I guess he overcame a drug problem and was out of baseball for 3 years. Now he's beat his problem and has returned to baseball. It really was something to see!

Bids Start at One Dollar for iPods


Looking for an new iPod? Well is paying me to tell you about this great deal. There are over 1,000 iPods up for auction so anyone who bids has a great chance to win. All the auctions will start at $1.00, meaning ubid will sell them for whatever the users think the iPods are worth.

Wondering how ubid can do this? Well one of their partners has a huge excess inventory of iPods, so uBid is helping them liquidate them. And this inturn will give ubid costumers a great deal on iPods.

Have you heard of ubid? Well ubid is different from ebay. uBid is a Business 2 Consumer site, whereas eBay is a Consumer 2 Consumer site. They also have 100% fraud-free guarantee and is committed to superior costumer service. ubid is also different from ebay in that they only deal with businesses. ubid helps manufacturers and retailers sell excess inventory from brands you trust. Their teams go to warehouses all over the world to find great deals on brand names and products for its costumers.

So now that you know all about ubid, don't miss out on this iPod Auction. And you could bid on an iPod starting at only $1.00!
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All Star Break

Yea! Red Sox are in first place again in the AL East Division going into the All Star Break. The Tampa Bay Rays did us a favor by losing their last 7 games.

The last few games by the Red Sox have been great. We swept the Minnesota Twins, winning one of the games 18-5! And the other day one of my favorite players Kevin Youkilis got his first career Grand Slam! YOUK!!

When Youkilis gets up to bat the crowed yells "Youk" the whole time he is up. And on TV and at the games it can sound like people are saying "boo." It's kind of funny the fans are actually cheering him but for those who don't know it can sound like he is getting booed. The game I went to last year the family in front of me was from NJ and the woman was like why are they booing him? It was funny!

I hope after the Break, one of my other favs comes back. David Ortiz, or "Big Pappi." It's looking good for his return after the Break. We need his home run slugging capabilities. I would love for the Red Sox to win The World Series again!

Last year my husband bought me a huge Red Sox magnet for my car. Someone I know said you must be a pretty big Red Sox fan, I wasn't sure at first how she knew or why she was saying that, but it was because she saw the magnet on my car!

The All Star Game is on tonight at 8:00 PM on Fox. With 7 Red Sox picked for the Team. That's more than any other MBL Team. Youkilis, Pedroia, and J.D. Drew, will be playing in their first All Star Game. Also for the Red Sox will be Ortiz (who won't really play), Varitek, Ramirez and Papelbon.

Well, that's my update on the Red Sox. Can't wait for the next half! Go Sox!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Take Surveys to Make Money

Are you looking for ways to make some extra money online? There is a new survey company called that is offering a $20.00 bonus for signing up and completing 10 tasks. No obligation to purchase anything and no credit card required. You can get the $20.00 via paypal with in 48 hours.

You can also make money by taking surveys. It's a quick and easy way to get some extra cash. It's great for students, stay at home moms, or anyone with some extra time on their hands looking for ways to make money online.

Being a stay at home mom, I started to try to come up with different ways to make some money online. I have joined a few different survey companies. I have found it a fun way to make some cash. Taking surveys and completing offers without any obligation from you, you don't have to payout any money, is a great way to make money. I just signed up for GetPaidtoTry and hope to make some money through this company too.

If this sounds like an interesting opportunity to you too, then Click here to begin. And you can be on your way to making a $20.00 bonus fee, and more through the different tasks, this company has to offer.
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Some Sad News to Report

I was over at the blog According to Nessa, when I read some sad news. Serena has passed away, last Sunday. As many of you fellow bloggers know, Serena was a little girl with a rare form of cancer.
Her father created a blog to raise money for her treatment, and to bring her to the US for a better chance. But Nessa has learned she passed away. Nessa was trying to raise money through her Moms group she has to donate to Serena's cause.
It is sad that this little girl has died before she was given a chance. It was nice to see fellow bloggers try to help though. In my blog hopping (you probably noticed too), many bloggers either had posts about Serena to raise awareness, or had her picture in their sidebars, to link to her blog. It was great how bloggers tried to help.
My thoughts and prayers go to her family.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Information on Lasik Surgery

My husband wears glasses, and so does pretty much his whole family. It's definitely genetic on his side of the family. And I wonder if my kids will someday need glasses. So far they have good vision.

