Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jeans for Men and Women

My husband and I love jeans. That is pretty much his daily work attire and I wear them often too. Recently I was looking at a company that sells jeans called True Religion Brand Jeans. They have all the hottest styles for men and women.

Some popular styles in Mens Jeans could include original, slim, straight leg or boot cut. I think my husband actually prefers the straight leg denim jeans. He says that they fit him better. There are also different color jeans. I just saw some in red that actually looked really nice. These would be great if you like mens designer jeans.

Designer jeans for men could also include some slim stretch jeans, tapered jeans or I just saw some called Ricky Straight Mens jeans, and these are in white. Wow these look so nice. My husband pretty much always sticks with blue jeans, but maybe I can get him to switch it up!

There is also a large selection of jeans for women too. There is skinny, bootcut, and flare jeans to name a few. I usually have been partial to the bootcut denim jeans. They have always seemed to fit me best. But since I have recently lost weight I would really love to try some skinny jeans for women. Some Mid Rise skinny womens jeans I just spotted look so cool. I really would like to buy some of those for myself. These are called Tawny Mid Rise Skinny Womens Crop Jeans:

I think I could really look good in those. There are a lot of different styles of designer jeans for women that I am just discovering. Another one is ripped jeans for women. I think it can look cool if there a few little rips here and there in the jeans.

With so many options in jeans out there for men and women - it is becoming easier to find some nice fitting designer jeans. Jeans are not just for hanging out in anymore. There are so many hot styles in denim jeans that are so fashionable now and can really be dressed up. What is your favorite style of jeans?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post - written 100% by me.


  1. I live in jeans. Most of mine are from Old Navy.

  2. Wow, those are nice! I have trouble with jeans because of my proportions. It's sundress weather and I'm happy about that but I live in jeans during the fall and winter.