Saturday, January 31, 2009

Equestrian Singles

In only a couple of weeks it will be Valentine's Day. It's nice to have a special someone to share that with. I'm lucky to have found my perfect match. But it also was hard to find him. We didn't meet until I was 24 and he was 33. It also helps if you share the same interests as someone. Which we do.

If one of your interests happens to be horses, then there is a perfect site just for you to meet that special someone. It's called equestrian cupid. This is an exclusive community for horse lovers and equestrian singles to meet.

There is even FREE sign-up on the site. So you will be able to meet someone who shares your interests. Such as horse-back riding, or finding new trails, or country living. If you are single and looking to meet someone with a common interest of horses then check out this great website.

With love in the air, there is no better time to visit equestrian cupid. They have had tremendous success over the years with single horse lovers!

Top Entrecard Droppers for January

I'd like to thank all my Entrecard Droppers. Thanks to everyone from Entrecard for continuing to drop on me. Especially since I was without a computer for about a month, and literally did not do any return drops during that time. So I really appreciate my top droppers and the high number of drops on my blog, considering I was unable to reciprocate. And to all my other loyal droppers - Thanks!

Here's my Top 10 Droppers for January:

Top droppers on Entrecard

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the man of a thousand voices talking perfectly loud nobody ever hears him

Friday, January 30, 2009

Order Your Own Embroidered Products

I just found a great website called, where you can order custom embroidered products.

Using their patented technology, you will be able to customize everything from hats, polo shirts, t-shirts, bags and more. There are no minimum quantities or set up fees. There are easy to upload logos and designs. They also provide templates which are easy to customize. They also have fast shipping.

I love tote bags and would love to have my own embroidered one. If I wanted to create my own, I would just click the tote bag and select "customize this item." Then I can either use one of their templates, upload my own logo, or I could design my own bag using clip art, or text, etc. Wow this looks really cool! And the prices seem reasonable too. Check out to see what embroidered product you would like!

Family Fun Foto Friday - "Chinese Zodiac"


This weeks theme is Chinese Zodiac. Click the button above to go to Diana Rambles blog, to find out more on participating in FFFF.

In honor of Chinese New Year, I'm supposed to find out my Chinese Zodiac sign and then find out the personality traits of that sign. My Zodiac sign is the Monkey. Here's a description of what the Monkey is supposed to be like:

People born in the Year of the Monkey are the erratic geniuses of the cycle. Clever, skillful, and flexible, they are remarkably inventive and original and can solve the most difficult problems with ease. There are few fields in which Monkey people wouldn't be successful but they have a disconcerting habit of being too agreeable. They want to do things now, and if they cannot get started immediately, they become discouraged and sometimes leave their projects. Although good at making decisions, they tend to look down on others. Having common sense, Monkey people have a deep desire for knowledge and have excellent memories. Monkey people are strong willed but their anger cools quickly. They are most compatible with the Dragon and Rat.

Hmm, let's see. I'm not sure what "erratic genius" is supposed to mean. I really don't think I'm a genius by any means. Solving problems with ease, not sure about that either. Most of this I don't think really applies to me at all. Maybe the common sense thing and I do have a pretty good memory. And my daughter is a Dragon and my son is a Rat so that's kind of cool. That's who I'm compatible with.

Unfortunately I am unable to provide a picture of me, right now. I wanted to scan my First Grade School photo. But after two hours of trying to scan, I realized my scanner may not be working. I just recently got a new "processor" with Windows Vista, I'm beginning to realize that my old printer may not be compatible with my new computer! ARRGH!!!!

Blog Pictures

Choose To Protect Your Future

C'elle is an innovative company that can help you to protect your future. If you want to choose to protect your future and make a major life altering decision then there is no time like the present. Order C'elle Now and begin collecting life-saving stem cells, that are found naturally in menstrual blood.

