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Hey guys here is a new giveaway for you for the book THE GREEK’S CHRISTMAS BRIDE by Lynne Graham

Coldly ruthless and deeply cynical, Apollo Metraxis has made a career of bachelorhood. But when the inheritance of his father’s estate is conditional on a marriage and a child, he is forced to do the unthinkable!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A BRAVO FOR CHRISTMAS: blog tour and #giveaway (one winner)

Here is new book and giveaway for December Harlequin blog tour. The book today is A BRAVO FOR CHRISTMAS by Christine Rimmer.

When Darius Bravo wants something—he usually gets it. And the powerhouse CEO has wanted Ava Malloy since he was a Justice Creek High senior. Darius is already adored by one Malloy: Ava's spirited daughter. Helping Sylvie and her local Blueberry troop build dollhouses for needy kids is a worthy cause that's bringing him closer to the widowed single mom. Imagine his surprise when the usually unapproachable Ava starts flirting and making her romantic intentions crystal clear!

With one condition.  A holiday fling with the man Ava has always found irresistibly attractive is a thrilling way to ring in the New Year. She can't promise Darius the future—one devastating heartbreak in a lifetime is enough. But Ava underestimates his staying power. And what about her own secret heart's desire? A Bravo under the mistletoe and in her arms forever!


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Why Every Parent Needs a Course on Logic

If there is one thing that any parent can tell you it’s the fact that no matter how logical you are, your child will never want to take your word without getting the last word in. And, we all know what that word is, the never-ending, unanswerable, “Why?” Once you’ve answered the very first why, you are confronted with the next and the next and the next, ad infinitum. You don’t want to scream “Because I’m your mother and I told you to!” Unfortunately, sometimes there seems to be no other answer.
So what can you do short of taking an online masters in philosophy from Rutgers to have the logical answer on hand? Actually, that’s not a bad idea! In trying to understand a child’s mind, you need to be able to think like a child and what better way is there than through a course in deductive reasoning, or within the broader scope of philosophy. It’s a great place to start!

Tempering Logic with Love

Sometimes we get so frustrated that it’s hard to hold onto that calm that we know we should maintain. Getting angry because a child refuses to understand the logic of what we are saying gets us nowhere and it certainly doesn’t set a very good example. What one California parenting coach, Janada Clark MA, suggests is that you help your child understand all those ‘Whys’ by letting them do for themselves. She says they’ll soon learn why something is the way it is.
For example, she talks about packing lunches for school children over the age of 5. Those parents who continue doing for their children who are old enough to do for themselves are called, in the words of Dr. Haim Ginott, helicopter parents. Calmly urge your children to make their own lunches. They may ask why but once you’ve explained that they will get very hungry if they don’t pack their lunch that should be sufficient. Your teen will go hungry once or twice and will soon realize why packing a lunch is so important.

Taking It a Step Further

So let’s take that logic a step further. Your teen asks why you can’t make their lunch as you always have. You explain that taking time to do that puts you behind on your own schedule and they won’t like that very much. Your teen mumbles something about the fairness of it all, so to prove a point, you make the lunch. Everyone piles in the car and off to school you go. On this morning, there is no time to stop for that quick after school snack you usually pick up at the curb store on the way.

Your teen grumbles and complains, moans and groans but the next morning gives you no problem packing his (or her) own lunch in favor of having the time to stop for that bag of chips or cookies. The logic follows closely that for every ‘if’ there is a ‘then’ and that is all part of a philosophical pattern you learned taking that master of liberal arts online as a stay at home mom way back when. Sometimes you need a strong foundation in logic yourself before you can impart logic to your children. Temper that logic with love and you’ll see just how easy it is to teach.

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Blog tour: MAID UNDER THE MISTLETOE #giveaway

Hey everyone Happy Holidays. Today I have a new book giveaway. Hope you enjoy this blog tour and enter to win below thanks! One winner 48 lower states only Also you can purchase this book on Amazon too if you like! thanks!

