Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Public Speaking for Kids

Hi dear readers. I want to tell you about some information I recently found out about. This is a great campaign that is going on.

It is from the company Gabberz, Inc. This is a really worthy cause. They are raising money to help kids from all walks of life.

What the Gabberz Public Speaking for Kids does is empower kids to have a voice. The public speaking coaching program helps them to build their confidence. This program can really empower kids and it will also give them leadership qualities they will need later in life.

The importance of this campaign is that it will raise money, to get this program into the hands of those who need it the most. Kids from challenging backgrounds are the ones who could really benefit from this program. Their opportunities are limited so if they could get this program into the hands of those children, then it would be great.

This type of coaching will make those kids feel like they can make a difference. And that they could make an impact on the world.

Contributing  is easy you can pay securely using your credit card or through Paypal. This is a really great cause. And I encourage you to check this out for yourself. Please visit the website mentioned above for more information on this! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tree Hut Hand & Foot Care Products

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tree Hut for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hi everyone. I want to tell you about some products I found out about. It is from a company called Tree hut. 

 photo treehutfoot-GoogleSearch_zpsdd84afd4.jpg

There are some different products available. One is the Tree Hut foot cream. It, along with the Tree Hut hand cream and the Tree Hut foot scrub are all made of certified organic shea butter. Which promotes skin repair and moisturizing. It also is a great anit-aging product and helps with elasticity. 

They also have natural oils and extracts to make skin soft and smooth. I would be interested in trying these products especially the foot scrub. The foot scrub has real sugar in it. Natural sugar is terrific for exfoliating the skin. 

Tree Hut is different from other products on the market -  I think because they are organic and natural. They are Paraben free and have no DMDM. They are also made in the USA. They also do not test on animals, which I am such an advocate on this. 

With spring here and summer coming - Tree Hut has inspired me to showcase my natural beauty. Below is a board that I created on Polyvore. This is all things that reflect #NaturalBeauty to me!

I'd like to tell you about a few more of the natural ingredients in the Tree hut products. The Foot cream has Argan oil and Rose Hip oil both have anti-aging properties. The hand cream has Aloe Vera and Peppermint Oil. These are natural moisturizers. And the foot scrub like I mentioned previously has real/natural sugar and it also has peppermint oil. 

For more information on these products please like Tree Hut on Facebook and follow Tree Hut on Twitter. You can purchase Tree Hut products at Walmart stores nationwide!

Visit Sponsor's Site

Palmolive Soft Touch Review

I got two 25 oz. bottles of Palmolive Soft Touch.

I received one in the Vitamin E formula and one in the Aloe.

About this product:

The mild formula with a touch of Vitamin E was designed to be soft on hands while still providing powerful grease cutting action leaving your dishes sparkling clean.

  • Formulated with a touch of Vitamin E
  • Soft on Hands™
  • Cleans to a sparkling shine

Specially formulated to be gentle on hands. With a touch of aloe, this formula is dermatologist-tested to be gentle on sensitive skin.
  • Formulated with a touch of Aloe
  • Designed for dry skin
  • Cleans to a sparkling shine

There is also a coconut butter one too that I didn't get but really want to try.  Remember the old ad's with Madge the Palmolive lady? Well I think they have brought back those formulas. Because these are tough on grease but soft on hands. Just like they used to be. They also really smell amazing! 

Here is a cute picture I posted on Facebook awhile ago of my daughter & I with the Vitamin E Palmolive :

If you would like to purchase this it can be found at Walmart for $2.99.

Also check out my Instagram page for some more pictures I took, using the Palmolive Soft Touch. And follow me on Instagram too ( I just joined recently & need more followers.) Let me know your Instagram name and I'll follow you back.

Please visit the Palmolive Website for more information
also the review page for Palmolive 

Disclosure: I received these items complimentary from Influenster and all opinions are my own.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Paparazzi Jewelry Direct Sales Opportunity and Review

Hi, I want to tell you about a unique opportunity for you guys. It's from the company Paparazzi Jewelry. Do you want to be your own boss? Well then you should think about becoming an independent consultant.

Join Paparazzi and you will get to decide your own hours. You will get to make your own decisions of how much you want to work. The more you put into this the better the rewards.

There are many reasons why you may be interested in Direct Sales of Paparazzi Jewelry. One of them is that you can get a lot of cute jewelry for yourself. And that can actually help increase your sales. Another one is you get to have fun parties to sell the jewelry. And you can make some extra money doing this. There are many more reasons. And if you are interested please visit the website for more information on this.

