Monday, March 30, 2009

We Have a Winner

First of all thanks everyone for making my first ever Giveaway a huge success! And I also want to thank Kerie Miller from Barefoot Books for sponsoring this Giveaway.

And now for the winner! It is Tati. I have contacted her to let her know she won.

Tati said...
my username is mamitati and I just twittered about this giveaway!

March 17, 2009 5:09 PM

Enter My Birthday Giveaway!

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Don't forget to enter My Birthday Giveaway! Where you can win one item (up to a $25.00 value) from Barefoot Books. Click HERE to enter. Contest runs until March 3oth.

Update: originally I had posted for US residents only. But my sponsor has generously opened it up to Internatinal residents too. So everyone please feel free to enter:

Mellow Yellow Monday ~ #2

Here's another art creation. This time by my son. He made this funky yellow "giraffe." He made it last year in school in art class. I thought this was very creative of him!

Funky Giraffe

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Get Tactical!

Looking for a tactical bag, a tactical vest or perhaps some Malice Clips? Well LA Police Gear, will have what you are looking for. On their website they have all your tactical needs.

They have top brands in tactical gear such as flashlights, footwear, shirts and lots more. My husband's birthday is coming up in a month, I'm sure he would love some of this tactical gear.

There are even some great closeout items on the website. Closeout items means some great deals. For example a pair of 5.11 Tactical FLASH FRX3 Pants would regularly go for almost $95.00 but LA Police Gear is selling them for only $13.99! My husband would love these pants!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Looking at the sky on Friday ~ 8

I received a Canon Power Shot camera from my husband. A couple of weeks ago it was my birthday and I wanted an "upgrade" on my digital camera. So I was excited last weekend to really try it out.

It was a nice day, last Sunday, although a little chilly with somewhat of a wind. We went to the park, and a family was flying a kite. I got a few shots of the kite up in the air.

Picts March 2009 052

Picts March 2009 050

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

MagNext Virtual Online Game

MagNext Virtual is a cool online game. It is a MMORPG game where you are a magnetic sphere.

Here's a screen shot of what the main area of the game looks like. I checked it out today and played a few games. It was fun, and I'm sure kids would really love it!

Signing up for MagNext is free. And there are some really cool games to play. There is a fun racing game. There is a roller coaster game, and an Arena. You can make friends and chat safely in the games. You can also challenge your friends to play you in the games.

Playing the games earns you Magz. Magz can be used in the shop to buy cool paint jobs, gear and action skills. So if you are looking for a cool, safe online game for kids, I really think you should give MagNext Virtual a chance! Sign up now, it's free and you can play with tons of other kids that are as magnetic as you!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WW 48 "I Like a Good Wigwam"

I mentioned in another post, about a place we like to go walking in the woods. It's called Beaver Brook. Here is a cool Wigwam, you can see on one of the paths. This Wigwam has seen better days though. I read that they replaced another one in 2003. I think it's time to replace this one.


The kids usually like to check it out. They like to go inside, but this time it was looking a little yucky. They didn't want to go in it.

kids with wigwam

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Acne Care Products

Being the mother of a 12 year old, soon to be 13 year old in July, I have started to see the signs of acne on my son. On his forhead, near his hair line he has some acne. He even has some on the back of his neck now too.

It might be time to start thinking about getting him some
Acne care products. There are some great acne treatment products on this website I found. It is called Acne Information 101. There is a product called MD Formulations Teen Acne Kit. It includes 4 products for teen acne. The 4 products are Facial Cleanser Oily 2.2oz, Glycare Acne Gel 2oz, Advanced Hydrating Complex Gel 0.5oz, Total Protector 30 0.3oz. This sounds like some great products for treating teen acne. And something my son could use.

There are other products on the site too. Some to treat adult acne. Such as MD Formulations Adult Anti-Blemish Kit For Adult Acne. That includes 5 different products. Another product is an Acne Treatment system containing 3 products that will remove acne without irritation or drying skin. Which sounds nice, since I know when I've tried some acne products it tends to be drying. But this would be great if it doesn't dry out your skin.

If you or someone you know is in need of some great acne treatment products then check out Acne Information 101 for more information.

A First in at least 35 Years

My husband had a major accomplishment today. He went 24 hours without a cigarette! This is he said probably the first time since he started smoking that he has ever done that.

