Friday, June 27, 2014

Discover P&Geveryday Website!

Hello friends! I have recently discovered a really awesome website, I want to talk to you about today. It is the P&Geveryday website.

On P&Geveryday, you will find recipes and tips, new products to try, coupons and samples. You will also find great articles.

I just found an interesting article called Healthy Food Myths: True and False. Since I am really starting to eat a lot healthier, I was really interested in reading this. Here is a brief synopsis of some of the information I found out in this article.

While some foods are deemed "miracles" others are falsely given a bad wrap let's say. Take for example avocados. They are falsely accused of being high in calories. They may be higher than some fruits or veggies, but they are certainly a great veggie too eat. They have so many beneficial minerals, vitamins and fatty acids. they are a great healthy food for you to try!

A myth that is true is the one about blueberries. Blueberries have gotten some attention lately, and rightly so. Blueberries are so good for you, and contain a lot of antioxidants. Which protect cells and also may protect against diseases.


There are more food myths mentioned in this article, which you should check out for yourself. I will just talk about one more though and that is eggs. There is a myth that eggs increase cholesterol. Which is false. As long as your cholesterol is at a healthy level you can enjoy eggs. Which are a good source of protein and contain vitamins and minerals.

 I hope you will check out the website for yourself. On P&Geveryday, you will also be able to find beauty trends and smart tips. New products to try for you and your family.  Coupons and samples. And much more!

P&Geveryday is committed to making everyday just a little easier by helping you make your life full of rewarding moments. It was created by Procter & Gamble which has been establishing brands for the past 175 years and helps people have extraordinary days around the world.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Teen Challenges

Having two teens is presenting different challenges that I am now trying to learn to handle. If you have teens you may know what I am talking about. Especially a teenage daughter.

Every thing from her all of a sudden claiming she wants to be a vegetarian. Which I am ok with, but she is so picky she barely likes any food - never mind any vegetarian foods. Now I've got to come up with some different recipes. I found this on Martha Stewart website - I may try making these tonight:

(c @Martha - Vegetable Enchiladas

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Bouqs #BouqLove

The Bouqs (as seen on Shark Tank, O! Oprah Magazine, Forbes, E!, The Today Show, & Popsugar), are changing the flower industry one bouquet at a time.

Traditional flower delivery services act as a middle man causing prices to increase and flower freshness to decrease. 

The Bouqs own their own flower farm, growing flowers in the rich soil of an active volcano. All bouquets are cut to order and are sent to your door. There is no waste, and there is no middle man, leaving you with great savings.

The Bouqs also take the pain out of choosing flowers. Their pricing is simple - $40 flat fee for all Original size bouquets with FREE SHIPPING. This allows you to choose the bouquet you love best without thinking about price!

For Fourth of July, The Bouqs are bringing back their Red, White and Bouq (which is red, white, and blue roses)! Check them out here: 4th of July Flowers - Red, White and Bouq

This bouquet is THE perfect gift to bring to the Fourth of July BBQ you are attending or hosting. 

My thoughts on product:

Hi guys - doesn't this sound cool? I love that show Shark Tank, but I had never heard of this company before. I must have missed that one. But this is so awesome that they come from the soil of an active volcano. How neat is that? 

It is also really cool that these are priced at a flat rate of $40.00 and there is free shipping. I mean how many times have you ordered flowers to then see all kinds of fees involved and the price then goes way up? 

I ordered some of these for my mother & she is receiving them tomorrow. She is going to be so surprised and I can't wait to hear from her and find out how much she loves them! 

Check out The Bouqs by going to above links and order your holiday flowers today in time for Fourth of July! (there are also a lot of other awesome arrangements you can get too)

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FACEOFF: Book Review


For the first time ever
the world’s greatest thriller characters meet head-to-head
in 11 electrifying stories

Where else will you be able to read about Jeffery Deaver’s Lincoln Rhyme meets John Sandford’s Lucas Davenport? Fans of Steve Berry’s Cotton Malone and James Rollins’ Gray Pierce have waited for years to see those characters together.  Then there’s Lee Child’s Jack Reacher meeting up with Joseph Finder’s Nick Heller in a bar in Boston. Steve Martini’s Paul Madriani becoming entangled with Linda Fairstein’s Alex Cooper. Plus, you can’t forget the ever-odd Aloysius Pendergast coming face to face with the scary world of R.L. Stine.  

In an unprecedented collaboration, twenty-three of the world’s bestselling and critically acclaimed thriller writers have paired their series characters in an eleven-story anthology curated by the International Thriller Writers (ITW). Edited by #1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci, FACEOFF (Simon & Schuster; June 3, 2014; $26.99) is a who’s who of not only the most beloved contemporary thriller writers, but also their iconic characters—putting them head-to-head with their most worthy opponents.

