Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Construction Trailers From Acton Mobile

Acton Mobile are experts in designing mobile office trailers. Acton Mobile Office Trailer Dallas /Ft. Worth Texas has been a provider of mobile offices, construction trailers, and custom modular buildings since 1970.

They have different construction trailers to meet your needs. Even the standard unit has such details as: built in plan tables, built in desks with file cabinets, and heat and air conditioning. Also most units have built in restrooms (water & sewer hookups required). They also are handicapped accessible, and have many more features.

Check out Acton Mobile Industries website for more details on construction trailers and for more information.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Stealing: The ABC Meme

Today we ripped this meme off a blogger named Becky from Musings from the Sofa. She credits two bloggers for her theft, the Queen, and also Zoesmom. But, it was probably stolen there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft's thieves might take some time. Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

A – An advantage you have – Good listener

B – Blue or brown eyes – Blue

C – Chore you hate – cleaning the toilet

D – Dad’s name – Leonard

E – Essential start of your day – Coffee

F – Favorite color – blue

G – Greatest thing you’ve ever done that made you feel really good – my 2 kids

H – Habit you have – chewing gum

I – Issue you hate that the world tries to make you pursue – working - lol

J – Job title – Mom

K – Kohls or Target – Target

L – Living arrangements – house

M – Music you like – Johnny Cash is one of my favs.

N - Nicknames – Sue, Susie

O – Overnight hospital stay – Having my kids

P – Pet Peeve – how my kids get toothpaste everywhere

Q – Quote that you like most – Never do today, what you can put off until tomorrow

R – Right or left handed – Right

S – Siblings – 2 sisters

T – Time you wake up – 6:30 on school days, now that school is out whenever

U – Underwear – yes

V – Vegetable you dislike – beets

W – What makes you run late – traffic

X – X-rays you’ve had – broke a finger, sprained knee, chest x-rays, etc.

Y – Yummy food you make – strawberry shortcake

Z – Zoo animal – I especially like Gorillas

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Storing Baby's Cord Blood

There are so many things to think about when having a baby. And in these trying economic times it is hard to weigh your choices of what your baby may need.

One thing you may have thought of is storing your baby's cord blood. Well Cryo-Cell , wants to help families ease the financial burden of this decision because they know of the importance of protecting baby's future. They are offering a special discount to families who want to store their baby's cord blood.

From now until Sunday 6/28, if you use the promotional code HOT, you can save $725 on Cryo-Cell's-U-Cord service.

Over 12,000 umbilical cord blood cell transplants have occurred worldwide. And these transplants have treated over 75 different diseases.

Also some important information to know is that blood stem cells are a 100% match for the infant donor. And the stem cells are a 1 and 4 match for siblings.

If you are considering cord blood storage act now! With this discount you can really save, and be assured that your are protecting your baby's future and possibly their siblings. You can trust Cryo-Cell with your blood banking. They are leaders in the industry. And they have over 175,000 clients. They also have more accreditations then any other private cord blood bank.

Friday, June 26, 2009



Time for VGNO. Click the banner above to join too. Ann's question tonight is how did you meet the love of your life?

I met my husband actually through my sister. My sister lived across the street from my husband's brother. They knew each other for at least 20 years. When I met my husband, he actually had moved in with his brother (my husband actually had just gone through a divorce). My sister had a Memorial Day Party, and we met during that. Which was 1992. And our 15th Wedding Anniversary was June 10.

Have a nice weekend! I am off to my daughter's dance recital tomorrow!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Great Summer Read For Kids


I just found out about a book called Chin and the Magic Stones. This is a great summer read for kids 7-11 years old.

The book is a fun adventure and is a great book for kids just getting into fantasy books. In this book kids will find themselves engaged in the riddles and magic of the book. They will want to read it to the very end to see what the next adventure will be.

Chin and the Magic Stones has a very positive message for kids. It will teach them that if they trust themselves and keep a positive attitude then it can result in positive happenings for them. Kids will not get bored with the book's messages, though, because they are masked in fantasy and magic, that will keep kids interested.

Another interesting thing about this book is that the main character is a boy. Many other books for kids in the ages of 7-11 have girls in the leading role of the book. But this book actually is a little different and unique by having a boy in the leading role.