He started smoking at only 13 years old. That is hard to believe! But in the almost 17 years that I have known him, he has tried to stop smoking a few times but has never gone a whole day without at least one cigarette. Today he actually did it! I'm so happy for him. It has been tough on him, but I guess this Chantix is actually working!

Kids' Choice Awards Widget


The 2009 Kids' Choice Awards are this Saturday, March 28th on Nickelodeon. My kids really enjoy watching this every year. It is a lot of fun to see all the celebrities have fun on the show. The celebrities really act like kids themselves and really seem to enjoy being on the show.

It always surprises me how many great celebrities show up for the Kids' Choice Awards. It's nice that they really seem to appreciate their fans. Which kids are some of the biggest fans of these celebrities.

Voting is going on right now! You and your kids can vote for your favorite celebrities. There is all different categories such as favorite male/female athelete, or favorite tv show, etc. You can vote more then once.

You can also help your favorite win buy customizing a widget like the one below. You can pick who you like and then post this widget to your blog, myspace page, facebook and other places. I picked Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, since she is my daughter's favorite. So go get your own widget, and help your favorite win a Kids' Choice Award!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday

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My daughter drew this picture of a rainbow for her art class. This is is a yearly fundraiser they do at her school. The kids draw a picture and then you can purchase it on various products. Like I'm going to get it on a coffee mug and a tote bag. They also have t-shirts, calendars, etc.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lena - Ambitious 12 Year Old

A lot of kids want to become singing stars. Many of them started out when they were very young. And have gone on to make it. Just look at Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus.

Another such young person, who is trying to make it in the music business is Lena. She has been singing since as long as she can remember. And at only 7 years old she sang The National Anthem, in front of a huge crowd. She got rave reviews for her singing.

She then went on to record covers or popular hits, that were very well received. And she recently began working on her own music. Now she has released, her first original composition. It is called "Framed." She is very ambitious since she has done all this and is now only 12 years old.

She wrote this song in collaboration with Kosta Lois, who is a veteran Hollywood music composer and producer. Lena really wants to make it in the music business, and to connect with kids her age. And I just listened to her new song. And it really is good. If you want to listen to her song and find out more about her then go to
Lena's myspace page.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Photo Hunters 25 ~ Yellow

When I saw that the theme this week was yellow, this picture came to mind:


This is a picture of my son, on his I think 5th birthday party (he's 12 now). My sister gave him this cute yellow ducky umbrella. He really loved this yellow umbrella and I remember took quite a few pictures with it. Posing for everyone with it while they took a bunch of pictures.

Great Sale Going on at Sears

There is a great sale going on now at Sears. It is a clearance on Sears apparel. From now until April 18th, Sears is offering 75-80% off original prices on fall and winter apparel.

This is a great opportunity to buy clothes at a great price. You can buy your clothes or your kids clothes for next year. This is a great way to save money, by getting the items you would need for next fall and winter now on clearance.

In addition Sears is offering a 15% off shopping pass, that can be used on regular, sale and clearance priced apparel, shoes and accessories. This is a great savings! I encourage you to click:
here, to print out this coupon that can be used this weekend. I may even print this out, since this sounds like such a great clearance sale.

I was considering getting some sneakers this weekend anyway. I really need some new ones. And if I could save on them, even better. Here's a picture of some I thought looked nice:

So, if you want to get in on a great clearance sale going on at Sears, get shopping! And don't forget to print out your coupon for an extra 15% off March 20-22nd. And this coupon can be used in stores and can also be used on Sears.comClick Here

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Latest on Husband's Health

Another quick update about my husband's health. He has been struggling to quit smoking since my last update. He has been using the nicotine patch and still will sneak a few cigarettes. Today he said he only had one.

But today he got a prescription for Chantix, which is a pill that is supposed to be very affective in quitting. I know some people who have had success with it. He actually received it for free through a program he go into. So that is also cool, since it costs like $130.00 for a months prescription.

In order to get it free he had to see another doctor. This doctor said she was sceptical about the COPD diagnosis. She said he doesn't have that and if he did they wouldn't have put him on this particular inhaler he his on. She said they would have put him on one that is different for COPD. I think the original doctor may have over embellished my husband's diagnosis.

Anyway, one way or the other, he should and will do his best to try to quit smoking. Since he doesn't want it to develop in any way into COPD.

Many Are Getting Laid Off

My mother-in-law called the other day to tell us that my sister-in-law was "let go" from her job. This is a major shock, as she had almost 30 years seniority at this company. Luckily she got a decent severance package. But she will now have to start looking for a new job.

