Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bids Start at One Dollar for iPods


Looking for an new iPod? Well uBid.com is paying me to tell you about this great deal. There are over 1,000 iPods up for auction so anyone who bids has a great chance to win. All the auctions will start at $1.00, meaning ubid will sell them for whatever the users think the iPods are worth.

Wondering how ubid can do this? Well one of their partners has a huge excess inventory of iPods, so uBid is helping them liquidate them. And this inturn will give ubid costumers a great deal on iPods.

Have you heard of ubid? Well ubid is different from ebay. uBid is a Business 2 Consumer site, whereas eBay is a Consumer 2 Consumer site. They also have 100% fraud-free guarantee and is committed to superior costumer service. ubid is also different from ebay in that they only deal with businesses. ubid helps manufacturers and retailers sell excess inventory from brands you trust. Their teams go to warehouses all over the world to find great deals on brand names and products for its costumers.

So now that you know all about ubid, don't miss out on this iPod Auction. And you could bid on an iPod starting at only $1.00!
Sponsored by uBid.com

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  1. I love a good deal, and this is too good to pass up, thanks for sharing.