Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kids And The Internet

Figures! Now that I am without a computer at home. My daughter has two different projects, in which the Internet would come in handy. Up until now she hasn't really had any projects that really require a computer.

The first one is for a school project on careers. She has to pick a career she thinks she will want and then find some information on it. Then she will have to do a poster on it too. She picked fashion designer. Which I got a kick out of. She wants to be a fashion designer?

The second project is for her Brownie troop. She has to find out information on a woman pioneer. She want to do Amelia Earhart? (not sure if that's correct spelling.)

She wants to look up this info online. When I suggested to her since we have to go to the library anyway to use the computers we could just get some books on these subjects. She said no. She wants to look it up on the Internet. I tried to explain to her that believe it or not books are actually better and you would probably get better information from a book. She said it has to be from the Internet.

That's how much kids are programmed now by computers. Remember not to long ago when all information came from books? It's actually, I think, kind of sad how much we are relying on computers.