Thursday, January 29, 2009

Discounts with ISIC

Have you ever heard of ISIC? Well, it stands for International Student Identity Card. It is the only internationally accepted student ID card. It can be used as proof of current student status.

There is three different cards available. The first one is ISIC which is for currently enrolled students. Second is the IYTC which is for any youth 26 years old and younger. And lastly there is ITIC which is for any current teacher or professor.

What can you do with these ID cards? Well, you can get thousands of discounts with them. Discounts at places like top retail stores, websites and even travel insurance. The price of the card is only $22.00 and with that you will save on things such as shopping. For example, right now, with a student card, you can save 11% off instore purchases at Macy's. And 15% on online orders at Samsonite. Those are just a couple of the discounts on shopping.

These cards can also save on thing such as trips to museums, hotels and even restaurants. There is a great discount now for $13.00 off the menu at Hard Rock Cafe.

So if whether your a student, youth or teacher, you will really benefit from these ID cards. Think of all the great discounts you will receive.

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