There is a great company called
LIGHTSHIP RESEARCH. This company is leading the way in executive recruiting and individual job searches. They are helping people find their perfect jobs, and will even provide resume critiques.

Here is a testimonial direct from their site:

"I lost my job as Vice President of Sales with a national technology firm and signed up for assistance with a career management firm that turned out to be terrible. I gave them $10K and they did nothing, not even return my calls. I called my lawyer and he got most of my money back and said that his neighbor had used a company called Lightship Research They charged less than a quarter of what the other company did and were accessible and they’re for me every step of the way. I even felt like the whole team were my friends and went through the same emotional ups and downs as I did through my job search. It took me 9 weeks and now I am the VP of Sales for a fast growing biometrics company. These are highly hard working and ethical people. I recommend them to everyone I talk to." -M. Olson, PA

Looking at the Sky on Friday #7

Taken at Greenwood State Park, NH. Where we go camping every summer. We like to go down to the beach one last time, later in the day. To go swimming, and also it's great because usually there is no one else there.


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Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Sister-in-law Loves Reed Diffusers

Last time I was over my sister-in-law's house I noticed something. She had a few reed diffusers placed around her house. I loved the smell of them and wanted to find out where I could buy some too.

My sister-in-law mentioned that reed diffusers can be found at In case your unfamiliar with what reed diffusers are here is a quick synopsis. Aroma reed fragrance diffuser sticks, are a new age of home fragrance. And they will enhance the sensuality of your home. How they work is that, strips of bamboo absorb and diffuse long lasting natural fragrance. And they are available in a variety of unique blends.

When I got home I did a quick search online for reed diffusers and for I saw that they have some great reed diffusers, like the one pictured below. also has a great variety of other products too, such as srubs, lotions and soaps, to name a few. I would love to have my house smell as great as my sister-in-laws, with a reed diffuser. And I definately know what I will be purchasing for her for her birthday, she just loves reed diffusers!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WW #47 "I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover"

My daughter came running in the house yesterday, all excited because she found this:

four leaf clover 003

Not sure if this is an official "four leaf clover." What do you think?

But it does have four leaves, looks like a clover, and she found it on St. Patrick's Day. Must be lucky, my husband is going to play the lottery today!

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Acai Diet Reviews

Acai Berry Products have helped many drop weight they have been trying to lose. Those who have used Acai Berry Products say that they felt cleansed after using the product.

It can help you clean your body of toxic buildup, that can make you feel sluggish. Others who have tried and reviewed the product said that it gave them the energy to consistently workout.

If you would like to learn more about this product and read unbiased reviews from those who have tried it check out the link above. On the site Acai Diet Reviews, you can find out what others have said about this product, and whether or not it was affective for them.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts ~ and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Even though I'm not even Irish! I am wearing my obligatory green shirt. I remember going to the St. Patrick's Day parade in Boston when I was like 9 or 10 yrs. old. I went with my friend and her father. They were totally Irish, and I showed up at their house before the parade, without any green on. They couldn't believe it and, all they could come up with was like a green ribbon for my hair or something. They felt better after.

I remember one time in college, where like everyone was Irish except me, and it was St. Patrick's Day. I totally spaced on it and didn't wear anything green. I remember wearing a pink dress. A girl in one of my classes came up to me and rather meanly told me I should be wearing green. And I will never forget how mad she was and said the least I could do was try to fit in!

Yesterday was my lucky day. I found out from Dee @
Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House that I had won one of her giveaways! Cool! Thanks Dee. Then when I was leaving the house, the mailman handed me a package. It was from Izea.

With some free green swag! Like this t-shirt (my obligatory green t-shirt I have on) and some necklaces, pins, etc, and some Blu Frog Energy drinks.

Cool, I love free stuff! Thanks Izea! Then when I got home and looked at the other mail, there was a check from my in-laws for my Birthday! Yea!

Also while out "bra" shopping. Which by the way I hate and only do once a year. Literally I go out once a year and buy some bras, that's it. Because I think it is one of the worst things that a women is subjected too. Which, yesterday, actually didn't go so bad I only tried on 3 and found one I liked. Maybe I'll learn someday to just buy the same one I did before that I liked. I should go back and actually buy like 2 or more of this one I did buy.

