Monday, April 28, 2014

Hot Moody Mess (H3:60)

I have been looking for a wellness program that doesn't make me feel like I'm STARVING, or that I am always restricted.  I came across H3:60 from Hot Moody Mess, and after watching and reading all the reviews, I think it's right up my alley!  I love that they focus on the big picture, and they say "It's never just about the food".... I relate to this because I know how much and what I eat is sometimes controlled by stress, boredom, sadness.... etc.   I feel like I need to hit the reset button physically, emotionally and mentally, and I just haven't seen anything else like this.  They say there are no products or specialty items that you have to buy, and it's all done from home, which is a big bonus!!  I also love that they spend a lot of time on natural hormone balance.  Here is some of the stuff they teach us..... 
  • How to achieve and/or maintain your ideal weight without wasting time or money on stuff that doesn’t work.
  • Why  focusing only on food and exercise doesn’t work, and how to use that to your advantage.
  • Why setting the foundation for happiness FIRST gets you in the perfect mindset for getting HOT!
  • How to diagnose and balance your hormones on your own without expensive doctor bills and waiting rooms!
The best part is, you won’t have to starve, feel deprived, go broke or settle for a quick fix in order to get HAPPY, HEALTHY, and HOT!
Sign up here if you want to join me in getting Happier, Healthier and HOTTER in 60 days!  Perfect for summer!

Here is a flyer that tells you more about the program, and I have a code that will save you $25.00 on the program!

Get HAPPY, HEALTHY, and HOT in 60 Days! 
Next class starts Monday, May 5th. Register Now! 
 • “I have NO ENERGY!” 
• “I should really try detoxing, but my family would make it impossible!” 
• “Why is it so hard to lose those last pesky pounds?” 
• “My hormones are probably completely out of whack!” 
• “I just feel sort of ‘blah’. I know I should be thankful for what I have, but
I’m just stuck.” 
• “Maybe I need to be like Stella and get my groove back!” 
This how so many of our clients were feeling before H3:60, and if it
can work for them, it can work for you. (p.s. It’s never JUST about 
the food). 
H3:60 is our nifty little abbreviation for Happy, Healthy and Hot in 60 Days! 
It’s our best selling wellness program, and was designed by Certified Holistic 
Health Coaches CHHC, AADP, with an additional certification in hormone 
balance. It is jam packed with: 
• Motivation and inspiration to keep you on track each week. 
• Unlimited information on wellness from the inside out. 
• You receive two healthy goody packages delivered to your door. 
• The best part is that you can do it from the convenience of home through 
weekly audio and video classes giving you the in’s and out’s of a healthier 
lifestyle, workouts you can do from home, recipes and so much more! We 
also detox together the last week of the program! Our clients feel so 
supported and motivated by the group calls with ladies like you every two 
Your Cost: $325.00. Visit: 
And for you, receive $25.00 off with code Susan25

Disclosure: I am being sponsored by Hot Moody Mess for this 60 Day Challenge.  


  1. I was away last week and ate more calories than any human should ever consume in only 7 days. I need this!

  2. How interesting. Food had always been closely tied to emotions for me. Thanks for sharing the info. Stopping by from sits.

  3. When the kids misbehave or I am under stress that is when I reach for wine and or chocolate! I can see how people can tie their emotions into food. This sounds like a great program and I've never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing! Have a terrific week!

    1. can't wait to start this! Sign up now - starts May 5th

  4. This is interesting - I usually don't want any food when I'm stressed, however, when I get back to normal, I reach for junk food! Not good!

  5. This is different! I like that you can do lots of it from home because I'm disabled and can't drive. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you!

  6. Most people gain a few pounds after having kids, I had 2 basically back to back and shed the pounds like crazy! It's probably the fact that between them and the housework, I don't have much time to think about feeding myself too!

  7. i am definitely an emotional eater. Food tends to be a comfort. I need to get more focused

  8. I can totally relate to the stress, boredom, and sadness eating. As a SAHM, I appreciate that this is all done from home and I am really interested in something that will help with natural hormone balancing. I will definitely be checking this out!

  9. I love how there is nothing special that you have to buy. Also that it targets the other aspects of your life, besides food, that contribute to wellbeing. If it weren't for the cost I would definitely consider it

  10. Hmm, looks like an interesting program. I am doing my own weight loss challenge but always interesting to see what works for others.

  11. Hi everyone - I'm doing this til July and then the will have another session - which I may be able to get you a discount for it then too

  12. Very interesting! I don't seem to eat much when stressed, but i do seem to eat more when bored!

  13. Wow! This sounds really interesting, a bit pricey for me, but interesting all the same.