As worlds collide, the characters you think you know best are thrown into unpredictable situations and partnered with, pitted against, and, in some cases, romantically entangled with, characters you’d never suspect—and some that you would. With introductions to the stories that describes the writers, their characters, and a bit about the story’s creation, FACEOFF is truly a treasure trove for thriller fans.

About ITW:
The International Thriller Writers is an honorary society of authors, both fiction and nonfiction, who write books broadly classified as “thrillers.” This would include (but isn’t limited to) such subjects as murder mystery, detective, suspense, horror, supernatural, action, espionage, true crime, war, adventure, and myriad similar subject areas. One of the main purposes of the organization is to provide a way for successful, bestselling authors to help debut and midlist authors advance their careers. In addition, ITW promotes literacy, gives money to worthy organizations, supports libraries, and advances the genre. For more information, visit:


Edited by David Baldacci
Simon & Schuster; June 3, 2014
$26.99; 320 pages
ISBN: 978-1-47676-206-7

My review:

I was asked to review one of the stories. I decided to pick the first one actually in the book called "Red Eye." This is a collaboration between the two authors Dennis Lehane & Michael Connelly.

And involves their iconic characters Harry Bosch and Patrick Kenzie. Since one is located in LA and the other one is in Boston, they had to work on a case that could get them together. Since Bosch works on cold cases - it made more sense for him to fly into Boston.

This is where both end up casing the same apartment and are looking at the same suspect in two different crimes. Both involve the abduction of little girls. And the race is on for the little girl that is missing now. If they don't find her soon, they fear she will be murdered.

This is an exciting story with a dramatic conclusion. I really enjoyed it. And am looking forward to reading more stories in Faceoff.

You can purchase FaceOff on

Disclosure: I received a free copy of the above book for review. All opinions are my own. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Fifth Avenue Trilogy Blog Tour



Currently ranked as one of the world’s most expensive streets, Fifth Avenue is home to the city’s most prestigious shops and historical buildings. It’s also called home by three of New York City’s sexiest men. A brand-new trilogy from the world’s leading publisher of books for women, Harlequin Presents is excited to launch the Fifth Avenue Trilogy, stories of sex, scandal and the Upper East Side, beginning with:

·         Avenge Me by Maisey Yates (Harlequin Presents, June 2014, $9.99 U.S./$11.99 CAN)

·         Scandalize Me by Caitlin Crews (Harlequin Presents, July 2014, $9.99 U.S./$11.99 CAN)

·         Expose Me by Kate Hewitt (Harlequin Presents, August 2014, $9.99 U.S./$11.99 CAN)

Austin, Hunter and Alex were inseparable during their school days, but the sudden death of their good friend Sarah Michaels tore them apart. However, her death was not as it seemed. Under the many falsehoods lies a corruption so sordid that New York’s elite would never believe it.
 Now in positions of wealth and power, these men vow to use their influence to bring down the man responsible—Jason Treffen, an infamous philanthropic billionaire. With a plan in place, Austin, Hunter and Alex are ready for anything—until three very different women enter their lives, making them question their motives for revenge.

Here are excerpts from each of the three books:

Ten years ago, one devastating night changed everything for
Austin, Hunter and Alex. Now they must each play their part in
the revenge against the one man who ruined it all.
Read Maisey Yates’s dazzling debut of the Fifth Avenue trilogy:
* * *

Excerpt from AVENGE ME
Katy let out a long breath and started walking back down the
empty corridor, back to the party.
Back toward Jason Treffen.
Talking to him had just about made her lose her mind. It had
taken everything in her not to grab his glass from his hand and
pour it over his head. Then break the glass on his face.
She considered the man as good as her sister’s murderer, so
she was short on charitable feelings where he was concerned.
The door to the ballroom opened, and she froze.
Oh. Her breath left her in a rush, a current of electricity washing
over her skin.
It was him.
The man whose eyes were like an endless black hole, drawing
her in, a force she couldn’t deny or control. When he had looked
at her, she’d felt as if she were grounded to the spot. She’d felt
like he had looked and seen her.
Seen everything. More than that, she’d looked back and she’d
seen him.
Had seen a grief in him. An anger.
It had been, in some ways, like looking into a mirror.
“It’s you,” he said, his voice deep, smooth. Like really good
chocolate. “I was hoping to run into you.”
“Wh-why were you hoping to run into me?” she asked.
“Because you’re the most beautiful woman here. Why wouldn’t
I want to see you?”
“You’re a flirt.”
“That’s the thing, I’m not really.” He put his hands in his pockets,
a wicked half smile curling that sinful mouth.
“I have to get back.”
She started to walk past him and he took her arm, stopped her
progress. She looked up and met cold, dark eyes.
“To who?” he asked, his voice gentle, an opposing force to the
hold he had on her.
There was something about that grip. Commanding. It spoke
to every secret fantasy that lived in the dark shadows inside her.
The parts of herself that had looked at every man she’d even tried
to date and found them lacking.
But not him. He wouldn’t be lacking. Something shivered inside
her, a whisper.
He would know what you wanted.
* * *
The first step to revenge in the Fifth Avenue trilogy
Austin has the plan…
June 2014
Copyright © 2014 by Harlequin Books S.A.