For those of you who are not interested in Direct Sales, then you may be interested in buying some jewelry. is the link you need to purchase all the cute and trendy jewelry they have on their website. And guess what? All the jewelry is only $5 a piece.

You can buy everything from necklace/earring sets, bracelets, earrings, headbands, hair clips and rings. There is lots of great jewelry to pick from, and I personally can not wait to start shopping! Of course my daughter already has some things picked out that she wants too. She especially wants a few of their really cute hair clips for herself.

So if you are looking to either possibly start your own business or just want to build up your jewelry collection then you can’t go wrong with Paparazzi Jewelry! Go ahead and check it out now.

Disclosure: I will be receiving a credit to shop at the online store in exchange for this post. No other compensation was given and my opinions remain my own.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WW "Photographer Dance Pictures"

Hello! Happy Hump Day! I hope you are not sick of pictures of my daughter/dance pictures. But I've got two more. These are pictures that the photographer took of her. They do a really good job.

Which they look better in person, but my husband had to scan these for me. Which he then saved as a pdf file and I just spent the last hour figuring out how to convert them to a jpg file! I am good, but needless to say the quality is better in real life. If any of this makes sense xoxo (which they actually look pretty good here too!)


Hip Hop:

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bic Mark-It Permanent Markers - Cool project & $2 Coupon

I received some Bic Markers the other day.

They are a pack of Bic Mark-It permanent markers - pack of 36.

I also got a cool project to create. It is an herb garden kit. I decorated the herb containers using my new Bic Mark-It permanent markers.

My daughter helped me plant the herbs, by putting in the dirt, watering and planting the seeds. This was a really fun project we got to do. Now we have to see if our herbs will grow! We planted Arugula, Basil, Dill, Fennel, Mint & Oregano.

Visit my Pinterest Board I created showing all the pictures of our herb garden project.

For more information visit these links:

Bic Mark-It Website
Bic Mark-It Pinterest
Also Like Bic Mark It on Facebook - they seem to have a lot of giveaways there.

And for a $2.00 coupon for Bic Mark-It Visit Here.

Disclosure: I received Bic Mark-It permanent markers and some of the supplies for an herb garden through Smiley360. No other compensation was given and my opinions are my own. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Giveaways Ending Soon

Hi, just a reminder - two of my giveaways are ending soon.

Need some labels for your child's summer camp experience? Then enter my Lovable Labels - Ultimate Camp Pack- Giveaway (5/18) Ends Tonight!

Also need some new sunglasses? Enter my Firmoo Sunglasses Giveaway - 7 winners (5/20)   Ends soon and low entries!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Multivitamin Nutrition: Salads, Supplements, and Summer

Photo Source

Summer is the perfect time to take a look at your diet and make some positive changes. Since summer foods are typically lighter and contain fresh fruits and vegetables, take some time this spring to evaluate and set goals for the changes you’d like to make. Eating healthy will affect every part of your life and your kids’ lives -- it’s a foundational element to living the best life you can live. Train your kids to enjoy healthy foods while they’re still young. Creating a great salad doesn’t have to be difficult, just like getting the vitamins your body needs doesn’t need to be difficult.

 The easiest way to consistently give your body the nutrition it needs is to invest in some good, high-quality multivitamins and take them on a daily basis. Seven Seas offers great supplements that can help you achieve your goals. You’ll still want to be sure that the foods you are eating provide the vitamins your body needs, but it’s difficult to get all the nutrition your body needs only through eating. Taking a multivitamin may help increase your energy, productivity, and overall health.

Spinach Salads 
Spinach salads are fantastic, because spinach has high iron content, and this leafy green vegetable tastes great with a variety of toppings. Keep your salad simple, so the ingredients have a chance to sing. Lay out a bed of a few cups of raw spinach leaves, and drop cubes of a lean, white meat on top of it, such as chicken or turkey. If you’re a vegetarian, consider a tofu option instead. Add something that will give a bit of a crunchy texture, such as sunflower seeds, pecans, walnuts, or even wonton strips. If you’d like to give the salad a salty zing, add some bacon bits. A bit of crumbled cheese will finish it off, along with a light, vinaigrette dressing. Eat your salad with a whole wheat roll and a glass of your favorite white wine.