But anyway one thing I noticed was everyone wearing pajama bottoms! No offense to those of you who wear them, but personally it drives me crazy. I know they're comfortable and am not against wearing them around your house, but come on, would it kill you to change into some regular pants while at the mall or the supermarket!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kissimmee Freedom Sweepstakes

If you are thinking about taking a vacation, but are worried about spending a lot of money, then you should consider Kissimmee.

Kissimmee, Florida is a great place to take a vacation, and it's in the heart of Florida. You may or may not know that there are a lot of free things to do while in Kissimmee. Yes, I said free!

One of the things that you could do for free in Kissimmee is visit the Old Town Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment Complex. Admission is free, and it's a great way to spend the day. On weekends Old Town is a great place for car buffs. Fridays you can see some exotic and custom cars. And Saturdays there is a "Saturday Nite Cruise," which is an 18 year old tradition. There you will be able to see some real nice classic cars.

Another thing to do in Kissimmee is visiting some Nature Preserves. This would be right up my alley. I love to go hiking and sightseeing at Nature Preserves. There are a few different ones in the area, including the Lake Lizzie Nature Preserve. There are nesting bale eagles and endangered Whooping cranes there. That sounds like something I would really love to see.

And there are a lot of other fun, free things to do while at Kissimmee! And just think with the money you save on doing a few free things, you may be able to do a few fun filled carefree things too. Like going to the Orlando Museum of Art, or something I always wanted to try, Hot Air Ballooning. You could take a ride on a hot air balloon! That sounds like a lot of fun.

So now that you know that there are a lot of great things to do in Kissimmee, you should start planning your vacation. And luckily Kissimmee is giving away three weekend getaways for 3 days/2 nights for two; and two week long vacations for four. Drawings will be held on or around 4/15/09 and 5/21/09. So enter the sweepstakes and you could maybe win a great vacation to Kissimmee!


Not Me Monday

This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not take my daughter to the book store to get a sticker book (with her birthday money). And half way home she did not start crying because one of the stickers was missing. It was a Littlest Pet Shop sticker book Volume II no less. And my husband did not return it the next day and come home with a Volume III sticker book, because that's all they had left. I did not tell him he better go try to find a Volume II sticker book, because she would freak out when she got home from school. He did not then drive to a different store to find Volume II. No that would be crazy.

I did not wait until Friday to start cleaning my house, because my mother was coming Saturday. I did not go to the movies Friday night instead of finishing cleaning the TV room. I did not then have to get up at 7:30 am on Saturday to finish cleaning. I did not then just take the remaining toys, books, crayons, etc. and then stuff them all in trash bags. I did not then shove the trash bags, and various other stuff in my bedroom. When my mother left I did not then bring the trash bags and other stuff back into the TV room. No not me!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dancewear from Capezio Dance

Capezio Dance has been committed to the performer in dance, theater and recreation for over 100 years. They have quality products for dancers in any kind of dance. Such as tap, jazz, ballet, etc.

Capezio Dance's products range from bodywear, legwear and footwear and more. If you are looking for all different kinds of footwear they can supply you with that too. Such as lyrical, modern and Custom Ballet Slippers and a lot of other choices.

They have exceptional customer service. And they are continuously advancing their products through research and technology. So if you are looking for quality dancewear then check out Capezio Dance.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Looking At The Sky on Friday ~ Beaver Brook

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Last weekend was so nice out. Close to 60 degrees, unfortunately it didn't last, as we got 6 inches of snow Monday! But we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and go for a walk. We went to one of my favorite places called "Beaver Brook." I have literally been going there since I was a little girl with my Grandmother. I love going there and walking in the woods. Click Here for more info. (which I just learned there are over 2,000 acres there!)

Here's some pictures I took from our walk. Which actually ended up being more like a 2 hour hike! The sky looks a little gloomy in these pictures, but it was so warm out!

beaver brook 2009 014

beaver brook 2009 012

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Amazing Dolphin Bubbles!

Have you seen this amazing video "Dolphin Bubbles" yet? If not take the time to watch it now. It is truly fascinating!

This video was even featured on ABC's World News with Charles Gibson, recently. This is really becoming a phenomenon!

Scientists and those who work at SeaWorld are really excited by this. The dolphins are blowing bubbles and playing with them. This is a recent behavior that dolphins seem to be developing. It is very interesting to find out that dolphins can learn new behaviors and seem to be teaching other dolphins how to do this too.

Those who work closely with dolphins and have studied them are inspired to find out that dolphins can learn behaviors. Just when they thought they had learned all there is to know about dolphins, it is exciting to realize there is still a lot more to learn about them.