You can choose to protect your future by using C'elle's easy to use collection kit. When you collect, isolate, and preserve your menstural blood, you could possibly be protecting yourself from diseases. Clinical trials have shown that these cells may be used to treat diseases such as Heart Disease, Breast Cancer, Diabetes and Stroke.

I was watching C'Elle Testimonials to find out more about their patented technology. One of their clients was stating how she decided to collect stem cells using C'elle because she was getting an operation in the near future. She wanted to preserve some of her own stem cells in case they needed to be used during the procedure. Her family also has a history of Heart Disease and Alzheimer's so she wanted to preserve her stem cells for possible future use. She stated that she was going to also preserve some collections for some of her other family members in case they should ever need them. She is protecting not only herself but her family too!

Check out C'elle's website for information on how you can protect your future and your families too. With a special limited time offer C'elle is having a special price of $499 Annual Plan (a $200 savings). Plus a bonus, limited-edition rhinestone engraved C'elle satchel (use code: CNB200 when ordering, offer ends on January 31, 2009.)


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Award Time Again

A few of my blogging friends gave me some awards, some going back awhile. Some during the time when I was without a computer at home. So I wanted to acknowledge them now. Check out all their fabulous blogs!

Native Amerian Momma & On The Verge gave me the lemonade award.

On The Verge also gave me the Sisterhood award

Windmill gave me the Noblesse Oblige Award and the Passionate Blogger Award.

And Sara Elizabeth Bonds gave me the Fabulous Bloggers Award.

Thanks everyone for the awards!

Discounts with ISIC

Have you ever heard of ISIC? Well, it stands for International Student Identity Card. It is the only internationally accepted student ID card. It can be used as proof of current student status.

There is three different cards available. The first one is ISIC which is for currently enrolled students. Second is the IYTC which is for any youth 26 years old and younger. And lastly there is ITIC which is for any current teacher or professor.

What can you do with these ID cards? Well, you can get thousands of discounts with them. Discounts at places like top retail stores, websites and even travel insurance. The price of the card is only $22.00 and with that you will save on things such as shopping. For example, right now, with a student card, you can save 11% off instore purchases at Macy's. And 15% on online orders at Samsonite. Those are just a couple of the discounts on shopping.

These cards can also save on thing such as trips to museums, hotels and even restaurants. There is a great discount now for $13.00 off the menu at Hard Rock Cafe.

So if whether your a student, youth or teacher, you will really benefit from these ID cards. Think of all the great discounts you will receive.

Thursday Thirteen #19 "50,000 Visitors"

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Goofy Girl

I noticed the other day my blog has reached 50,000 visitors! That's a lot right? I think so anyway. When I first started blogging I didn't know much about it. Here's 13 words I have learned from visitor number one until now visitor 50,000.

Thanks everyone for visiting STAY AT HOME MOM!

1. RSS

2. XML


4. Feeds

5. Feedburner

6. Adsense

7. Entrecard

8. MyBlogLog

9. Wordless Wednesday

10. Memes

11. Technorati

12. Comment Moderation

13. Unique Visitors

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WW #40 "An American Girl"

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Another Snow Day

Another snow day today. No school for the kids. Not to complain or anything, but snow days stink! All the kids do is fight over the TV, Computer and whatever else. And then it's too cold and snowing to go anywhere or do anything so your stuck in the house all day. They would be better off having school. At least I think so.

This is I think their 4th snow day so far. I can't take much more! And my daughter's dance class was canceled again because the last storm was on a Wednesday too. And they make you still pay even though the class is canceled.

OK. Sorry for sounding so negative. But I've got a headache, and the kids have been driving me crazy all day! Please no more snow days!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Clean Your Microwave with Lemons

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I read awhile back how to clean your microwave using lemon juice. And because I'm lazy and literally haven't cleaned my microwave in ages, it was just recently that I actually tried it.

All you do is take a lemon and cut some wedges out of it. Then place the lemon wedges in a microwave safe bowl or container, along with 2 to 3 cups of water. (If you don't have a fresh lemon you can use 2 to 3 tbs. of lemon juice as a substitute.)