BBQ Salads
 If you’re looking for a heartier salad option that still offers the same nutritional elements, consider a BBQ chicken salad. You might even be able to get your husband to eat it. Black beans are a low-calorie, high-nutrient source of vitamins. Be sure to add some into your salad. Cold sweet corn gives the salad a sweet crunch. You can use any type of lettuce you’d like for this salad, but in order to ensure it has a high nutritional content, go for a lettuce that is dark green and not full of water. Add some sunflower seeds, a few tortilla strips, and either chicken or a cooked salmon filet to complete the salad. For dressing, choose an avocado vinaigrette and add a dab of barbeque sauce to finish it.

Paige One writes about a variety of topics, from fashion to fitness – to even health!

Disclosure: sponsored post from Paige One. See my Disclosure Policy.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WW "Dance Recital - Spread Your Wings"

From Monday through Saturday, last week my daughter and I were very busy with the dance recital. Practices Mon-Wed., then the dress rehearsal on Thurs., then Fri-Sat was the recital.

Needless to say, after all that we were both exhausted. But the recital was really great, and my daughter did fantastic in it!

The main Title of the recital was "Spread Your Wings." And she did that. It seems 8 yrs of dance is finally paying off. (ha-ha)

Backstage before ballet (which is actually in a classroom at the high school)

before Hip/Hop:

At home after 1st show with bouquet of roses:

After 2nd show with brother:

With Dad:

All 3 together:

Ginkgo Biloba and Other Natural Defenses for the Symptoms of Depression

Photo Source

Depression can be scary for both you and your family, but it’s difficult to heal. Everyone experiences depression differently, based on their unique brain chemistry, past, and personality. Sometimes prescription medication, therapy, natural remedies, or all three are the right answer. If you struggle with depression or are supporting someone who does, talk to your doctor or therapist about solutions that might be right. No one should have to live under the shadow of depression. If you’re looking for natural remedies, here are a few great ones that have helped many people manage the symptoms.

Ginkgo Biloba 
Nature’s Best offers ginkgo biloba supplements that have been shown in many case studies to improve blood flow to the brain. It can also help reduce stress induced brain damage. Ginkgo biloba can be taken as a beverage or in capsules, and studies suggest that taking 40 to 80 mg three times a day can relieve symptoms of depression. Ask your doctor to find out what dosage is right for you.The antidepressant qualities of ginkgo biloba have been studied since it was noted that when people with insufficient blood flow to the brain used ginkgo biloba, their mood also improved.

Be gentle with yourself, but know when to also set some structure for yourself. When you’re depressed, one day can melt into another, and before you know it, your life will feel much more out-of-control than it actually is. Having a routine, even if it’s as simple as showering each morning, blow-drying your hair, and preparing a refreshing breakfast, will help you maintain a sense of accomplishment or control when other important things in your life feel overwhelming or off. It may be easy to let daily tasks slide -- they may not seem as important as the feelings or grief you’re experiencing. Humans need a sense of order and accomplishment to feel alive, so even if you only fold a few shirts or wipe down a counter, be sure to do things that help maintain a sense of order in your life.

Going for a 30-minute walk every day will help you gain perspective and increase brain activity. You don’t have to push yourself hard -- and if you’d rather not be surrounded by strangers, take a quiet neighborhood walk rather than going to the gym or another highly populated area. If you’d rather have a peaceful setting, walk with a close friend or spouse at dusk when the world feels more peaceful. Nighttime is also a great time to walk with a friend if you are in a safe area. Give yourself the space and distance you need for a time, but don’t compromise your own health and your need to be part of community and the world. Isolation may feel like it’s the best therapy for depression, but it’s really not.

Paige One writes about a variety of topics, from fashion to fitness – to even health!

Disclosure: The above is a sponsored guest post. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Schwinn Windwood Women's Cruiser Bike Giveaway

 Here is a cool giveaway for you guys. It opens tonight at midnight (5/15) so please be sure to stop by later to enter this. And enter it often. Please read details below, and enter via Rafflecopter.

starts tonight 5/15 12:01 am ends 5/30 12:59 pm
open to USA only

Co-Hosted by: Jackie's Reviews | Geeky Gamer Mom | Swank Savings

The classic Schwinn Windwood women's 26-Inch cruiser evokes the simple style and grace of traditional bicycles, making it a great choice for cruising to the store, the beach, or around town. Designed for easy, relaxed riding, the Windwood boasts a sturdy steel frame with a low stand-over height, making it easy to get on and off the bike. The rustproof 26-hole alloy rims and rear coaster brakes, meanwhile, allow you to stop on a dime. And riders will love the classic chrome fenders and rear storage rack. Other details include a comfortable wide-spring saddle, a single-speed design, pneumatic tires, and curved back handlebars.

