Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More Zoo Fun

Here are some more pictures from my recent zoo trip to the Metro Richmond Zoo - located at:

8300 Beaver Bridge Rd
Moseley, Va 23120
(Chesterfield Co.)

My daughter took some pictures too and put together this collage of some of the animals:

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Buying Women’s Activewear & Yoga Clothes

Picture yourself running on a beach. Or doing yoga outside at a lovely wooded park. Or swimming laps in the pool. These all sound like terrific ways to workout. And one’s I would love to try now that the weather is getting nice again.

I really have to get back into some kind of workout plan. I have been stagnant on doing anything for awhile. I really want to get inspired to start a new exercise plan.

One thing, I've really been thinking about trying is yoga. I remember briefly trying it in the past but need to try again. I would like to get some more information on it so I can try it properly this time. And if I do decide to do it, I will need some new yoga wear for it also.

 When working out, I think it is important to have some nice workout apparel to do it in. I have read, it can really keep you motivated if you have the right yoga clothes for it. With that in mind, I think I will have to start looking into getting everything I need for this new endeavor. Do you think that is a good idea?

I was looking at a great site that could help with this. It is called Sweaty Betty. And they look like they will have all the right clothes that I am going to need. First and foremost I think I would really like to get a new sports bra. A good sports bra may be very important while doing yoga.

 Next I may either want some yoga shorts or some yoga pants. I possibly may want to go with the shorts, from Sweaty Betty. That is because the weather is getting warmer, and Summer is not to far off. I will then have to figure out what other yoga clothes I may need. Do you have any suggestions?

Do you do yoga, or ever tried it before? Well, once I get the proper clothes, I think it will be really exciting to begin my yoga journey again!

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Hot Moody Mess (H3:60)

I have been looking for a wellness program that doesn't make me feel like I'm STARVING, or that I am always restricted.  I came across H3:60 from Hot Moody Mess, and after watching and reading all the reviews, I think it's right up my alley!  I love that they focus on the big picture, and they say "It's never just about the food".... I relate to this because I know how much and what I eat is sometimes controlled by stress, boredom, sadness.... etc.   I feel like I need to hit the reset button physically, emotionally and mentally, and I just haven't seen anything else like this.  They say there are no products or specialty items that you have to buy, and it's all done from home, which is a big bonus!!  I also love that they spend a lot of time on natural hormone balance.  Here is some of the stuff they teach us..... 
  • How to achieve and/or maintain your ideal weight without wasting time or money on stuff that doesn’t work.
  • Why  focusing only on food and exercise doesn’t work, and how to use that to your advantage.
  • Why setting the foundation for happiness FIRST gets you in the perfect mindset for getting HOT!
  • How to diagnose and balance your hormones on your own without expensive doctor bills and waiting rooms!
The best part is, you won’t have to starve, feel deprived, go broke or settle for a quick fix in order to get HAPPY, HEALTHY, and HOT!
Sign up here if you want to join me in getting Happier, Healthier and HOTTER in 60 days!  Perfect for summer!

Here is a flyer that tells you more about the program, and I have a code that will save you $25.00 on the program!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hcg Diet Drops

I watch Dr. Oz a lot. If I am home when it is on I try to catch his show. I really like him and get all sorts of information from him. I even got my husband into it. If my husband gets home from work early he will watch it too. Sometimes he will even watch it without me! So that's why I was really interested when I heard about this video by Dr. Oz. Please watch the video above for yourself too.

I am also always on the lookout for a new and interesting diet. This one looks fairly simple too. You just take the Hcg diet drops and you can lose a pound a day. People have lost 40 lbs in 40 days! Sounds great to me. I don't know if I have to lose that much weight. But I would love to maybe do 10 lbs more on my diet.

And that last 10 lbs can be the hardest to lose. So this product could be just the thing that I need. According to the video, Dr. Oz says you can just put the drops under your tongue. This seems like a great diet to incorporate into your day. I know some busy moms who would love to try this! This would be an easy diet women can try and really lose some weight!