The book is also getting good reviews from readers. On the books website and Amazon, the book has gotten a lot of positive reviews. I'm sure you know how important reading is for kids, so this is a great book to check out. Especially now during the summer months when kids are looking for a good book that will keep their interest. Check out this book today!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WW #61 - School's Out For The Summer

Here's some pictures I took on Monday. Monday was the last day of school for the kids. I took these after they got home. I was comparing them to the pictures I took on the First Day of School, I can't believe how much they've grown.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Natural Herbal Supplements

The benefits of chlorella have been known for centuries. GreenPath Supplements can supply you with Chlorella and Beta Glucan.

Chlorella has powerful detox capabilities. GreenPath purification process ensures that the natural vitamins and minerals in Chlorella will remain intact. In addition to it's detox properties, Chlorella can also increase energy and a clearer complexion, among other benefits.

GreenPath Beta Glucan, is a natural immune booster and cholesterol lowering supplement. You can significantly lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease with this soluble fiber. You can also lower your risk of cancer and remove harmful free radicals from your body with GreenPath Beta Glucan.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mellow Yellow #10

This is my son's rubber duckie collection. He has received these from various places. Including, school, my husband, and even at the dentist. He keeps them on his desk.



My Girlfriend's Wedding

I found out recently a girlfriend of mine is getting married in October. I bet she is trying to find some diamonds for the rings.

I found a great website called Blue Nile. They have over 70,000 diamonds to choose from. They are the largest online retailer of diamonds.

If you order a diamond before 3 pm, they will ship the loose diamond to you next day FedEX for free. And if you want the diamond in a setting it will be shipped within 2-3 days.

Blue Nile has terrific service, prices and selection. I think I better let my friend know about this website soon!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

6-21-2009 4;50;56 PM

This is a picture of my Dad, or technically "step-dad." But my sister's and I actually always called him by his first name - Lenny.

This isn't a very good picture of him, but the best I could do at short notice. Lenny was the best dad in the world. My mom married him when I think I was in 5th grade.

He was a man who wore many hats. He was a Korean War Veteran, a Fire Fighter, a Plumber, an Electrician, a Mason, A Shriner and a Shriner's Clown! (someday I'll post some pictures of him dressed as a Shriner's Clown). And so much more!

Sadly Lenny, passed away almost 16 yrs. ago from ALS - better known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. I miss him like crazy, I loved him so much.

So Father's Day is a little bitter-sweet for me. My husband had a good Father's day, and received gifts from the kids. But in the back of my mind I am always wishing my dad was here too.

Happy Father's day to all the Dad's out there!

Get Rid Of Those Annoying Mosquitoes!

It's raining again today. We have had a lot of rain this month. One thing I know is that this rainy weather is perfect for mosquitoes.

Last week while we were camping, we were having some major mosquito attacks. Even in my backyard while I'm gardening, or the kids are in the pool, we are getting bitten by mosquitoes. I really feel like it is going to be a bad year, and we are going to have a mosquito problem.

Not only are they annoying, but nowadays you really have to worry about diseases. There has been in the past some cases of West Nile disease around here and even EEE (Eastern Equine Encephalitis).

The solution may be mosquito traps. I found a website for the Mosquito Magnet. It traps mosquitoes and other biting insects that are breeding in your yard. Check out their website and their video for more information on how it works. This could really help to have a safe & fun summer without worrying about those pesky mosquitoes.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Camera Critters #10

Last week when we were camping, we saw a Mama Duck and her babies. They seemed to only come up to the beach a little later in the day, probably because there were less people around. I tried to snap a bunch of pictures. This is the best one that came out. Unfortunately I think the batteries were super low on my camera, and the rest came out either blurry or too dark.


Camera Critters

BluFrog - The Healthy Energy Drink

A while back, around St. Patrick's Day to be exact, I wrote a post about receiving some "goodies" in the mail. Well one of the things in the package was some BluFrog Energy Drink.

Well I had taken a picture of the package and a t-shirt I had gotten. But unfortunately I didn't snap a picture of the BluFrog at the time. So I don't have that to share with you now. But I received two cans of BluFrog Energy Drink.

I tried one after it chilled in the fridge for awhile, and it tasted great! My husband actually brought the other can to work. He gave it to someone he works with, a man there that really loves energy drinks. He tried it, and said he really liked it. It gave him a boost of energy to keep working.

BluFrog is different from other energy drinks too, because it is filled with loads of vitamins. Some of the vitamins in it, for example are, B1, B12, Folate, and many more. It also contains real fruit, and has lower carbs and calories, then a lot of other energy drinks do.