About Schwinn
Founded in 1895, Schwinn is an American icon that's long been synonymous with quality and innovation. The company has built some of the best-known and best-loved bikes of multiple generations, including the Aerocycle, Paramount, Phantom, Varsity, Sting-Ray, Krate, and Homegrown. Today, Schwinn continues to innovate with such releases as the redesigned Sting-Ray, Rocket mountain bikes, and Fastback road bikes. With a continued dedication to quality forever synonymous with the Schwinn name, America's most famous bicycle brand looks forward to providing another century of innovation, freedom, and performance to people of all ages.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I am not receiving any compensation for this post. Just a link to one of my social media sites, to share this RC giveaway. Sponsors are responsible for awarding and picking prize winners.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Stay Stress Free – Learn to Breathe Correctly and Focus on Your Breath

Photo Source

Sometimes when you are in a stressful situation and you try to tell yourself to
take deep breaths it may be easier said than done. You don’t want to get anxious
from concentrating on your breathing too much, but you do want to focus on your
breathing enough to calm yourself down and realize that the stressful situation
will pass or there is nothing you can do about it at the moment. As a mother
your children will make you very frustrated at times, so it’s up to you on how you
handle it. Breathing correctly, exercising, and taking your vitamins on a daily
basis play a big part in staying stress free, because after you implement certain
techniques your stress level will go down and the smile on your face will return.

Are You Breathing Correctly?

You may have never taken the time to ask yourself if you’re breathing correctly,
because breathing is just as easy as walking (it’s just something that you do
without thinking about). However, there is a certain way to breathe when you are
in a high stress situation. First figure out where your breath is coming from. To
do this place one hand on your belly and the other on your chest. Singers are
trained to sing from their diaphragm, but in reality that’s also where you should
be focused on breathing from too, especially if you get anxious or stressed out in
intense situations. Inhale, allow your belly to come out, and exhale and the belly
will go back in. It’s okay to let your belly stick out during this exercise – only you
will know what you’re doing to help you relax. Focus on this technique until you
get it down; it will help you breathe correctly!

Learning to breathe this way will help you not only use your diaphragm if you’re
a singer, but it will help you focus on your breathing if you’re a busy mother too.
Being mindful of your breathing will help you focus on the flow of your breath
(yoga is a good place to do this too!) and will also hopefully allow you to meditate
and feel less focused on the stressful situation at hand. Give it a try and watch
the world around you quiet down. Soon enough you’ll be a breathing pro.

Maintain a Healthy Regimen

Having a healthy regimen is easier said than done, but staying healthy also
affects your stress level. If you’re eating the correct foods, taking the right
vitamins and exercising daily, this will also help you manage your stress.
Visit here at to find Puritan’s Pride coupons so that you can stock up
your vitamins if you haven’t been taking any recently.

You can also practice your breathing during great fitness classes such as Yoga,
Pilates, and other classes that help you focus on your breathing. It’s okay to
take a break from being a stay-at-home mom and its okay to take a break after
working all day! Whatever the case may be, stick to a schedule that helps you
stay sane and soon enough you’ll be able to cope with most of the uncomfortable
or stressful situations that come your way with ease.

Sierra occasionally suffers from anxiety but thanks to breathing techniques and
the proper diet has learned how to manage her stress level. Learn more about
Sierra at her Ocean Dreams blog.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored guest post. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Get Firmoo 2013 May New Arrivals for Free

Hi guys, I have another great blog post for you about Firmoo. And id is just in time for their new arrivals. And you by now may know how much I love my Firmoo sunglasses. In fact lately I just wear them on top of my head too, so I won't forget them. Also if you haven't already please go and enter my awesome Firmoo Sunglasses Giveaway (
Is it awesome when you own fabulous dress or pants but your outfit is never ready without accessories? Wanna change up your style a little bit, or need/want a new pair of glasses? Firmoo will make it easy for you! They have launched their First-Pair-Free program  to people worldwide, new arrivals for May are included, and you only need to pay shipping. Hurry up to begin your selection.
Here below are a small number of new arrivals for May:

Wanna be the leader of fashion and taste like them?