Moms, like me are always on the go - so the Hcg diet drops are something that could be easy for them. Many times women are very busy. And they are taking care of others, so they sometimes do not have time for themselves. This would be a really great way for a lot of women who might not have time in their day otherwise. This seems like a simple way moms could lose those unwanted extra pounds. I think I'm going to check this out for myself!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Zoo Fun & Happy Earth Day!

Last week was April Vacation here. So one thing we decided to do was go to the zoo.

I realized I hadn't been to a zoo in at least 5 or more years. And we had never been to the Metro Richmond Zoo.

daughter doing a Galapagos Turtle impression - see the turtle?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Saving Your Ocean Property from Infestation

Do you have a home right on the coast? Have you ever thought that your home could pose a risk for termite infestation? This is everyone’s worst nightmare, but you must be aware that termites prefer damp conditions and sandy soils, making an ocean property a target zone for them to dwell. They don’t like the sun so they will build shelter tubes above ground to feed on any wood. These tubes keep their environment damp, making it easier for them to hang out at your home and continue to feed on wood. So what can you do about these nasty insects and is your home at risk? Here are some important things to keep in mind if you have a home on or near the coast.

 Improper Drainage
Improper drainage and having a lot of damp shaded areas at your home unfortunately creates the ideal habitat for termites. If you suspect that your drainage is not working properly, call the plumber and get this resolved. The last thing you need is a food source for these critters to use to thrive. Also do your best to eliminate nesting conditions (dark damp areas around your home) and this will reduce the risk of infestation. One way of doing this is eliminating wood soil contact, discussed next.

Eliminate Wood Soil Contact
Another way to prevent termites from infesting your home is by eliminating any potential wood soil contact for them. You can do this by removing any wood stored on the ground that’s near your home, storing firewood on concrete or steel elevated off the ground instead of on the sand or a damp area, and removing any pressure treated retaining walls, railway ties and edging boards. There are other ways to eliminate wood soil contact such as removing dead trees and getting rid of the stump. Outthink termites and your home will be safe and sound.

What if Termites are Dwelling Anyway 
There’s still a chance your home could have termites, even if you’ve done everything to prevent them. If you’d like to know if termites are indeed at your home, call an inspector from Pacific Coast Termite. They’ll be able to inspect your home for termites, answer your questions about treatment, and later spray underneath your house and other areas to ensure the termites do not return if they find these insects. In addition you may quality for a warrantee, which means that if termites should come back, you can be at ease that it will be taken care of and your ocean haven will be safe from termites.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bravo's Southern Charm ( #SothernCharm #SverveChat)

Last week I was asked to join a campaign through Sverve. It involved Bravo's tv show Southern Charm.

I personally had never heard of this show before that. I decided to catch up on all the previous episodes through ON Demand.

This is a very interesting show - it takes place in Charleston, South Carolina. And revolves around some unique cast of characters. Some include an ex State Treasurer named Thomas Ravenel, a guy named Whitney, who I guess used to make films or something in LA, but now seems to just live with his very rich mother and party.

Then there is Shep, who seems to be the lovable playboy. I kinda don't like him, but then I kinda do. It says on his Bio he is a "Raconteur." Google it.

I guess he just was born into money so he can do whatever he wants. Must be nice.

Also Jenna - who I guess has a really rich "older" boyfriend they never showed, but who pays for her fancy house and everything else.

There is a lot of drama, hookups, parties, eating and drinking on this show. A pregnancy scare, boar hunting, a girl named Kathryn who seems to stir up a lot of the trouble. And more fun stuff. My personal favorite on the show is Cameran. She seems to be one of the few who actually works, and is trying to make a living selling real estate.

There's a few other people I didn't mention but you can check it all out on Bravo to find out more about the cast.

We (me Sverve and a bunch of other bloggers) also had a cool Twitter party Monday night during the show. Monday April 22 is actually the season finale of the show. So I want to catch that! Check out this show for yourself it's highly entertaining!

Disclosure: this was a volunteer based project through Sverve. I received no compensation.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dance Costumes

This year my daughter is taking 3 dance classes! Every year she seems to add one more, somehow. She finally seems to be recuperating from her ankle/foot injury. And was able to participate in "Picture Day."