Excerpt from SCANDALIZE ME
Read Caitlin Crews’s glittering contribution to the
Fifth Avenue trilogy in:
* * *
It wasn’t the first time a man had propositioned her. But it was the
first time she’d felt a burst of flame lick over her when he did, and
she was terribly afraid he knew that, too. That he felt the same
slap of heat.
She couldn’t let that happen, it was impossible, so she shoved
it aside.
“Is that caveman code for ‘sleep with me so I can put you back
in your proper place’?” she asked, cool and challenging and back
on familiar ground, because she knew this routine. She could
handle this. Jason Treffen had taught her well, one painful lesson
at a time. “Because you should know before you try, dragging
me off by my hair somewhere won’t end the way you think it
will. I can promise you that.”
Hunter looked intrigued and his head canted slightly to one
side, but that wolfish regard of his never wavered—bright and
hot and knowing. Reaching much too far inside her.
Copyright © 2014 by Harlequin Books S.A.
“I don’t want to drag you off somewhere by your hair and have
my way with you, Ms. Brook.”
The smile on her lips turned mocking, but she was more concerned
with the sudden long, slow thump of her heart and the
heavy, wet heat low in her belly. “Because you’re not that kind
of guy?”
There was something more than predatory in his eyes then,
hard and hot, a dark knowing in the curve of his mouth that
connected with that deep drumroll inside her, making it her pulse,
her breath, her worst fear come true.
“I’m absolutely that kind of guy. But I told you. You have to
ask me nicely.”
He smiled, as if he was the one in control. And she couldn’t
allow it.
“No,” she said, furious that it came out like a whisper, thin and
uncertain. His smile deepened for a moment, like a promise.
“Your loss,” he murmured, and that aching fi re swelled inside
her, nearly bursting.
And then he laughed again, dismissing her, and turned to go.
Again. For good this time, she understood, and she couldn’t let
that happen.
Zoe had no choice.
“I wouldn’t do that, Mr. Grant.” She didn’t know why the
dryness in her mouth seemed to translate into something like
trembling everywhere else when she’d known before she’d
approached him that it would probably come to this. She made
herself smile. “I know about Sarah.”
* * *
The second step to revenge in the Fifth Avenue trilogy.
Hunter has the money…
July 2014

Copyright © 2014 by Harlequin Books

Excerpt from EXPOSE ME
Read Kate Hewitt’s dazzling finale to the
Fifth Avenue trilogy in:
* * *
“You sound like you hate the man.”
Hate isn’t the right word. But I’d like to see what he does
with an interview. What you do with it.” He raised his beer bottle
to his lips, his eyes hard.
She straightened, flashed him one of her glittering smiles.
“Well, stay tuned, then. It airs live on March twentieth.” And
without waiting for a response, she turned and walked away from
him, her shoulders thrown back, her chin held high.
Alex watched her leave. For a moment there he’d considered
telling her the truth about Jason Treffen, but then he’d thankfully
thought better of it. It was hardly cocktail party chitchat, and
he didn’t know her well enough to trust her with that particular
powder keg. Not yet, anyway.
She was ambitious, he got that, and tough. He was pretty sure
she had the balls to bring down Treffen on live television if she
wanted to.
The question was, did she? Could he convince her? He possessed
a savage need to see Treffen with his world crumbling
around him while everyone else saw it, too. No longer would the
man fool everyone into believing he was such a damned saint.
They would know him not just as a sinner, but as a devil.
Austin had already exposed Treffen to his family with the help
of Sarah’s sister, Katy. Hunter was working on ousting Treffen
from his law fi rm. And Alex had been charged with showing
the world what he really was: a monster who used the women
he claimed to be saving. Who damned them to lives of shame,
scandal and sin. Everything in Alex ached to see Jason publicly
exposed—and he would do whatever it took to make it happen.
Including use Chelsea in whatever way he could. The woman
was cold. He didn’t feel so much as a fl icker of guilt for using
her. But he did feel a certain amount of frustration. Sexual frustration.
He wanted Chelsea Maxwell in bed, beneath him, those
gray-green eyes turned to molten-silver with desire. He wanted
her haughty little smile to become a desperate begging kiss, to
turn her tinkling laugh into a breathy sigh of pleasure and need.
He wanted to be the one to do it. To shatter her icy control and
make her melt. For him.
* * *
The third and final step to revenge in the Fifth Avenue trilogy.
Alex has the power…
August 2014
Copyright © 2014 by Harlequin Books S.A.

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