Photo Source:

Photo Source:

Isn't that wonderful? Be sure to take your time and get your free glasses at: Firmoo Free Glasses

About Firmoo
Firmoo - is the World's Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices which start at 8 dollars. For this reason, we have gained a solid reputation and trust from 580,000+ fans on Facebook & cooperated with 10,000+ bloggers worldwide.

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post from

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WW "Strawberry Picking"

Posting this a little later then usual for Wordless Wednesday. But I am busy this week with my daughter's dance recital. Practices everyday this week & then the recital on Friday and Saturday. I should have some pictures of that next week.

Anyway last weekend we went Strawberry picking. Last year we went literally the last day of the season and the strawberries were a little mushy. This year I think we went too early, and a lot of them weren't quite ripe. So we may go again between now and the end of the month.

We were able to get almost a bucket full of them though. Yum!

Grumpy face:

over silly face:

Whatever face:

Overly dramatizing:

in the strawberry fields searching:

our bounty:
all pictures (c) +STAY AT HOME MOM 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

NECTRESSE Sweetener - Review - I received from Influenster

I want to tell you guys about the NECTRESSE sample I received awhile ago.

About This Product

NECTRESSE™ Sweetener has a rich sugar-like taste and is naturally zero calories per serving. How? We started with the deliciously sweet extract of monk fruit and combined it with the perfect blend of other natural sweeteners. It's 100% natural with nothing artificial. You're going to love the way it tastes. In our search to create the perfect sweetener, we turned to the place that does sweetness best: nature. We found our inspiration in the monk fruit. Hand-picked in remote mountain regions, monk fruit has been cultivated for hundreds of years and only recently re-discovered as a source of natural sweetness.

My thoughts:

Of course when you think about a sweetener you probably automatically just think about adding it to your coffee or tea.

(c) stay at home mom

But NECTRESSE can be used in a lot of different recipes. I went to their website and saw some recipes. One I tried was the Strawberry/Banana shake.

(c) stay at home mom

My kids love smoothies like this and they make a great after school snack. These were very easy to make and the recipe along with others can be found on the NECTRESSE website. I want to try some more of these recipes!

For more information - please visit these links:

NECTRESSE Influenster review page 

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Influenster,

Monday, May 6, 2013

Spa Basket Giveaway from All About Gifts & Baskets

Hi guys. I have another exciting giveaway for you. It is being sponsored by All About Gifts & Baskets. The giveaway is going on now and ends on May 19, 2013.

There will be 2 giveaway winners, who will each win a Spa Basket. And these are valued at $80 each. Winners will be able to pick their favorite, and there are over 40 different designs!

This is hosted on the All About Gifts & Baskets blog. Which you can see more details on this there if you want to view that. But you can enter this giveaway right here on my blog!

This is a great giveaway, and I'm sure you want to enter now! Just use the Rafflecopter form right here to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I am not receiving any compensation for this post, just a link(s) in the giveaway. Sponsor is responsible for awarding the giveaway winners' prizes.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Intex Family Size Round Metal Frame Pool Set Size: 12-Foot by 30-Inch Giveaway!

Intex Family Size Round Metal Frame Pool Set Size: 12-Foot by 30-Inch Giveaway!

Hey guys. I am joining in on this giveaway sponsored by Mom Blog Society. The event dates are: 5/6- 5/16 Open to USA Value $150.00. This is an exciting giveaway and I'm sure you would love to win this. So go ahead and read more info. on it and enter today! 

12' x 30" Family Size Metal Frame Pool Set (with Filter Pump and DVD) - No one builds a metal frame pool like Intex. With the Super-tough liners and our high quality, incredibly strong metal frames, you will enjoy a pool that is easy to assemble, beautiful to look at, and certain to provide years of fun!

  • Nobody builds a metal frame pool like Intex
  • With our SUPER-TOUGH liners and our high quality, incredibly strong metal frames
  • Filter Pump and instructional DVD included.
  • Ready for water in 30 minutes
  • Room for the whole family
  • You will enjoy a pool that is easy to assemble, beautiful to look at, and certain to provide years of fun
1 lucky winner will win this fabulous pool! For your chance to win simply enter via the Rafflecopter below! Good luck!

Must be 18 year of age or older. Open to US residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

to share this giveaway on your site here is link RC SHARE LINK

Disclosure: I am not receiving any compensation for this post, just a link in the giveaway. Sponsor is responsible for awarding the giveaway winners' prizes.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Firmoo Sunglasses Giveaway - 7 Winners

Hey guys I have an exciting giveaway for you all! It is from You know how much I love my Firmoo Sunglasses.

