I'm a "Stay at Home Mom." As you can tell by the title of my blog. You might be asking, "But her kids are older? Why is she a "Stay at Home Mom?"

Well I have actually had a few part time jobs since having kids. And am actually currently looking for another one now. But it is not easy with this economy. And also with hours that won't interfere in my kids schedules.

I stayed home with my kids when they were little. Because I just never wanted to do the "day care" thing. And I also do not have any family members any where close that could ever watch the kids while I'm at work. So that was never an option.

I suppose now that they are older, they could be alone for awhile. But I really want to find a job that could incorporate it all - the best hours, etc.

So for now I am a "Stay at Home Mom." Which I actually don't really like that title. So why did I name my blog that? Well when I created this blog, I wasn't being very creative at the time. And now I'm kind of stuck with it - lol.

Well that's it for now. I may add more to this later.

If you have any questions, etc. feel free to contact me. Use the "Contact" link above. Thanks

Added March 2013:

Hi, thought I would add, I grew up in New England - born in Massachusetts, and lived there for the first 30 years of my life. Then my husband and I moved to New Hampshire and we - along with our kids lived there for almost 12 years.

Then in July of 2011 we moved to Virginia. The company my husband works for transferred to Virginia. So it was in our best interest to move, so he could keep his job. Now we live here, and both of our families all live in Massachusetts. It has been an adjustment. But I really like Virginia. Mostly the weather - lol!

Sometimes I feel like A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court , if you know what I mean. Things are definitely different down here. I guess we are Yankees down here in the South! .......to be continued.

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