Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Best April Fool's Joke

Happy April Fool's Day

The best April Fool's Day joke ever involved me and my cat Licorice (pictured below -1982 - ugh to looking at me)

Fake Vomit (similiar to this- which you can purchase at Amazon)

And my sister Debbie (not pictured - and also my Father too)

Well anyway, my father had actually gotten some fake vomit I think for his birthday which is in March (have no idea why), and my cat would always throw up in the cellar bathroom.

For some reason my father was the one who always cleaned it up. So my sister and I on April Fool's day figured we would put the fake vomit in the bathroom and then tell him that cat had thrown up again. We thought he would see right through this and know it was the fake vomit, or at least once he picked it up (with paper towel) he would know.

But nope - he scooped up the vomit - plonked it in the toilet - and was just about to flush it.....

My sister and I were like NO!!! And stopped him just in time from flushing it.

Anyway, my sister and I were cracking up!

My father wasn't to happy though - especially if it had actually gone down the toilet - (being a plumber - he knew it would have clogged it all up)

We had just pulled off the best April Fool's Day Joke EVA! (at least in my mind anyway - lol)

Did you ever pull off a good April Fools joke or had one done on you?