If you would like to learn more about "Dolphin Bubbles," I encourage you to visit While there feel free to leave a bubble (comment) on any post or page. Check it out today!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Birthday Giveaway!

Today is my birthday! I will not mention how old I am - lol! But in honor of my birthday I want to give You, a present. I am happy to be having "My Birthday Giveaway!" I'm so excited as this is my first ever giveaway, here on STAY AT HOME MOM.

I was contacted by Kerie Miller from Barefoot Books to host a giveaway. So. STAY AT HOME MOM is teaming up with Barefoot Books. Barefoot Books are award-winning children's books. Barefoot Books are a vibrant, global community of parents and educators dedicated to bringing art, creativity, imagination, cultural awareness and green living into the hearts of children everywhere.

Contest rules:

Visit Barefoot Books here: . Browse the website and find what one item you like. Come back here and leave a comment on which item you like. What you choose from the website will be your prize if you win! **This step is required!** (excluded in contest are items over $25.00, otherwise all other items are included as choices.)

For one extra entry each: (please leave separate comment for each)

1. Follow my blog. (if you already do still leave comment)
2. Add my "button" to your blog. (if already do still leave comment)
3. "Tweet" about this giveaway. Include a link to your tweet in your comment. (One tweet per day, please.)
4. Follow me on Twitter @ (leave your Twitter username, if you already follow me let me know that too.)
5. Subscribe to my RSS Feed.
6. Favorite me on Technorati.

For 2 extra entries:

Write a blog post about this Giveaway linking back to this post. (leave the link to your post)

The winner will be drawn via Contest runs March 12, 2009 and ends March 30, 2009 1:00 PM EST. Please make sure you leave your email address if it's not linked on your blog or profile.Winner will have 48 hours to respond to my notification email or new winner will be chosen. Once the winner forwards contact info. to me, Barefoot Books will mail the prize directly to the winner. *Update: Open to US and International residents!** no PO boxes or APO addresses. Good luck!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WW 46 "Are You Sure Spring is Coming?"

I took these last Thurday. I went to pick my daughter up from her Brownie meeting. This is outside of her school. I couldn't believe the size of this snow bank!

snow at school

daughter at school

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Young Christian's Weekend Rocks Branson

Thousands from across the country are going to rock Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, March 27-29. If you would like to join them for a weekend of energizing music, thrilling rides, awe-inspiring speakers, praise and worship at the Young Christian's Weekend, then hurry and book your stay now.

And if you would like to attend the Young Christian's Weekend then there is no better place to stay then The
Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing or The HIlton Branson Convention Center Hotel. Both are within easy driving distance of this great event. The hotels are offering great packages for this special weekend.

While attending the Young Christian's Weekend you may also be able to attend a concert by DownHere! Also performing will be Kutlass and Leeland. There will also be other mini concerts and spirit filled worships in the park. And featured will be inspiring messages from Joe White of Kanakuk Kamps and others.

While in Branson, staying at the Hilton Hotels, you could also visit other attractions in the area. Both hotels are located with convenient access to championship golf courses, lakes, museums, shops, boutiques, and restaurants.

So if your interested in The Young Christians’ Weekend, then check out the packages available at the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel!

Random Tuesday Thoughts

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A few months ago I bought some kind of Dove leave-in conditioner. I bought it at the "buck store." I ended up really liking it and wanted more. I was almost out of it a couple of weeks ago, and saw some at Walmart. Of course me being "cheap" I didn't buy it because it was like $2.50 more at Walmart. In the mean time 2 weeks later I haven't gone to the "buck store," which isn't really that convenient to get to and have looked in some supermarkets for it. When I could have just gotten it at Walmart in the first place, while I was there!

Who deemed that any kid who's birthday it is must bring in cupcakes to school for their birthday? My daughter's birthday always falls over their Feb. vacation. So every year it's a debate on do we bring them in before the vacation or after the vacation. And to make matters worse another girl in her class, has her birthday the day after my daughter. So every year this girl brings her cupcakes in the day before vacation, my daughter the day they get back from vacation. Because that's how the other girls mother sets it up. My daughter ends up getting upset about it every year. Whatever!

Also when I finally did make the cupcakes, which was supposed to be on a Monday. School ended up being cancelled because of a snow storm. 7:00 at night when I finally did make them, I was about to put them in the "muffin tins" when I realized I only had like 8 left. My husband had to go out to buy more that night. And finally I had saved a box specifically for that purpose. It was in the kitchen for 2 weeks waiting to be used. Right when I was about to put them in the box, I realized my husband had thrown it out!