Cook bowl with lemons in it, in microwave for about 2 to 3 minutes. This creates a lemon soaked stem that will remove grease from your microwave. Let bowl stand inside the microwave for about 10 minutes, allowing the steam to build up inside the microwave.

Remove bowl from microwave. Then wipe inside of microwave with a warm damp cloth or rag. The grease should come off with ease. Repeat the steps again for any remaining dirt or grease.

I tried this about a week ago, and it really worked! The grease and dirt were a lot easier to come off doing this. And it is a lot greener alternative for cleaning then chemical sprays. And cheaper too. Give it a try!

Narnia and Hotel for Dogs

Some movies I've seen lately, that get rubber stamps of approval (from me anyway) are the Chronicles of Narnia movies, and Hotel for Dogs.

First, the Chronicles of Narnia. I saw the first one awhile ago on DVD. My sister actually owns it and I borrowed it from her. Then it was on TV again around Christmas time. And I watched it again. My husband even watched it for the first time and liked it. My kids didn't even watch it. Not to say that this isn't a good movies for kids. They just weren't interested in watching it at the time. I love it! So after watching it again, I wanted to rent the second one, Prince Caspian, that came out on DVD recently.

We rented it a couple of weeks ago and once again it was just my husband and I who watched it. I really liked part two also, not as much as the first one. But Prince Caspian was good too. If you like the Lord of the Rings and movies like that, then you will like these movies.

My sister loves them too and also read all the books. She told me though, when we were talking about the movies recently, that she heard Disney is not going to be making these movies anymore. One reason I guess is they didn't make that much money on them. I guess the second movie didn't do that good in the theaters. I just hope someone else decides to make Part 3. Because I really love these movies.

Another movie I saw was Hotel for Dogs. My daughter and I went to see it on Martin Luther King day. As I said in another post, AMC theaters has a deal, on Sat., Sun. and holidays, the first showing of movies are only $4.00 per person. My daughter really wanted to see this movie, so MLK day was a perfect time to go see it.

This movie was really good. It was even better than I even expected. I thought it was just going to be a silly movie with kids and dogs. But it turned out to be more then that. The story line had more to it then I thought. The two kids in it were Foster kids, and there was some issues revolving around that. At some points in the movie I was actually crying (I think I'm going soft), but there were some reallly touching moments. There were also some very funny parts too. My daughter was really laughing out loud during the movie.

I really recommend Hotel for Dogs for the whole family. Also check out the Narnia movies on DVD, if you haven't already seen them.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sledding, Drama Queens & Nosy People

My husband and I took the kids sledding yesterday. I forgot my camera, again. But here are a few pictures, I took not to long ago, on another sledding trip.

(taken at high school. It looks like fence is in way, but no way of hitting that)
new 026

new 022

But anyway, we went to a place sledding we haven't been to in awhile. And it was plowed in a little on the side so there was somewhat of an icy snowbank. With a possibility of sliding into it. So the kids were sledding, actually my son was using his snow board. And was doing great on it. I've got to get a picture of him on that. So my daughter was doing great at first, but she was getting a little nervous of going into this one little tree in the way. I mean it was practically a twig and wouldn't even hurt if you bumped into it. My husband placed her in a good spot, but she moved half way down, because of this tree. So in the mean time she went right into the snow bank instead. She kind of wiped out and fell into it a little.

I ran down there to make sure she was ok. She was fine. But her being the drama queen that she can be sometime, really cried overboard on it. She came back up the hill, but proceeded to cry. And was scared then of going down the hill. My husband was trying to get her not to be afraid and said it was ok, he'd make sure she didn't do that again.

In the mean time a man & his daughter showed up to sled down the hill. That is fine. Great. Sled all you want. But the problem was, while my husband was talking to my daughter (very patiently I might add) my daughter was still somewhat crying (totally overreacting), this man kept giving us the dirtiest looks. This nosy guy kept pacing back and forth looking at my husband & daughter and then at me (I was sitting up on a bench) and totally staring at us. I think this guy thought we were forcing my daughter to sled or something. I don't know what he thought, but It was none of his business, and it totally was my daughter just being totally overboard about the whole thing.