Lasik surgery was not an option in my husbands family, it just didn't exist. And my in-laws are past the point of getting surgery.

But someday my kids may need glasses. And when they're old enough they may want to know some LASIK information. Lasik surgery is the popular vision correction procedure and scientific data shows that 94.5% of patients are satisfied with the results.

Lasik surgery combines 3D mapping and customized treatment for the 1st all-laser technology. Not everyone is a candidate though. About 20-25% of people are ineligible. People with thin, irregularly shaped corneas or unrealistic expectations are not considered good candidates.

Those considering Lasik surgery should do there own research. They should talk to others who have had the surgery, get referrals for a good physician, and get an exam. An exam is usually around 2 hours and includes 3-D mapping, customized wave-front measurements of your eye and an examination of your corneas.

Lasik surgery is fast and nearly painless. Serious complications are less than 1%. Complications my include dry eye, halos, and double vision, these resolve over time. Or can be managed with drops to replace the eye's moisture.

Someday my kids may face the decision to get Lasik surgery, and with the advanced technologies, there is no better time to get it!

Sponsored by Incendia Health

One of My Earliest Childhood Memories

Do you have a childhood memory that your not sure if it's because you've seen a picture of it so many times or if you really remember it?

Well Perky from The 6 Senses of the Insane recently posed the question "What is one of your first childhood memories." It got me thinking about some of my childhood memories. Some are not so good, I don't really want to dwell on those. So I tried to think of a nice childhood memory.

And one I came up with was just a real innocent moment in time. Captured by a picture in my childhood photo albums. But I really do remember this moment too. It is just me and my older sister sitting on a chair, and she is reading too me.

I'm not sure how old we were. She's four years older than me. I think I was no more than 2 maybe 3. She was 6 or 7. But I'm not sure. Because the one thing I know now is that she could not really read this book she was supposedly reading to me!

That's the great thing about this memory. I'm looking at her so enthralled at what she is "reading," she is "reading" along in this book, like she knows what she's talking about. And the whole time she is just making up this whole story! It's like she was pulling my leg! But I think she was just trying to be nice and read to me, even though she couldn't!

That's one of my first childhood memories. Not much, but a nice one. It's something special to me, anyway.

After thinking of this today, it really made me wish I could post this particular picture I'm talking about. But my Mother has all those kind of photo's at her house. Maybe I'll ask her if I can borrow some of the old pictures, for my blog. Even though she really doesn't get this whole blogging thing -lol.

Do you have any special childhood memories you would like to share?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Charter High Speed Internet

Just while I was trying to log onto my SocialSpark account and my blog's dashboard, I was getting really frustrated. It took me a half an hour just to be able to log in! I'm not sure what was going on, maybe it's my internet connection. It seems to be running very slow lately.

Now there is a solution for all those with slow internet connection. Charter internet is offering high speed internet with speeds as fast as up to 5Mbps for only 14.99/month. This is a great price for internet connections at this speed. And is a limited time offer ending July, 31st.

Other benefits of this offer include:

* Get the fastest and most reliable Internet speeds available- Get speeds up to 5Mbps to surf up to 90X faster than 56kbps dial- up and 3X as fast as 1.5Mbps DSL!

* Automatic protection from viruses, hackers and spam - Charter High-Speed Security SuiteƆ has the fastest response to new virus threats and best virus detection.

* 10 e-mail accounts - enough for the whole family plus 20MB of Web space.

* Download in seconds, not minutes plus a reliable always-on, always-fast connection.

* Exclusive content on get your news, weather, local movie listings and more!

I'm going to look into this myself. I'm really getting fed up with my slow internet connection!

Sponsored by Charter