Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reggie Needs Dinovite

This is my in laws dog Reggie. He is such a cutie. He is so gentle and really good with the kids. But as you can see he has a lot of fur.

With all this fur, he sheds a lot. This is evident, by the fact, that every time I leave their house I have dog hairs all over me. Well I just went to a website called Dinovite, and answered some questions in the solutions center about Reggie.

What I know about Reggie's diet, is that my in-laws mostly feed him table food. That is leftovers from their meals. They rarely feed him regular dog food. So according to the Dinovite website, what could be causing Reggie's shedding is he is suffering from a fairly common nutritional deficiency.

I also learned that dogs should not, no matter their breed, shed year round. They are only supposed to shed twice a year. So what is missing is nutrients in their diet that they need to be healthy. And Dinovite can fill this gap that Reggie(or your dog) is missing.

What they suggested was a Dinovite Canine Bundle, which will provide the digestive enzymes, Direct Fed Microbials and delicate nutrients to help Reggie be healthy. Dinovite will help Reggie nutritionally by aiding digestion and the absorption of delicate nutrients supporting his immune system.

Dinovite also has products to stop itching in dogs, dog with bad odors or smelling bad, along with shedding problems.

I'm going to recommend Dinovite as soon as possible to my in-laws. If you want to get a detailed report about solutions for your dog visit their website now!


  1. FYI.....the 1000 Comment Award Has Been posted!!!!

  2. wow.....the pict was so cute,,that a lot like my neighbour's puppy..

  3. My house is constantly full of hair! My dog has short black hair and it just makes everything look dirty if I don't vacume every day.

    Guess I should try the Dinovite!