Tis the season for a sexy holiday!
Single mom Joy Curran needs this temporary holiday housekeeping job working for a reclusive billionaire. But her sexy, aloof boss pulls at Joy's heartstrings—and her long-denied desires—in unexpected ways…

Sam Henry never got over the loss of his wife and son, and he's shut himself off from happiness, love—and the holidays. But Joy and her sweet daughter bring laughter into his life. And living with his new maid ignites a passion he can't ignore. After one glorious night in Joy's arms, will this beauty be the Christmas miracle that changes the beast forever?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Blog tour: A Texas Cowboy’s Christmas #giveaway

HI everyone been busy lately so missed posting this will try to update soon on going ons. But for now here is a new giveaway and blog tour. The book is A Texas Cowboy's Christmas, by Cathy Gillen Thacker.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Amish Christmas Blessings: blog tour and #giveaway (one winner)

Hey guys today's book on the blog tour is  Amish Christmas Blessings by Marta Perry, Jo Ann Brown.

Here is some info on the book:

Explore the Amish community this holiday season with two tales to warm your heart.

The Midwife's Christmas Surprise by Marta Perry

Three years ago, the man Anna Zook hoped to marry left her and their Amish community for the English world. Now devoted to proving her abilities as a midwife, Anna has given up on marriage and children for herself. But when Benjamin Miller returns, now a changed man, can delivering a Christmas baby reunite these two hurting hearts?

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Child Under His Tree: blog tour and giveaway (one winner)

Hi guys, have another harlequin blog series for you this month. Today's book on the blog tour is called a Child Under His Tree, by Allison Leigh. 

Here is some info on the book:

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Jacket review from ApparelnBags

Watch this video. My daughter modeling this

Friday, October 21, 2016

Blog Tour: Book "Teetotaled"

Hey everyone here is a spotlight post on the book Teetotaled, by Maia Chance. Hope you enjoy reading about this.

Here is some info on the book:

After her philandering husband died and left her penniless in Prohibition-era New York, Lola Woodby escaped with her Swedish cook to the only place she could¯her deceased husband’s secret love nest in the middle of Manhattan. Her only comforts were chocolate cake, dime store detective novels, and the occasional highball (okay, maybe not so occasional). But rent came due and Lola and Berta were forced to accept the first job that came their way, leading them to set up shop as private detectives operating out of Alfie’s cramped love nest.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Business Travel: How to Easily Create a Home Away From Home

Travel is much easier than it used to be, which means more and more businesses are sending their employees across the country -- and sometimes across the world. While work travel can sound glamorous, it can significantly interrupt your routine. Without careful adherence to some principles to help you keep your routine away from home, you’re at risk of gaining weight, losing energy, and missing out on some of the usual comforts you’d experience in your home. Take a few helpful hints to help you maintain a routine when you’re far from home.
Find the perfect vacation cottage
If your employer allows you to work at home or go away on vacation and still work on your free time why not create a peaceful solace for yourself at a cottage by the sea? Imagine finding the perfect rental properties on the Maine coast, where you can kick back and relax, while simultaneously focusing on doing your job. Maine is a beautiful state where business men and women can escape while enjoying a scenic location. Check out the rental properties and discover a cottage that’s idea for you.
Bring comforts with you
Don’t forget that favorite pair of slippers, a travel size of bubble bath, or even your favorite robe if the hotels you stay in don’t provide one that suits your comfort level. These small luxuries can help trigger your body into relaxation at the end of a busy day navigating an unfamiliar city or office. Bring bath oils that smell like home to trick your brain into rest. Don’t forget earplugs in case your hotel is noisier than expected.
Familiar foods
Bring your favorite snacks as healthy options and tastes of home while you’re on the road. If you’re hit by a craving at the airport, you won’t have to sacrifice your health to fatty, high-calorie snack options, and you won’t spend an arm and a leg. Sitting for a long time on a plane can also make you crave snacking, even when you’re not hungry. Pack some apple slices, baby carrots, or bite-sized rice cakes to fulfill your snacking craving without making you regret it later.
Don’t Skip the Gym
Most hotels have a fitness center specifically for their business travelers. Take advantage of it, even if it means walking on the treadmill for thirty minutes after your busy day. Work trips are an excellent time to work out, since you’re away from friends and family and may have extra time in the evenings to invest in your personal fitness. Consider going for a run or walk in a safe area of the city as well, so you have a chance to get to know it before you have to leave again. Hotel pools can also be great places to refresh your body and get your heart pumping toward health and more energy.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Black Sheep’s Secret Child Blog Tour with #giveaway

The book on today's blog tour is pictured above. And it is called The Black Sheep's Secret Child, by Cat Schield.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Return of the Di Sione Wife: Blog Tour with #giveaway