BluFrog is also having a really cool contest going on right now. Check their website for more information on how to enter. Do it now! Because the prizes include a trip for 2, there are 4 different locations for the trips. You could also win a game package that includes an XBox360 Elite Gaming system, with some other loot included too.

So check out BluFrog for more details on the contest, and how you can get a hold of some of this awesome energy drink.

Friday, June 19, 2009

VGNO - Uh Oh Better Call Maaco

VGNO (or virtual girls night out) time again. If you want to join or find out more info, head over to Ann's blog @ Ann Again ... and again.


I'm somewhat in a bad mood. While I was grocery shopping someone in the parking lot hit my car. They actually made some sort of announcement in the store, but I totally ignored it thinking it couldn't be me.

When I finally came out of the store, a young girl was in her car next to mine. She had hit the drivers side of my car. She said a kid had run out behind her car when she was pulling out, so to avert him she ended up hitting my car.

To make a long story short, they don't want to call their insurance, because, I think she was a teenager. And her mother showed up and wants us not to go through the insurance. Whatever! As long as they pay me what ever the damages are!

Anywho - Ann wanted to know if you were ever told you look like a celebrity. When I was in High School a guy I know always said I sounded like Stevie Nicks. And then a few yrs. ago a Dental Assistant that was cleaning my teeth told me I reminded her of someone from the movie "You've Got Mail." Not Meg Ryan she said, but the girl who played her friend in the movie. I had no idea. When I got home I looked who was in that movie. All I could find out was Paker Posey. Don't ask me!?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reggie Needs Dinovite

This is my in laws dog Reggie. He is such a cutie. He is so gentle and really good with the kids. But as you can see he has a lot of fur.

With all this fur, he sheds a lot. This is evident, by the fact, that every time I leave their house I have dog hairs all over me. Well I just went to a website called Dinovite, and answered some questions in the solutions center about Reggie.

What I know about Reggie's diet, is that my in-laws mostly feed him table food. That is leftovers from their meals. They rarely feed him regular dog food. So according to the Dinovite website, what could be causing Reggie's shedding is he is suffering from a fairly common nutritional deficiency.

I also learned that dogs should not, no matter their breed, shed year round. They are only supposed to shed twice a year. So what is missing is nutrients in their diet that they need to be healthy. And Dinovite can fill this gap that Reggie(or your dog) is missing.

What they suggested was a Dinovite Canine Bundle, which will provide the digestive enzymes, Direct Fed Microbials and delicate nutrients to help Reggie be healthy. Dinovite will help Reggie nutritionally by aiding digestion and the absorption of delicate nutrients supporting his immune system.

Dinovite also has products to stop itching in dogs, dog with bad odors or smelling bad, along with shedding problems.

I'm going to recommend Dinovite as soon as possible to my in-laws. If you want to get a detailed report about solutions for your dog visit their website now!

Thanks For The Awards

I have been given these awards over the past couple of weeks. I haven't had a chance to post them until now. I hope I include everyone who has left me a comment that they gave me an award. If I haven't then I am truly sorry.

I received the One Lovely Blog Award from Golfersmom, Billie @ Bugs and Snails & Shelly @ Wine At Five. & Buckeroomama @ Mamahood, among other things...

I also received the Kreativ Blogger Award from Life With a Toddler

And Buckeroomama @ Mamahood, among other things... also gave me this award:


And I also received some awards from Windy.

Thanks for the awards everyone. I really appreciate it. I'm sure I'm supposed to pass these on, so if you haven't received these yet, then feel free to grab them. Consider yourself awarded.

I also have a couple of "tags" to get to! Yikes.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby Formula And A Contest

When my kids where born, I was unable to breastfeed them. I did for my son, but only for 2 weeks, then I had to feed him formula. My daughter was only given formula from day one.

Since then baby formulas have improved even more. A great formula I found out about is called Comforts for Baby formula. And one thing I remember from my children's pediatrician is that it is important to feed your baby formula for their first year of life. And Comforts for Baby formula is fortified with vitamins and nutrients essential for baby's first year.

Comforts for Baby formula also contains lactose which occurs naturally in breast milk. And it is manufactured to FDA standards.

