Sunday, June 8, 2014

#TLCvoxbox from @Influenster

Hi everyone! I got another voxbox from  recently. This one is called the #TLCVoxbox and it was given exclusively to Mothers! Mom's need a little TLC of their own, right?

Above is a picture of all the different thing I received in the TLCvox box. here is a brief rundown of each product. (further individual reviews may be posted soon)

this is a free program for anyone to sign up - I registered online and I am looking into how this works - but eventually I think I may be able to save 25 cents a gallon.

(c) Influenster 

I received a coupon for this new gelato from Breyers. My husband and I went to the store and found some. We decided to get the tiramisu flavor and my hubby especially loved it!

This is handy for your purse, bag or backpack. And the sample I got has the puffs plus lotion - I think that's new in the to go packs! Love the plus lotion! 

This is a must for Moms - the kids or even adults are always getting cuts and this little squirt bottle of the neosporin is great! 

This is a big bar of soap I got. It's the original Ivory! who doesn't love it - it's 99.44% pure!

I just tried this product for first time today! And I am not kidding when I say this is awesome! It is very smooth and creamy feeling. And comes in a cool compact with a mirror. I put some of this on a few "fine" lines I have on my forehead & it really smoothed out the lines! I can't wait to keep trying this - and on some other lines on my face too! 

Disclosure: I received the TLCvoxbox and all the products in it complimentary from Influenster - for testing purposes only. 


  1. It seems like there was a lot of good stuff in there this month!!

  2. Ooh! What a good one. I think the ice cream is my favorite. I would love some of that right now.