Today's book on the blog tour is pictured above. It is called The Return of the Di Sione Wife, by Caitlin Crews.

continue reading for some info from author along with giveaway entry:

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Her Halloween Treat: Harlequin Blog Tour and #giveaway

Hi guys I have a series of books this month for a Fall Harlequin book tour. The first book is Her Halloween Treat by Tiffany Reisz.

following is a Q&A with the author:

Saturday, October 1, 2016

SHEBA® Meaty Tender Sticks

Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I posted anything. Here is a short review for a product I got from Influenster. It is for Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks.

sorry to say my cat Pepper didn't really like them. That is not to say this is not a good product. My cat just never has really like treats anyway. But I thought I would try these out to see if she would change her mind lol. If your cat likes treats already then you should give these a try. You can find these at Target and they are priced I think fairly cheaply. And they also come in different flavors too.

I got the chicken flavor

All photos and videos c/o +STAY AT HOME MOM 

If you would like to join Influenster leave a message and I can email you an invite.

disclosure: all products received free from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Widower's Wife by Cate Holahan #giveaway

Hey guys, have another book giveaway for you. My Mom loved books and was an avid reader so she would like I am featuring books. I had planned to read this one myself but didn't have a chance yet since my Mom passed away, but hope to catch up with it soon. In the meantime want to give you this excerpt from the book:

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Best Selection of Cross Stitch Kits

My sister and I learned to cross stitch when we were very young. We were taught by our Grandmother. She was very proficient in cross stitching, and made many beautiful things. Recently I was able to view the things she made again, and it reminded me how I miss doing this craft.

My sister actually inherited the talent from my Grandmother more than I did. Over the years she bought some different cross stitch kits and worked on them. Then she would have them framed and either decorate her own house with them or give them away as gifts. I am proud to say that I have two of her amazing cross stitch pictures hanging up in my own house.

photo found on: photopin

One of the pictures I have is of tropical fish and the other one is of hummingbirds. Because she knows how much I love both of those things. You can purchase a lot of different cross stitch kits in many different subject matters. I really want to start doing it again and maybe get some pointers from my sister, because she is so talented in it.

Have you ever done cross stitch? Or would you like to start doing it? Then you should check out all the different cross stitch kits and start. It really is a fun hobby!

Monday, August 8, 2016

BJ Daniels blog tour: INTO DUST #giveaway

As the daughter of a presidential candidate, Cassidy Hamilton left the Montana family ranch to escape notoriety and live her own life. But when someone tries to abduct her off a Houston sidewalk, Cassidy finds protection in the tall, dark and sexy form of cowboy Jack Durand. The gorgeous Texan doesn't recognize her, wants nothing from her and is determined to keep her safe.

Jack hates keeping secrets from the beautiful Cassidy, but he knows more about her kidnapping attempt than he's admitting. Forced on the run, Jack and Cassidy begin piecing together a jagged family puzzle, exposing a plot years in the making—one that will either tear them apart or bring them closer together than ever.

Author photo_B.J.DanielsB.J. DANIELS’ life dream was to be a policewoman. After a career as an award-winning newspaper journalist, she wrote and sold 37 short stories before she finally wrote her first book. Since then she has won numerous awards including a career achievement award last year for romantic suspense. Daniels lives in Montana with her husband, Parker, and three springer spaniels, Spot, Jem and Ace. When she isn’t writing, she quilts, snowboards, camps, boats and plays tennis. Check out her webpage and blog at or join her on Facebook.

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All Recent Products Received from @Influenster #influenster

off of hiatus for a few posts I need to write. One is for a bunch of stuff I got from Influenster recently.  I got some samples of ZzzQuil first.

