Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Narnia and Hotel for Dogs

Some movies I've seen lately, that get rubber stamps of approval (from me anyway) are the Chronicles of Narnia movies, and Hotel for Dogs.

First, the Chronicles of Narnia. I saw the first one awhile ago on DVD. My sister actually owns it and I borrowed it from her. Then it was on TV again around Christmas time. And I watched it again. My husband even watched it for the first time and liked it. My kids didn't even watch it. Not to say that this isn't a good movies for kids. They just weren't interested in watching it at the time. I love it! So after watching it again, I wanted to rent the second one, Prince Caspian, that came out on DVD recently.

We rented it a couple of weeks ago and once again it was just my husband and I who watched it. I really liked part two also, not as much as the first one. But Prince Caspian was good too. If you like the Lord of the Rings and movies like that, then you will like these movies.

My sister loves them too and also read all the books. She told me though, when we were talking about the movies recently, that she heard Disney is not going to be making these movies anymore. One reason I guess is they didn't make that much money on them. I guess the second movie didn't do that good in the theaters. I just hope someone else decides to make Part 3. Because I really love these movies.

Another movie I saw was Hotel for Dogs. My daughter and I went to see it on Martin Luther King day. As I said in another post, AMC theaters has a deal, on Sat., Sun. and holidays, the first showing of movies are only $4.00 per person. My daughter really wanted to see this movie, so MLK day was a perfect time to go see it.

This movie was really good. It was even better than I even expected. I thought it was just going to be a silly movie with kids and dogs. But it turned out to be more then that. The story line had more to it then I thought. The two kids in it were Foster kids, and there was some issues revolving around that. At some points in the movie I was actually crying (I think I'm going soft), but there were some reallly touching moments. There were also some very funny parts too. My daughter was really laughing out loud during the movie.

I really recommend Hotel for Dogs for the whole family. Also check out the Narnia movies on DVD, if you haven't already seen them.

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  1. I love pictures that are like fairy tales.

    Right now I would like to see Reservation Road.