Which is when the photographer comes in and takes individual/group photos of all the dance classes. The recital is in May - and the main theme is revolving around The Sound of Music!

Here's my own pics I took of her:

Hip Hop Costume:

Camping Gear at The Clymb

You may or may not know this - but I love camping. I never actually did any camping growing up. My mother wasn’t really into it. Once I met my husband though, I started going camping with him. My husband has always gone and got me in to it too.

 Now, I think I may actually even like it more than he does. My kids like it also, and enjoy going. When they were really little we sometimes went 4 or more times a year. Now we have been trying to go at least 2 times a year. 

Every year we seem to need some new camping gear. I found a website called The Clymb. They offer insider pricing on premium outdoor gear. They actually offer discounts of up to 70% off retail.

Sometime before our next camping trip, I would really like to buy some new things we will need. One thing I know we will definitely need is some new camping chairs. The camp chairs I was just looking at are so nice. I need like 4 chairs - take it from me - this is a really important essential while camping. 

Another thing that I need is a lantern. I had one but something happened to it. I want to show my husband this lantern I was just looking at. It is really cool looking and really has a great price on it!

 Lastly an item that isn't necessarily something you need to go camping, but would be fun to have is a hammock. My brother-in-law always had one when we went camping with him. And now I would like to have one. It seems like very relaxing to be able to sit in a hammock while camping.

I just saw a large selection of them. In all sorts of different styles and colors. And for very reasonable prices. Doesn't that sound cool? Setting up a hammock at your campsite, hopefully overlooking the water. 

Now I am getting excited about going camping this Summer again! Do you like camping with your friends and family?

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Monday, April 14, 2014

My Favorite TV Shows - Join me on Beamly

Hi Guys! I want to let you know about a super cool collaboration I am involved in. It is through Tapfluence and Beamly.

Let me tell you a little about it!

First Beamly is an interactive social site, that makes TV more fun. You can see what your friends are watching and invite them to watch with you. Also Chat, share and Tweet around your shows. There are a lot of other features I am exited to check out!

That's because I just joined Beamly and you can check out my profile here. Please join it's super easy to join and you can follow me!

I also joined some TV Rooms. I joined three different one's so far. The first one is Grey's Anatomy, because that is my number one favorite show of all time!

Did you watch it the other night? This is a photo from last weeks show. When they were celebrating an award Christina was nominated for:

(c Grey's Anatomy FB Page)

Another show I love is Day's of Our Lives. I have always loved soap operas. I used to watch certain one's - but they were canceled, so It is only in the past year or so I have really gotten into Days. I pretty much watch it everyday now, and really like it so much! So I joined the Day's of Our Lives TV Room.

The other show that I absolutely love and never miss is The Voice. I have seriously loved this show since it debuted a few years ago. I really love it, I get so into it and it is one of the few shows, I will actually vote for the people when it comes time for the voting!

So I am really excited to find Beamly where over the next month - I'm going to watch my favorite shows and chat, share, etc. in the TV Rooms, with others. And maybe make some new friends who are passionate about the same shows as me!

I will probably be joining some more TV Rooms too, because there are a lot of other TV shows I love. So join me on Beamly and follow me through my profile page!

Also check out this cool video below:

What is your favorite TV show? And what TV Rooms would you like to join?

Beamly is THE 24 X 7 social and content network for TV and TV fans. Join me today in TV conversations and get the latest juice and gossip about your favorite shows!
This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Beamly. The opinions and text are all mine.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Moderna Artisan Series 12 oz Double Wall Glasses review

Hi guys - I want to tell you about a product I received recently. It is from the company Ozeri. You may recall some of my other reviews of their products. Well this time I am reviewing some drinking glasses of theirs.

Monday, April 7, 2014


Hi everyone. Today I am participating in a blog tour for a book. The book is called, "Collector of Dying Breaths." Author: M.J. Rose.

In 1533, an Italian orphan with an uncanny knack for creating fragrance is plucked from poverty to become Catherine de Medici’s perfumer. To repay his debt, over the years René le Florentine is occasionally called upon for a darker purpose: the creation of deadly poisons used to dispatch the Queen’s rivals. But it’s René’s other passion—a desire to reanimate a human breath, to bring back the lives of the two people whose deaths have devastated him—that incites a dangerous treasure hunt five centuries later.