It's hard to explain, but both my husband and I were getting really aggravated with this guy and the looks he was giving us. Finally my husband was like let's get out of here, and go to the place we usually go sledding. Which is at the high school, where there is a better hill and nothing to worry about bumping into. We got to the high school and the kids had a great time sledding and snowboarding. They did it for almost an hour more. We will just go there from now on.

I know my daughter can be somewhat of a drama queen, but I wish other people would not be so judgemental, when they don't even know the situation. I'm sure this guy's kid is just perfect right? And never cries? Oh well. My kids ended up having fun in the long run.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Make C'elle a New Year's Resolution

C’elle is an exclusive and revolutionary service that provides women with the opportunity to collect stem cells. Stem cells are collected from the body's menstrual fluid during the menstrual cycle.

Even though it's still early in the year, many may have gone back on their New Year's resolutions. But woman can still take their health and future into their own hands by visiting the C'elle website and can Order Now!

The latest science has shown that stem cells collected during a woman's menstrual blood, may be used in treating a number of life threatening diseases. Some of these diseases include: Osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Visit C'elle's Pricing page to view their affordable collection process. Menstrual cells are processed and cryo-preserved for therapy that may arise in the future. C'elle will provide women understandable directions, an easy to follow collection process, and mailing instructions. All allowing women the ability to collect stem cells from the privacy of their own home. Make C'elle one resolution you can keep!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Contest by Toni

My good bloggy friend Toni from It is nap time, is having a contest. She is giving away a Savoring the Moment gift bag. With various Pilsbury products. I haven't tried the new Savorings yet, but they look really delicious!

Head over to Toni's blog to find out more information and how you can enter this contest. Click on this link to go directly to the contest:
Pillsbury Savorings Review and Giveaway

Good Luck!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Can't Wait For a Cookout

I can't wait until the warmer weather arrives! Especially because I would love to have a cookout. My mom has a great deck, and during the warmer weather we have a few cookouts out there.

She has some
Outdoor Patio Furniture out on her deck. Including some Chaise Lounges. She is actually looking to buy some new furniture in the upcoming months. I found a great website, for her to check out called Buy Outdoor Furniture online.

They have a variety of different types of outdoor furniture. Teak, aluminum, wicker are some of the selection you will find on this website. They also have
Club Chairs and Fire Pits! I would love to have some outdoor furniture myself. And a fire pit would be so nice.

Here's a picture of a great outdoor furniture set and fireplace you can find on Buy Outdoor Furniture

I'll be telling my mom to check out this website. Because they offer free shipping and discounted prices on their terrific outdoor furniture collections. And they also offer no sales tax on their furniture. Check their website for more information on this. And if you like spending time in your own backyard, check out all their beautiful outdoor furniture.

Family Foto Fun Friday


This is a fun meme called Family Foto Fun Friday. Each week there is a different theme. And you can post your pictures according to the theme. Click on the banner above to join and find out more.

This weeks theme is "Sun." The cold temperatures this winter, are having me dreaming of my vacation last year to Disney World. I would love to be in the Florida sun right now! While we were there we loved going in the pool, sometimes even twice a day. My daughter especially loved it.

Picture of pool side (pool at our hotel),where you could sun bathe.

Picture of my daughter sunbathing in the pool.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #18 "Positives of No Computer"

header by
Goofy Girl

As many of you may know, my computer died awhile ago. I was without a computer at home for almost a month. And had to rely on my library for my computer memory. But there were actually some positives that came out of it. Here's 13 positive things that happened when I didn't have a computer.