There is also a fun contest going on! Comforts for baby has a cute firefly as their product mascot. You can help name the firefly and if you win you will win a $10,000 scholarship! My choice for a name would be Flutter the Firefly! I think that would be a cute name. If you have a good name for the firefly then enter the contest. What do you have to lose? And you could win a $10,000 scholarship if your name is chosen.


WW #60 "Camping Pictures"

Here is a short slide show of some pictures I took on our camping trip. We went camping last Friday-Sunday. Friday and Saturday were beautiful. We were able to go swimming and have a lot of fun doing other stuff. Unfortunately, Sat. night it started raining around 8 pm, into most of the day Sunday. We usually like to hang around Sunday a little, but we had to cut it short due to the rain. We still had a really good time.

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Enjoy Summer Spectacular In Branson

There is a Summer Spectacular happening in Branson. There are many events that are great for the whole family, taking place there this summer.

While visiting Branson there is no better place to stay that at the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing or the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel. These hotels are situated in the entertainment capital of the Midwest, which is Branson, Missouri. While staying at these fabulous hotels guests will have access to shops, boutiques, restaurants, and a river walk.

One of the newest attractions this summer in Branson is the Payne Stewart Golf Club. This golf club is managed by Hilton. And while golfing there you will enjoy breathtaking scenery at every hole.

Some of the other fun things going on in Branson this summer, include The National Kid's Fest at Silver Dollar City, and The 10th Annual Clown Jam.

The Kid's Fest, takes place from June 6-August 9. And there will be tons of activities for kids and the whole family to enjoy. Such as a lot of cool shows like, the illusionist Peter Gossamer. And many more exciting shows. There is also great rides for kids, where they can maybe enjoy their first roller coaster ride! This sounds like a really cool event.

Also coming up this summer in Branson is the Clown Jam. This will run on July 15-19th. This is a convention for clowns with lots of fun activities planned.

So if you're looking for a great place to vacation this summer, you might want to check out all the spectacular things going on in Branson!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday #9

Here's some flowers that are growing along a fence in my yard. Once again I am at a loss for what they are called. But they come up every year, and I actually get a bigger patch of them every year too.

And every year my husband threatens to mow them down with the lawn mower. I guess because they are in his mowing path.

june 2009 013


Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Thousand Words Thursday - Camping

We're going on a little camping trip, starting tomorrow through Sunday. We go a lot to a place that's only about 45 minutes from our house. It made me think of how every year I get a picture of the kids up on the lifeguard chair.

Here's one I found that actually says its from 2005. Wow the kids have grown so much since then.


Cheaper Than Therapy

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Emily Rose Home Party Network

I was asked to write this sponsored post about a company called Emily Rose. This is a great Business Opportunity for Amerian Girls selling.

This is an exciting new home party opportunity for for Moms or Dads to sell 18 inch doll clothes and furniture for American Girl dolls. As a mother of a daughter who loves and owns 3 American Girls I am excited to do this sponsored post to tell you about this company.

Visit their blog to watch the video for more information on this great business opportunity. There you will find out how you can win one of their "Platinum Starter Packages" absolutely free!

WW #59 "Happy Anniversary"

Today is my 15th Wedding Anniversary! I can't believe it was 15 years ago today that I got married. Wow time flies.

I was going to dig up one of my wedding photos to post. But we went fishing on Saturday and I like this picture. My husband caught a pretty good bass. And to me this epitomizes my husband right now, more then one of our wedding photos.
(don't worry we throw the fish back)

june 2009 009

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Find A Mesothelioma Lawyer

The risk of getting cancer from asbestos is great. If there is exposure to asbestos then you could form a type of cancer called mesothelioma. This is a very dangerous form of lung cancer.

Mesothelioma is most common among workers in certain jobs. Some of these jobs include shipbuilding industry, construction, auto mechanics, contractors, and demolition. Workers who are diagnosed with this can really have devastating consequences for both them and their families.

People who have mesothelioma may be entitled to compensation. And the best way to get that is with an aggressive Mesothelioma Lawyer. Having a good lawyer can make a difference. This because many manufactures of asbestos have gone bankrupt over the years. And only an experienced lawyer can get victims of this type of cancer get the compensation they deserve.

It has also been found that, like many other dangerous products over the years, that the manufactures of asbestos knew about it's dangers before they revealed it to the public. As a result of this thousands of people were needlessly exposed to asbestos.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with mesothelioma then please consider contacting a lawyer. You may be entitled to compensation that you deserve. Don't hesitate, look into it today!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ruby Tuesday #3

Here's my favorite shirt & hat. From my favorite team. This is actually one of 5 Red Sox shirts I own. I love me some Red Sox!