Here is some information on Firmoo:

we're the World's Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store with 580K+ fans on Face book. Our mission is to offer varieties of unbelievable cheap yet fashionable prescription & Plano eyewear to the consuming public. All of our eyewear is directly from affiliate factory, so our price is 85%~90% lower than that in the traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Here a couple of Firmoo Sunglasses that I really like:

Here is a stylish pair of tinted sunglasses:

If you would like to have Prescription Sunglasses, choose a pair of eyeglasses frame on, and tint the lenses into sunglasses lenses. You may visit to know how to make Prescription Sunglasses. 

All the contestants have to be located in the area delivers to. Please visit to get the countries we ship to and details of the postage.

Important Links:

Win it: 

One Grand Prize winner will win a pair of fashionable sunglasses (shipping included) 

6 winners will win $20 sunglasses E-voucher each. The vouchers only can be used on Firmoo sunglasses at

*In the event that I do not reach at least 50 contestants  - then the grand prize will not be given, only the 6 $20 E vouchers. 

Giveaway: Please enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Contest is open Worldwide.

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Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this post, monetary or otherwise. Sponsor is providing giveaway winners with products.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Lovable Labels - Ultimate Camp Pack- Review & Giveaway

I received  a really cool product not to long ago. And it is just in time for Summer. It is from the company Lovable Labels.

Some information about the Company:

It all started with a mom that found herself in the middle of  a problem! When she took her son to daycare she was asked to label all his belongings. She realized there was a need in the market for personalized labels that were tough and durable so Lovable Labels was born - starting in 2003!

Product Description
Description: Best Value! Keep your kids' things out of the lost and found bin with the 
Ultimate Camp Pack! It's fast and easy to label backpacks, water bottles, clothing, shoes,
toiletries and so much more!

Price: $44.95

Colors: Available in 20 designs / Colors and 45 Icons

Features: Dishwasher and Microwave Safe, Waterproof, UV Resistant, Peel & Stick


My Review: 

When I saw that I would have the opportunity to do this review I was very excited. 
And that is because my daughter is actually going to go to camp this Summer. 
She is going to an overnight 4-H camp for a week. Which she is very excited about. 

I haven't gotten a list from the camp yet on what we need to bring or do, 
but I'm sure they will want the kids' items labeled.  My daughter went to the website 
and looked over the selection of the Ultimate Camp packs available. 
There are labels with designs already on them, like I saw ones with owls, 
or sports on them. But she wanted the "Pretty" set. Which are blank stickers 
(in pink, green, purple)  but then you can add one of 45 different icons. Of course 
she picked the ballerina one! 

Here's some pictures I took of the labels I got (and then made into a collage)

(c)stay at home mom - click image to view larger

The above photo shows the mini metal tag on one of her backpacks and I think 
one would be great on her suitcase too. I'm sure she will need at least one or more 
water bottles. So I stuck one on of the water bottles we have.

Also showing is some pink stickers, the square stickers, the slimline stickers, 
the shoe stickers (in green and they say this shoe belongs too...) and the 
Press n' Stick Clothing Dots.

I really would recommend these stickers to anyone, you really get
 a lot of labels and for a great price! These are really going to come in handy 
this Summer when she goes to camp. And of course you could use them for 
other things, like school, daycare, sports equipment, after school activities.  
And more possibilities too!

Buy it: Visit Lovable Labels to purchase and use the following coupon code: 

this will get you: $5 off any purchase of $25 or more (before taxes and shipping) 
and is valid until June 30th, 2013.

Win it: one lucky reader will win their own Ultimate Camp Pack - 
which includes what is described in the Quantity section of product description 
above. In your choice of colors and personalization.

Links to connect with Lovable Labels (like on FB and follow on Twitter for 

giveaway entries too)



Giveaway: please enter using Rafflecopter below.
 Giveaway is open to US & Canada

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for
 free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WW "A Good Catch"

Something you may not know about me, is that I love fishing. Ha-ha. No really I do. I't something my husband and I can do together. My husband got me into it in our dating days, and I think I am more into it then him sometimes.

Since moving we have been scouting out different fishing spots. We may have found a good one recently. My husband caught 3 catfish and 2 other ones (maybe a white bass?) The fish around here are different then what we are use to.

of course I didn't catch anything - oh well maybe this weekend. ***and don't worry - no fish were harmed in the process. All fish were returned to the water alive and safe, because we pretty much always catch and release. ♥