Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Ivory Soap Experiment

Hey guys. I got a free bar of Ivory from Influenster. There are some cool things besides the usual that you can do with Ivory.

Have you ever done the Ivory Soap experiment? Place a bar of Ivory soap on microwave safe bowl or plate. Heat for 2 min in microwave. And look what happens:

+STAY AT HOME MOM  - son holding exploded Ivory

It is also fun to watch it do it's thing in the microwave. Little ones will especially get a kick out of it. Adult supervision recommended - and be careful removing from microwave as will be pretty hot for awhile.

You can then do different things with your puffed up Ivory. Check out my pinterest board for some ideas. I decided to make my own liquid hand soap out of it. I have a 2 liter supply of it now!

picture of it melting down on stove to make the liquid soap:


Have you ever tried anything different with a bar of Ivory Soap? Please share any ideas in the comments.