1. I finished 3 books
2. I finished an embroidery project I literally started 5 years ago.
3. I started another embroidery project
4. I am even teaching my daughter how to embroider
5. Lots of laundry got done
6. Lots of dishes got done
7. More vacuuming was done
8. Got more sleep (because wasn't staying up late on computer)
9. Got errands done earlier (without computer would leave house earlier to get errands done)
10. No fighting (didn't have to listen to anyone fighting saying "My turn on the computer!"
11. Painted my sons room
12. Watched some movies (and actually paid attention to them)
13. Spent more time with family & friends (not sure if it has to do with not having computer, but didn't feel tied down to computer so was able to do it)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

WW 39 "His & Her Snowpeople"

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Visited My Mom

Just an update on my previous post "My Mom Has Osteoporosis." I was able to visit my Mom this past Saturday. It was a good thing we went Saturday instead of Sunday. Because Sunday into Monday we got about 10 more inches of snow.

The kids and I got there around noon time on Saturday. My husband decided to stay home. I made an apple pie the night before. And brought the rest of the ingredients for a dinner for everyone. I didn't want my Mom to have to cook for everyone, with a broken shoulder and her leg bruised up. One of my sisters lives with my Mom. And has been doing the shopping and cooking while my Mom is sick. But my sister is pretty spoiled, since regularly my Mom does all the cooking.

I didn't realize until I was there for about a half an hour, that my other sister and my brother-in-law, where coming too. The had planned on coming even the week before, but canceled because of the snow. Then decided to come Saturday too. My mother never told me they were coming. My sister thought I knew. Luckily I had enough food for everyone. I made shepherds pie, and salad, apple pie & vanilla ice cream for dessert. My mother should have told me they were coming though! It was nice though to do something for my mother instead of the other way around, for a change.

My mother is doing better, but her shoulder hurts from breaking it. Her leg, though actually hurts more, even though it isn't broken. She has a really nasty bump on her leg. She has this huge lump (about the size of a grapefruit) sticking out on the side of her leg. And it's very bruised along with her whole foot being bruised too. She went back to the Doctor's last week, because she was worried about her leg. But they told her it is a hematoma and could take up to 3 to 6 months to go away. And they said it may never completely go away.

It's scary to think about how she fell down her cellar stairs. She is lucky in a way it was not worse. I really hope she will be more careful in the future!

A Great Dinner Party

I have been to some great dinner parties. Especially the ones thrown by my sister. Every year she hosts a dinner party for about 20 people. These dinner parties are held on New Year's Eve. It is a great way to celebrate the New Year with a dinner party, that includes family and friends.

Every year though she has a hard time deciding on the menu. And needs some advice on menu plans and decorating tips. Well, I just found a great website that I'm going to suggest she visit next time she plans a dinner party. It's called

On this website you can find great ideas for your next dinner party. From party ideas, decorations and recipes, and more. Another feature that I found that would really be helpful is the recipes will even give you a cost breakdown of each recipe. So you can see an estimate of how much it will cost to purchase the ingredients for the recipe and how much it will cost to make it. What a cool idea!

So if you are like me and my sister and love to attend and or host a great dinner party, then check out this great website for lots of great ideas!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Triple Award

I was given this Triple Award: Sisterhood Award, Lemonade Award and Best Friends Award by Lola at Lola's Diner. If you haven't visited her blog yet, I suggest you do. I have been visiting her lately and commenting on her posts. I really like her blog. Check it out.

Custom Built Homes from Schumacher Homes

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Schumacher Homes will direct you and assist you in getting your dream home built. They work with their customers to build their dream homes all across the United States.

They can help you to get all your architectural specifics you and your family want into your dream home. They are innovative builders who will help make your dreams come to fruition.

Schumacher Homes makes the process as easy as possible. And they will go to great lengths to cater to your every need. So if you are looking for an custom built home, then look no further than Schumacher Homes. They are a family run business and will accommodate your needs, depending on your situation.

If you are apprehensive of the process of building your own customized home, don't be. Let Schumacher Homes help you through out the whole process. Check out their website for more information on how they can help you build your dream home. And read all the great testimonials from their customers who have had their dream homes built by Schumacher Homes.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My One Year Blogaversary

Blog Pictures
A year ago today I started this blog! I can't believe it. Time really does go by fast.