That’s when Jac L’Etoile—suffering in modern day France from a heartache of her own—becomes obsessed with the possibility of unlocking René’s secret to immortality. Soon Jac’s search reconnects her with Griffin North, a man she’s loved her entire life. Together they confront an eccentric heiress whose art collection rivals many museums and who is determined to keep her treasures close at hand, in both this life and the next.

Set alternately in the sixteenth century and modern day France, THE COLLECTOR OF DYING BREATHS is a transporting gothic novel—perfect for readers of Anne Rice, Deborah Harkness, and Diana Gabaldon— about finding the courage to confront fate's fickle whims and is a powerful reminder that our souls live on in those we leave behind.  


M.J. Rose is the international bestselling author of fourteen novels and two nonfiction books. She is a founding board member of International Thriller Writers and founded the first marketing company for Rose lives in Connecticut with composer Doug Scofield, and their very spoiled dog, Winka. To learn more about M.J. Rose and her work, visit her website at:

By M.J. Rose
Atria Books; April 8, 2014
$25.00 (US)/ $28.99 (Can.); 384 pages
ISBN: 978-1-4516-2153-2
eBook: 978-1-4516-2155-6

My review:

This book is actually the 6th installment in the author M.J. Rose's reincarnationist series. But having never actually read any of these books before, I can tell you you can read this book as a stand alone book.

I actually would really like to check out/read the previous books now in this series.

This book was different from other books that I usually read, but I was intrigued by the subject and characters in this book.  

The story revolves around two main characters - the current day is a women named Jac and the 16th century historic portion is a man named René le Florentin. 

Both stories are about them trying to figure out a formula to reanimate the souls of dead loved ones. While dealing with their unscrupulous bosses and all their rivals. And racing against time to make the formula work.

This is an entertaining book, and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to read a fast-paced book. That is a historical-thriller/romance book.

Visit the author's website: 

Purchase book at these websites:

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review purposes only, from Publisher. And all opinions are my own.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Bathing Suits Women Will Want

Here's some bathing suits you are sure to love

It's getting that time of year again. Bathing Suit time! Sometimes it can cause anxiety - but here are some bathing suits you will love.

'Penelope' Crochet Overlay One-Piece Swimsuit

This one is so cool! I would love to try this one on!

'Penelope' Crochet Overlay One-Piece Swimsuit - $104.00, Free shipping - Available at Nordstrom

Plus Size Swimdress With White Side Bow, Black White

This one is super cute - I could totally see myself in this one.

Plus Size Swimdress With White Side Bow, Black White - $49.99, 7.99 shipping - Available at Roamans

Christina Mesh Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit


I've heard black is slimming - so that's why these black bathing suits are nice. This one is for those who like the strapless look.

Christina Mesh Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit - $88.00, 4.00 shipping - Available at Soma Intimates

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Postpresso.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Best April Fool's Joke

Happy April Fool's Day

The best April Fool's Day joke ever involved me and my cat Licorice (pictured below -1982 - ugh to looking at me)

Fake Vomit (similiar to this- which you can purchase at Amazon)

And my sister Debbie (not pictured - and also my Father too)

Well anyway, my father had actually gotten some fake vomit I think for his birthday which is in March (have no idea why), and my cat would always throw up in the cellar bathroom.

For some reason my father was the one who always cleaned it up. So my sister and I on April Fool's day figured we would put the fake vomit in the bathroom and then tell him that cat had thrown up again. We thought he would see right through this and know it was the fake vomit, or at least once he picked it up (with paper towel) he would know.

But nope - he scooped up the vomit - plonked it in the toilet - and was just about to flush it.....

My sister and I were like NO!!! And stopped him just in time from flushing it.

Anyway, my sister and I were cracking up!

My father wasn't to happy though - especially if it had actually gone down the toilet - (being a plumber - he knew it would have clogged it all up)

We had just pulled off the best April Fool's Day Joke EVA! (at least in my mind anyway - lol)

Did you ever pull off a good April Fools joke or had one done on you?