I tried for first time last night. slept almost too much, not sure about this stuff. have you tried it? 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dedicated to my Mom

sorry haven't posted in awhile, but my beautiful Mom passed away 7/7/16 I am absolutely devastated and am not in any  mood to post on my blog. and my blog has pretty much fallen off the radar right now. maybe will post again, but for now need a break and haven't posted in maybe over a month? see you again soon. thank you

me my mom and daughter - 2012

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

WW Another post on Recent Happenings

sorry guys for not updating my blog in a long time. stuff is not good at the moment. my Mom is really sick in hospital, and it is very bad so please pray for her because I am very upset about this and am going up to visit her very soon because it doesn't look positive at the moment.

a few pictures

my husband and I decided to go camping a couple of weeks ago, we have a camper but we bought a tent for short trips.. this is the first time in 20 years we went without kids.

we also have been flying a kite

this is a barbie one my daughter got since then we also got a better turtle one

do you remember that trip I said we took to Washington DC well it was to see Dan & Phil. Do you know who they are? they are youtubers my daughter loves. we also paid extra for the meet & greet. she was super happy. and we got to see their show after too.

well will update again soon. as they say here in the south have a blessed day.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

June Harlequin Blog Tour: Her Rancher Bodyguard #giveaway

today's book in the June Harlequin blog tour is Her Rancher Bodyguard by, Brenda Minton. Here is a cool topic/recipe from the author.

Bon Appétit and a Book:

One of our favorite recipes for a light lunch, a snake or appetizer is Smoked Tuna Dip. Since I tend to make up recipes as I go,  this is ‘too taste.’   
C:\Users\brenda\Pictures\tuna dip.jpg

Saturday, June 11, 2016

June Harlequin Blog Tour: Bought for the Greek’s Revenge #giveaway

Hello to you! Today's book in the June book tour is Bought for the Greek's Revenge, by Lynne Graham.

Here is some info from the author. The Author's Writing Space:

Where the magic happens…
Every writer has a different process, but for me one of the most important parts of creating a story is where I do it. I have a room in my house that is solely mine. I fill it with all the things that inspire me. It has hundreds of books, maps, guides to far flung places where I set my romances. But it’s very much a working room.

I start writing at 9.00 am and work on through to 5.00pm. The only members of the family allowed in to my writing room are my three dogs. They curl up underneath my desk and keep me company. Most of the time they behave! Occasionally if I’m stuck on a plot, then I’ll take them for a walk and by the time I’m back in my room, all the kinks are magically resolved.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Helping Your Child Unwind and Relax During the School Year

Even though school for most children and high school will soon have a summer break doesn’t mean they haven’t had an unforgettable school year. However, even though school is usually a great time for your kids to socialize and learn, it can be stressful as well.
School can also cause your child to experience anxiety due to bullies or just because they’re going through growing pains. If your child suffers from stress from time to time, they may be having a hard time concentrating and getting assignments completed at school. If this is the case, as opposed to getting frustrated that you can’t help your children when stress overwhelms them, come up with ways for them to cope. Here are a few ways you can help them relax when the going gets rough.
Encourage them to have “me” time
School is tiring and exciting at the same time. So that your child doesn’t get burned out (especially if they’ll be heading to summer school soon), it’s important for them to set aside time to unwind. During high school, it may be easy for them to get caught up in friendships, a new boyfriend or girlfriend, or hyper focused on getting the best grades. All of that is important, but so is self-discovery and growth. Without that, anxiety will take place, and it’s important for them to stay calm and happy during the years spent in high school as opposed to not feeling at peace.
Encourage the school to upgrade their playground equipment
Over time playground equipment can rust and decay, which can lead to injuries if equipment gets too worn down. Sometimes a school can get so caught up in focusing their money on other things that they forget about playground equipment and other essentials. Encourage the board to consider purchasing playground equipment for schools not only to keep the kids safe but to have an upgraded look in at their school.
Have them try natural supplements to decrease anxiety
If anxiety does play a part in a child’s life, and they are having a hard time controlling it, there are natural supplements that can help decrease anxiety. There’s a supplement called Rhodiola Rosea, which is derived from the root of a plant and is used to relieve anxiety, stress, physical and mental fatigue, and even a depressed mood. Of course, first consult with your child’s doctor, but most vitamins and natural supplements should be fine to implement into their diet.
Have them exercise regularly and enjoy nature
Even though your child is working hard in school, that doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t take a time to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. In fact, if your child suffers from stress and anxiety getting involved in a sport such as hiking will help improve his outlook on life and this activity will also help him experience something outside of school. No matter how tough the school year may be, think of ways to help your child through it. Tell him to take deep breaths, continue to smile, and discover ways that will help him de-stress and enjoy school.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fun and Affordable Gifts for a Loved One

