Friday, June 5, 2009

Blog With Yovia

There are more bloggers and more people reading blogs then ever before. I read somewhere that 30% of people that were surveyed said the read blogs. And that there are more people creating blogs everyday.

If you have a blog you probably know there are ways to Earn extra money with your blog. Well one such way that I just found out about is through a company called Yovia. With Yovia you will receive a Free Blog.

Yovia will also provide you with free training, customized templates, and something called a "Fidget." The Fidget will allow you to earn based on your content.

To get started you can grab a widget on their site. You can place it on your blog or social media websites such as MySpace. Every time someone views your widget you make money!

This Yovia program is currently in the Beta form. Right now they are only taking a select few bloggers to test out their new system. Visit their website today to apply and see if you will be selected to blog about things you love and earn some money while doing it! Space is limited so check it out now!


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  1. Thanks for this info! I am always looking for new ways to get my posts on the web. I don't need another blog at the moment but this might be good for my wife or others who are just starting out.

    Friends 4 Life!