I was supposed to go to a game last month, but for various reasons that didn't work out. But I'll be watching every game on TV. Tonight Red Sox vs. Yankees!


Great Attractions In Branson

If you want a great place to take a vacation this summer then Branson is the place for you. And while in Branson there is no better place to stay then at the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing or the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel.

There are so many great attractions you can visit, when staying in Branson. One is the new golf course. It is called the Payne Stewart Golf Club. This new golf club is managed by Hilton and is close by. While golfing there you will enjoy hole after hole of beautiful scenery.

Other attractions in Branson include museums, theme parks and over 49 live entertainment theaters. There are also many ongoing events this summer in Branson.

One of these events is a Father's Day Salute. The Father's Day Salute will include a boat show Saturday June 20 and Sunday June 21st. The number one best selling aluminum fishing boats will be on display. This will be a free family event! This would be perfect for Father's dreaming of their perfect fishing boat.

There is so much more going on in Branson this summer too. With all the attractions Branson has to offer, it is the perfect vacation community for everyone!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Mellow Yellow #8

We went to the beach on Saturday. We did some fishing, swimming and built some sandcastles. We even got a little too much sun!

I noticed after my daughter had built a sandcastle, all the yellow beach stuff we had. Here's a shot of some of our yellow beach stuff.

june 2009 002


Tired Of Computer Slow Downs?

As many of you may know, from reading my blog, about 6 months ago I had some serious computer problems. Unfortunately the only solution was to buy a new computer.

My computer is running great. And I'm pretty happy with it so far. The only regret I have is not buying more memory with it. Computer techs will charge $50 or more to check your computer and sell you more memory.

But a program, I found out about called speed for windows doesn't charge for technical support. They also don't have to service your computer, so they don't have to come to you and you don't have to bring your computer anywhere.

All you have to do follow some simple instructions and in 30 seconds your computers productivity will increase by 500%! For a one time fee of $12.95 you will receive a powerful program for your work or home computer.

One of the benefits of this program is you will be able to open as many programs you want at the same time. I don't know about you, but I could really use that. Another thing it will help with is attachments. You will be able to upload and download them 20 times faster with this program.

It will also make your Internet experience more fun. You will be able to browse the Internet 10 times faster. Sometimes my computer freezes up. This could put an end to that!

Visit their website to learn more for yourself. There is also a 100% money back guarantee.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Stealing - The Hate Meme

This is my first time joining Sunday Stealing. Some of these were hard to answer!

1. Most hated food: Anchovies

2. Most hated person: People who talk on the cell phone while driving

3. Most hated job: School Cafeteria Substitute

4. Most hated city: I don't know - Montreal? (bad memories from a trip there in college)

5. Most hated band: Bon Jovi

6. Most hated (non-blog) website: Extra (because on their show they won't tell you stuff but say go to the website to find out and then you can't find it on the website)

7. Most hated TV program: The Bachelor or Bachlorette

8. Most hated politician: Palin

9. Most hated artist: none

10. Most hated book: The Pillars of Earth (couldn't finish it)

11. Most hated shop or store: Sears (just because the service at the one around here stinks)

12. Most hated organization: The Yankees (because I love the Red Sox)

13. Most hated historical event: 9/11

14. Most hated sport: Tennis (just because it's boring to watch)

15. Most hated technology: text messaging

16. Most hated annual event: going to the Doctor

17. Most hated daily task: dishes

18. Most hated comedian: Bobcat Goldthwait

19. Most hated blog: blogs with music

20. Most hated song: You Give Love A Bad Name - Bon Jovi

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Find Summer Camps In Your Area


Are you looking for some fun things to do this summer? Then check out the local events widget I have in my sidebar. It is from Nickelodeon and if you put your zip code in it and hit enter, it will give you some ideas.

You can find some cool summer activities to keep the kids busy this summer. The widget also lists deals on local attractions. This widget could come in really handy on those long summer days. When the kids are out of school and your looking for something to do.

The widget can also be used to find Summer Camps. You can use this to find local summer camps. It can give you information on all kinds of different ones. Some examples are day camps, overnight camps, sports camps, adventure camps, and many more.