I really have no idea what to say right now. Except I really enjoy blogging. More then I expected to. So much so that it has become somewhat of an obsession and addiction!

I had grand plans in my mind of doing some great thing to mark this occasion. But now I am at a total loss of what to say or do. I had previously thought of doing a giveway or contest or something, leading up to this day. But being without a computer for almost a month kind of put a damper on planning anything like that. Maybe I'll do something like that in the near future.

So for now I just want to acknowledge the fact that it was last year on this day that I started this blog. And to thank all those who may have enjoyed something they read here. Thanks!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Great Auto Parts Online!

If you are looking for a website to buy auto parts, then be sure to check out Great Auto They sell the highest quality auto parts at the lowest prices.

They also have a great car parts catalog. Where you will find millions of items, guaranteed to fit your vehicle. Their auto parts catalog is so easy to use, that you will be able to find the parts you need. And be back on the road in no time.

Go to Great Auto, for all your auto parts needs!

My New Computer!

Yea! My new computer arrived yesterday! We actually didn't get a new monitor, but just the processor! It is an Inspiron 530. And came with Windows Vista. That comes included. Previously I had Windows XP but that actually costs $150.00 more to have that installed. So just went with the Vista. I guess there pushing that.

But so far so good. My husband hooked it up last night and all is good. I'm actually amazed how easy it was to set up. I thought for sure there would be cursing involved and hours of frustration. But it was up and running in no time. Especially the Internet. I thought it was going to be harder to get the Internet connection going. But it was like boom! Your on the Internet! So I'm super happy! And it runs very fast! Which is great!

The only complaint I have is how much of a pain it was to get it in the first place. The last problem, was I think on Monday. I decided to check this phone number I had to check the status of the computer. When I entered the order number I had - it said order cancelled! I freaked out! My husband got on the phone and called Dell. After talking to like 5 or more people (who basically have no idea what your talking about and are zero help) he finally got someone who could help. I guess what happened was that order was cancelled (when we had a problem with the credit card) and when he called to order it again, it was under a different order number. But no one had given us this new number.

My husband was starting to get really pissed at the morons on the phone, because I checked my credit card and we were charged for it. So he was getting really irate at the people saying they better figure it out and it better not be cancelled since we had been charged for it! So after all that, all is well and my new computer is here! What a hassle from day one though!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Mom Has Osteoporosis

My Mom was diagnosed with osteoporosis about 10 years ago. She has a severe case of it. She has broken many bones in the past ten years. Including a bad break 10 years ago. That had her practically bed ridden for 3 or 4 months.

The most recent case was last Monday she fell down her cellar stairs. My sister called me later that night to tell me our mother broke her shoulder and at first they thought her ankle too. She went for another x-ray the following day. And they discovered she didn't break her ankle. She just severely bruised it and sprained it. But she did break her shoulder.

They said she will have to get an MRI to determine if she did damage to her rotary cuff. If she did she may need an operation. I hope that is not the case!

My poor mother! It is one thing after another with her. And she has not had the best of luck with her health the last 10 years. I was so upset about this last incident. I had planned on going down to visit her this past Sunday. But we ended up getting a pretty big snowstorm Saturday night. And it was still snowing Sunday morning.

There was even a 59 car pile up, you may have heard about in Derry, NH. Which is not to far from me. That is not they highway I would have been on. But after hearing that I decided not to risk traveling that day. My mother even called to say don't come. It wasn't worth the risk.

I also was thinking I do not want to get in an accident because I know it's not a good idea, but I have let my auto insurance slip. And am not insured right now. It is actually not a law in NH. You are not required by law to have auto insurance. I'm not sure what other states require, for example Alabama auto insurance may be required. But in NH it is not illegal not to have auto insurance. So let's just say I can't risk getting into an accident right now.