We've has some "issues" with our cat and the litter box. Without getting into the gory details I looked online to find some solutions. It suggested that maybe they would prefer the "clumping" kind of litter better. Anyone ever try this stuff? This stuff stinks. It doesn't clump, so much as stick like glue and/or cement to the litter box. It is more of a hassle cleaning it then the regular kind of litter. I'm will not buy the "clumping" kind again - lol!

And some shameless promoting ~ check back on my blog, Thursday if you can. I'm having my first ever giveaway!

And lastly thanks to everyone commented on my last post. Thanks everyone for your well wishes.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Update on Husband's Health

My husband found out last week that he has the very early signs of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.) He has to use an inhaler (for an undertermined amount of time) 2 times a day.

And he has stopped smoking. This is the number one cause of COPD. He is using the nicotine patch and has been doing pretty well on it so far. He has no choice now but to stop smoking or in 10 or more years he will get worse and won't be able to breath without oxygen. That's what the doctor told him.

He is going back to the doctors in 3 weeks to get an update on how his condition is. This was a very stressful week of finding out he needed a catscan to look at his lungs and then waiting to find out the results. And then to hear he has the very early stages of COPD. I really hope he sticks with the quitting smoking. I'm praying he can do it!

After this stressful week, I need a stay at one of the
luxury hotel rooms somewhere!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Looking At The Sky On Friday


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The following pictures were taken on top of Mount Monadnock. My husband, 2 kids, my sister and her boyfriend, and I all climbed it 2 summers ago. There are 100-mile views to points in all six New England states. Mount Monadnock is said to be the second most frequently climbed mountain, second to Japan's Mt. Fuji.



Quality Exterior Shutters

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You will able to shop online with their easy, safe and secure website. If you are looking to purchase exterior vinyl shutters, composite shutters and premium quality wood shutters, then check out Larson's. They have great prices on all your exterior shutter needs. They also have exterior shutter hardware, to make your shutters functional.

Order now and recieve free shipping, now to the end of the year, on online purchases!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #23 "Facts about My Daughter"

header by samulli

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Since it was my daughter's birthday last Saturday, I thought of 13 things about her.

1. She was born February 28th, 2000, at 3:16 am. One more day and she would have been a "leap year baby."

2. She weighed in at 11 lbs. 1/2 oz! and 22 inches long.

3. She started walking 2 weeks before she turned one.

4. She went to preschool for two years. Starting at 3 yrs. old. She wanted to, because her brother was in school, and she wanted "friends too!" (her words)

5. People say we look alike, but we have totally opposite personalities. She is a lot more outgoing then I was when I was her age.

6. She has a stubborn streak.

7. She has a major sweet tooth.

8. She's pretty tall for her age. One of the tallest in her class. Even taller then most of the boys.

9. She loves to dance. She's been taking dance classes since she was 4 years old.

10. She hums to herself. She makes a little noise like humming, when she's eating or even doing something she likes.

11. She's kind of "picky." She's somewhat picky on what foods she eats, clothes she wears, etc.

12. Once she likes something she goes whole hog. Weather it's American Girls, Hannah Montanna, or the latest Littlest Pet Shop. She's got to have it and have it all.

13. Writing this makes me think, "Oh boy, I'm in trouble when she gets to be a teenager!" But I couldn't love her anymore then I already do!

Here's one of my favorite pictures of her, when she was 3 years old:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sporting Events in Branson, MO

Spring is a great time to visit Branson, MO. There are some great sporting events taking place there this Spring.

One such event is the NAIA Division II Men’s Basketball Tournament. This is taking place March 11-19, 2009. It is an exciting 32 team, single elimination tournament. And features champions of the Division II conferences and regional tournaments.

Also taking place is another fun sporting event. It is the Walmart FLW Bass Tournament. And it is taking place on March 12-15, 2009.

And there is no better place to stay while in Branson, MO than the Hilton Promenade at BransonLanding and the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel. Both of these hotels will be within easy access to the great sporting events taking place. The hotels also offer convenient access to the shops, boutiques, restaurants, and even a river walk.

There are a lot of great packages available at the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel. Check them out now, so you will be able to attend the Basketball Tournament and the Fishing Tournament. And all the other exciting attractions available in Branson, MO.