There is also a contest involved with this widget. If you have a blog or a social networking profile such as My Space, you can add this widget to your site. Then you can enter to win $1000! This widget is provided by Nickelodeon and Yovia, so visit their website. Then all you have to do is enter your name, email and the URL where you put the widget. The person who ends up having the most impressions at the end of the contest will win $1000!

This widget is very useful, not only does it help your visitors to your website, check local events or summer camps in their area, but it can also possibly win you $1000!


Friday, June 5, 2009

VGNO - Fishing!


Tomorrow is "Free Fishing" day in NH. I love fishing but it would cost me $70.00 to get my husband and I a license. We used to get licences but now with kids we don't really go enough to make it worth it. And kids 16 and under fish free anyway. But tomorrow I'm going fishing cause it's free! Whoo-hoo! I'm excited anyway.

The only drink for fishing is beer! Probably will get some Coors light for later!

Here's a cool song I found called Beer, Bait & Ammo! Cool!

wanted to know what your favorite flower is. I love all flowers so that's hard to say. It made me think of this crazy tree I saw when I went to the bank though. It had white fuzzy things all over it, they were blowing all over the place. It looked like it was snowing. The fuzzy stuff was covering the grass - big time! It looked like snow! I have no idea what kind of tree it was. I'll have to Google it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Blog With Yovia

There are more bloggers and more people reading blogs then ever before. I read somewhere that 30% of people that were surveyed said the read blogs. And that there are more people creating blogs everyday.

If you have a blog you probably know there are ways to Earn extra money with your blog. Well one such way that I just found out about is through a company called Yovia. With Yovia you will receive a Free Blog.

Yovia will also provide you with free training, customized templates, and something called a "Fidget." The Fidget will allow you to earn based on your content.

To get started you can grab a widget on their site. You can place it on your blog or social media websites such as MySpace. Every time someone views your widget you make money!

This Yovia program is currently in the Beta form. Right now they are only taking a select few bloggers to test out their new system. Visit their website today to apply and see if you will be selected to blog about things you love and earn some money while doing it! Space is limited so check it out now!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #26 "Clothes Line"

I decided almost a month ago, that I wanted to start drying the clothes outside. I used to do it when I lived in the country, which was almost 10 years ago. But haven't done it since living where I do now.

Here are 13 things I have discovered since drying the clothes on a clothes line. Some pros and some cons.

1. Drying clothes on a line will help the environment. No greenhouse gas emissions from the dryer.

2. Save money. I read online that: the average clothes dryer will cost approximately $1,530 to operate over its lifespan, which lasts, on average, about 18 years.

3. The clothes smell great! I noticed the clothes smell fresh and clean off the line, more then when you use the dryer.

4. The clothes come out like they were starched & with less wrinkles.

5. Eliminates static cling that the dryer can cause.

6. The clothes dry a lot faster then I thought they would.

7. It gets you outside and you can enjoy being outdoors.

8. I also read online that line drying is easier on your clothes. It will help reduce wear and tear on the seams.

9. I also found out that the sun can help kill bacteria on the clothing.

A few cons are:

10. It is a little more time consuming then just throwing stuff in the dryer.

11. You are dependent on the weather ~ You have to obviously know if it's going to rain or not.

12. Can only do one maybe two loads a day (hey that could maybe be a pro)

13. Have to remember to take them off the line. Sometimes I forget about it and have to go out there late to get them, when I may be too lazy or tired - lol!

Check HERE and HERE for more info on Line Drying.

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Cute Maternity Clothes

I just found a great maternity clothes website. It's called Kiki's Fashions. And there is really a lot of cute maternity clothes on their website.

I remember when I was pregnant, how hard it was to find cute maternity clothes. I wish I could have purchased some things back then from Kiki's Fashions. Their maternity clothes are really unique. And the great thing is that they are at really good prices too.

They really differ from other maternity clothes. They are so stylish and trendy, unlike the typical boxy maternity clothes you find elsewhere. Kiki's Fashions also rotates their selection often so there is always something new to choose from.

And right now you can get a discount at Kiki's on your purchase. Just use the coupon code "blogfriends" at checkout and you will receive 20% off!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday 58 "Junior Girl Scout"

In a ceremony last Thursday my daughter became a Junior Girl Scout. Here's a picture of her as a Brownie.

This is a picture of her crossing a "Bridge." Because it is called "Bridging" when you go from Brownies to Junior Girl Scouts.

And here she is an official Junior Girl Scout.

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