Are you tired of figuring out what to buy for a family member when their birthday rolls around? Sometimes it takes time to get a list from your kids or figure out a budget that will work! Instead of worrying what to get your loved one as a present, think of gifts that the entire family can enjoy together. It will encourage the family to do more activities together if you decide on something like a museum membership or a trip to Disneyland. This is especially nice if you have younger children and would like to do more interactive activities with them, as well.
Explain to your loved ones before their birthday arrives that, even though they will still get a gift specific to what they want such as authentic pipe band gear to support their new Scottish hobby, you might incorporate some gifts that’ll encourage some family fun with a variety of family members as well! Here are a few ideas to get you started:
Family membership to a local zoo or museum
A gift that’s sure to get the entire family excited is a family membership to a local museum or the zoo. Provide an entire year of free entertainment for your family - just make sure it’s an activity the person who is having the birthday will actually enjoy! A creative present like a family museum pass will promote learning and also produce more time that you and the special birthday member can spend with the family.
If you do go with this option, be sure to pick out a museum that belongs to the Association of Children’s Museums or the Association of Science because this means you will also get free admission to many other museums that are located throughout the US. That way if you plan to travel you’ll be all set!
Movie tickets
If your kids are old enough to sit and watch movies in the movie theater, buy movie tickets in bulk to save money and get everyone excited to see movies. Ask the child who is having a birthday what they would like to see and then bundle up the entire family in the car to watch a family film. This is a great present if your family members are movie goers and plus you can come up with a creative way to wrap this present, such as putting together a basket full of popcorn, candy, and the movie tickets combined.
Family entertainment centers

If your family is in need or has been wanting a few new entertaining décor pieces in your home, why not invest in a family entertainment center which could include a pool table and a game center or an aquarium to add to an ocean themed home, for example. Simple touches added to a home will promote interactivity between your children, and you may also want to be a part of the fun too!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

WW More Dance Pictures

Hey guys still a lot going on right now, but didn't know if you were still interested in some more dance/recital pictures that I have.

above is the professional pics taken of her (ballet, theater jazz, pointe) I didn't get the hip hop or contemporary prof. done - see my last post for pics of those costumes I took myself.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

June Harlequin Blog Tour: Wed by Fortune & #giveaway

Hey everyone. I have 3 more books this month for the June Harlequin blog tour. Today I am spotlighting the book Wed by Fortune, by Judy Duarte.


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Book Review: Midnight In Berlin

Hi all, I just finished the book, Midnight in Berlin by James MacManus it was just released last month. First here is some info on book:

One night, Macrae stops by the Salon, a local bar and restaurant, where he meets a beautiful German-Jewish woman named Sara. The two fall in love and Sara reveals that she is being blackmailed by the Nazis who are torturing her twin brother who is a prisoner in a concentration camp. Macrae vows to do whatever it takes to help his beloved escape Germany.

As the Nazis speed toward the genocide of the “Final Solution,” Macrae becomes the target of the Gestapo, which has him in its crosshairs. He’s caught up in a deceitful web of shifting loyalties, corruption and shocking indifference by the British government. Can he hold onto his humanity in order to save not only the woman he loves, but also himself? The answer lies in a single bullet that he plans to use to assassinate Hitler.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dance Pictures 2016

Hi guys - I know I haven't posted a "personal" post in awhile. I've been super busy lately. One reason is I got a part time job. I started back in April and it is a pretty good office job. It may only last til July, but it would be super cool if it turned permanent.

Another reason is my daughter's dance recital was last week and that is a week long process and then right after that we had tickets to this show she wanted to see. (which was for her birthday) And it was in Washington DC. So we went to that. Now I'm back but with this part time job- I don't have as much time for my blog as I used to.

Anyway here's a few dance pictures and will post more pics soon and maybe to this show we went to also.

Have a great rest of the week!

she also got the 5 yr award. She has been actually dancing for 11 yrs, but we switched dance places over the years so this year was the first time she actually got an award!

her (in contemporary costume) and her friend 

fam after recital

Hip hop video below:

Turn it Up

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Deadly Obsession Blog Tour & Giveaway

Hi guys here is the last book in the May Harlequin series. It is called Deadly Obsession by Elle James. Here an excerpt from book, along with a Q&A. And be sure to enter giveaway below. Also stay tuned in June for the new set of books and giveaways. Thanks!

