Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Get To Know Glenn Beck

Do you know Glenn Beck ? His TV Show is a combination of political, comedy and satire. He has some interesting perspectives. Weather you agree with him or not he has some unique opinions.

I was just on his website watching one of his videos. The video really got me thinking. It was about how basically farmers are growing fuel instead of food. With a fuel and food crisis, farmers are choosing to grow food to be turned into Ethanol. The only problem is that that the amount of grain to make Ethanol to fill up a SUV could feed an adult male for a year! With a food crisis around the world maybe the priorities better be rethought.

If you're a fan of Glenn Beck you can catch him live at his current Summer Political Tour. He's also having a Dallas show on July 17th which will be broadcast live via FathomEvents to select movie theaters nationwide on that date.
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