I plan on visiting my mother either this Saturday or Sunday. Of course that's weather permitting.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kids And The Internet

Figures! Now that I am without a computer at home. My daughter has two different projects, in which the Internet would come in handy. Up until now she hasn't really had any projects that really require a computer.

The first one is for a school project on careers. She has to pick a career she thinks she will want and then find some information on it. Then she will have to do a poster on it too. She picked fashion designer. Which I got a kick out of. She wants to be a fashion designer?

The second project is for her Brownie troop. She has to find out information on a woman pioneer. She want to do Amelia Earhart? (not sure if that's correct spelling.)

She wants to look up this info online. When I suggested to her since we have to go to the library anyway to use the computers we could just get some books on these subjects. She said no. She wants to look it up on the Internet. I tried to explain to her that believe it or not books are actually better and you would probably get better information from a book. She said it has to be from the Internet.

That's how much kids are programmed now by computers. Remember not to long ago when all information came from books? It's actually, I think, kind of sad how much we are relying on computers.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snuggle Up In a New Bed

If you are looking for a new bed, there are some really quailty beds at Time 4 Sleep. They have a huge selection of beds. In a large variety of finishes. Everything from leather beds, wooden beds, and metal beds.

They also have a great selection of styles to choose from. Such as, Divan beds, French Style beds, and Antique Style beds. They also have, Storage beds, Upholstered beds and they even have Childrens beds too. And they also are a very affordable prices!

I personally would love to buy a new bed. At these prices it is well worth looking into. I think it's important not only to have a bed that's comfortable, but also have one that looks great. The beds at Time 4 Sleep are all very stylish. Not only will you be purchasing a quality bed, but also one that will look great too! And having a nice bed I think will help you sleep better. Don't you think?

So if you're thinking about buying a new bed, why not get one that will be beautiful in your bedroom too. Check them out now!

A Few More Updates

Update number one, which isn't really that significant. But I received an email saying that I was booted off Top Momma. I think I lasted about a month. So that's kind of cool.

Number two I already changed this background again. I wanted to get rid of the Christmas theme and went with that New Year's one. But didn't really like it. I thought it was to dark. So I kind of like this one. What do you think?

And number three I guess my computer will take a little longer then I thought to be delivered. After about 5 days delay with the credit card fiasco. I was able to put through the order finally. And I was happy that they did accept the discount code I had. So I saved almost 100 dollars. And I got free shipping with it.

But the thing I didn't know until now is that the estimated time of delivery won't be until 1/28-1/30. I kind of don't understand. When you purchase it online it says delivery in 3 to 5 business days. I assumed that meant that's when I would get it after ordering it. But I guess it takes awhile for them to "build" it. Then when they finish "building" it, you get it in 3-5 business days. I guess. That's how I'm figuring it.

So now I'm "patiently" waiting - lol!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Library

I'll be glad when I don't have to come to the library anymore to use the computers. Don't get me wrong I like the library. But I have never come to it on such a daily basis.

Our library is actually very nice. They have a huge selection of books, Videos, and DVD's. They even have a Movie Theater with home theater seating. And show free movies on the weekends for adults and kids. It's like going to the movies but for free!

But the downside to coming to the library is of course just driving a couple of miles to get here is a pain. And you have to pay to park here. Which has always gone against my grain. I mean it is a Public Library. It should be free, right? But you have to dig up change evertime before arriving to pump the meters. Then there is also the computer room. You get a limited amount of time on the computers. You sign in with your card number and start off with an hour. If there is still available computers when that is up it will extend your time. But still you feel kind of pressured.

And then there is also the weather to take into account. I can't come in ice or snow to use the computers. So that's why I figured I better come today. It looks like I might not be coming tomorrow. Since we may be getting 5-10 inches of snow tomorrow!

So although I love our library. I'll be glad when I don't have to come on such a regular basis.

