Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Save Money On Baby Formula

If you are having a baby or have a baby, then you know how expensive it can be. Especially for baby formula.

We all know that pediatricians recommend breast feeding, and that a mother's milk is best for the baby. But sometimes that isn't always possible, or sometimes mother's also want to be able to supplement feedings with formula too.

When my children were born I was unable to breastfeed them, so I had to rely on formula. And I remember how expensive it was. I just found a Parent's Choice Savings Calculator which shows the difference between national brands and store brands.

Store brands can be found in stores such as Walmart, Target and CVS to name a few. One such formula is Parent's Choice Infant Formula. Using the calculator I found I compared Similac formula to the Parent's Choice formula and the savings were amazing. This is how the calculator broke it down for using Parents Choice formula 100% of the time for 12 months:

$56.94 per month
Total savings: $683.30
Savings per can: $13.09

Wow, that's a big savings! And another thing I just learned is that infant formulas sold in the United States, must all adhere to FDA standards. So although they are priced differently they must meet the same FDA guidelines. So why pay more for baby formula? When you could save up to $600 a year if you choose retailer’s store brand infant formula.