Excerpt #1

Chance parked his SUV beside the truck and climbed down. His feet had barely touched the ground when he heard the scream. At first he thought it was a figment of his imagination. The setting was perfect for a horror story; perhaps his mind had conjured a muffled scream to add to the ambience.
“Miss Taylor?” Chance called out.
No response.
He climbed the stairs and entered through the open front door, treading softly, holding his breath and listening for any sound.
Nothing moved. The old house didn’t even creak, as if it, too, held its breath. Chance passed through the wide center hallway all the way to the back of the house, peering through the open doors into what appeared to be a living room, study and dining room. At the other end of the house, he emerged onto the back porch. Lumber lay in neat piles against the side of the house. But there was no one around.
Chance’s gut tightened. Molly’s friend wouldn’t have abandoned her truck, leaving the truck doors and the trailer wide-open.
He returned to the entrance and climbed the stairs to the second story. Cobwebs hung from the corners and the wooden floors were covered in a thick layer of dust. This home hadn’t been lived in for a very long time.
After determining each room was empty, Chance returned to the first floor, passed a stack of clean white drywall leaning against a wall in the living room and entered an old-fashioned kitchen. Some of the upper cabinets had been ripped from the walls, and the countertop had been removed from the lower cabinets, making their remains appear skeletal.
“Miss Taylor?” Chance called out.
A plaintive, bleating cry of a small animal, muffled by walls, reached him, and he turned toward a door at the far end of the kitchen.
Chance twisted the knob. The door didn’t budge. Inspecting the door, he noticed a rusty hook near the top, threaded through a metal eye loop. Forcing the hook out of the loop, he flung open the door and flipped the light switch. A yellow bulb blinked to life, illuminating a small portion of the stairs nearest him.
The weak cries of a tiny animal sounded again, only louder.
Chance descended the stairs, the pitiful amount of light diminished by the time he reached the bottom. In the gloom, he almost tripped over a pile of rags. When his toe connected with them, the rags moved and a low moan rose from the floor.
Chance dropped to his haunches, his vision adjusting to the darkness. A figure dressed in jeans and a faded plaid flannel shirt rolled over and light blue eyes stared up at him.
“Who are you?”
“Chance McCall. Molly and Nova sent me over. You must be Jillian Taylor.” He scooped his hands beneath her, lifted her into his arms and rose with his burden.
She blinked and stared around the basement, her pale blond hair tousled, strands falling across her forehead. “What happened?”
“I’d like to know that myself. But first, let’s get you out of here.” Chance started up the stairs.
“I can walk,” she protested.
“Yeah, but if it’s all right by you, I’d like to get you into the light without worrying about someone pushing you down the stairs again.”
She shook her head, her silken hair brushing against his arm. “I wasn’t pushed.”
Her frown deepened. “Why would you think that?”
At the top of the stairs, Chance set her on the dingy linoleum floor, keeping an arm around her waist to steady her. “If you weren’t pushed, why was the hook engaged at the top of the door?” He tipped his head toward the hook.
Leaning against him, she glanced up at the door, her eyes widening. “Why would the hook be engaged? I was the only one in the house. All the workers left.”
“That was my question.”
“Maybe it fell into place when the door closed.”
“Let’s see...the door was closed, the hook engaged, and when I opened the door, the light was off. Are you telling me you turned off the light, as well? And if you weren’t pushed down the stairs, you must have fallen.”
“I didn’t fall down the stairs.” She pinched the bridge of her nose.
“Then why were you lying on the ground?”
She stared up at him. “I don’t know.”
“Well, one thing’s for sure.”
“What’s that?”
“You can’t stay here alone.”
Jillian stiffened. “This is my house.”
“Yeah, but something’s not right here.”
She glanced around as if still getting her bearings. “Some say it’s haunted.”
“And you?”
She shrugged. “I think it needs work, but it’s my home.”
“Lady, you’re crazy. The best thing that could happen to this dump is to run a bulldozer over it.”
Jillian’s chin lifted. “That is not going to happen. I have workers scheduled to restore the house to its former glory. You wait. It’s going to be beautiful.”
Chance snorted. “It’s your funeral.”
“The only way I’m going to die in this house is from old age.” She pushed away from him and headed back to the front of the house. “You can go back to the B and B. I don’t need your help.”
“Can a ghost help you unload that couch off the trailer?”
“No. But I’d dump the damned thing on the ground before I let you touch it.”