Chase Credit Card

I'm somewhat ticked off at Chase Credit Card. Like I said yesterday they didn't authorize my purchase of my computer. When I got home yesterday I called them and asked them what was up. I talked to one guy and I told him what happened then he said hold on he'll put me through to something like "Fraud Services" or something like that.

Next I talked to a girl, and I told her I tried to purchase a computer online but it was denied. She said they thought it was a fraudulent purchase so they denied it. She said it looks as though I don't use my card that much and that it was for such a high amount and online that they thought it was a fraud.

Ok. Number one I wanted to scream to her "Don't use my card much? Have you seen my balance?" Two what they just willy nilly decide to cancel this? And three if they feel someone is using my account without my permission did any one consider even calling me and letting me know this?

So then she said she had to ask me some security questions. These were the most asinine questions I had ever heard. First she said "According to my drivers lisence how tall am I?" Then she proceeded to give me multiple choice answers. I mean anyone could guess this. Most likely I'm not 6 feet tall! And also how do they know this anyway? Then she gave me some address I've never heard of and then listed off a bunch of counties - I never heard of either. Then said what county is it in, or have you never been associated with this address. I was like "never associated with this address." These were the stupidest questions I have ever heard and don't think they proved anything. But I guess I passed because she said they would authorize this payment.

So now I still have to call Dell to have them process this order. But now I want to use this dicount code my husband has through his work. I could save 12%. I hope they still will let me use it. Because I hadn't submitted that in my first order.

My husband called me this morning from work, after his
safety equipment meeting. And gave me the code. So later I'm going to call Dell and hopefully get this computer ordered once and for all!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Dell Computer

You're probably sick of me talking about my computer problems. But I ordered one yesterday and should be getting it sometime by the end of this week!

After going home last Friday and telling my husband I didn't order it online at the library he said he may be able to get a code through his work for a discount. He had Friday off and tried unsuccessfully to call a few people at his work for the code.

So Saturday we decided to look a Best Buy and Circuit City to see what they had to offer. What a mad house! It must be the season for buying computers. Which I really can't understand, since they really aren't having any great deals on them. We asked about two and they were out of stock at Best Buy. Went to Circuit City and the only one they had in our price range was junk, and didn't come with anything. And I'm nervous of buying one from there anyway since aren't they practically going out of business?

So we basically came home with nothing. Decided to come back to the library Sunday and purchase the one online from Dell, which is actually a better computer and for a better price anyway.

Thought all was well, until I just came to the library today and checked my email. One from Dell said they were unable to process my order, because my credit card would not authorize the purchase. Which I don't understand, since I am not late on my payments and I have an available credit of like $3,000.00 on this credit card. Maybe because it was for such a high amount? Now when I get out of this library I have to call my credit card and hopefully straighten it out. Then call Dell and hopefully put through this order!

This has been nothing but a big pain in the neck. I'm actually glad I came to the library today to check my emails. Otherwise I would have been sitting at home wondering when I was getting my computer. I can't wait until I don't have to come to the library anymore! But I might be back tomorrow! Bye for now!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year's Eve & New Year's Day! I can't believe it's 2009!

I'm back at the library again! I still do not have a computer at home! I'm getting so frustrated! Not just with my computer but kind of at my husband. He could care less about the computer. He doesn't really use it - ever - so I guess he doesn't find it vital to get one.

But I was determined to come to the library today and order one on Dell. But now that I'm here I'm at a total loss on how to go about ordering one or what I should be purchasing! I just want the processor and started off with a $299.00 one, by the time I was done it was up to over $500.00! I didn't order it, I guess I need my husband after all! Ugh! I want him to come with me at the library to check it out and help me ordering this! Great I just wanted to get it done today.

When I do install this I think I'm going to install the Norton firewall, etc. Think of it as business insurance for my computer. Because I had McAfee. Which if I got a virus on my computer - didn't do a darn thing to protect it.

So that's it for now. I hope to have this resolved very soon. Thanks to all my loyal readers. And for your comments. I hope to be visiting you real soon. Happy New Year!