Monday, April 14, 2014

My Favorite TV Shows - Join me on Beamly

Hi Guys! I want to let you know about a super cool collaboration I am involved in. It is through Tapfluence and Beamly.

Let me tell you a little about it!

First Beamly is an interactive social site, that makes TV more fun. You can see what your friends are watching and invite them to watch with you. Also Chat, share and Tweet around your shows. There are a lot of other features I am exited to check out!

That's because I just joined Beamly and you can check out my profile here. Please join it's super easy to join and you can follow me!

I also joined some TV Rooms. I joined three different one's so far. The first one is Grey's Anatomy, because that is my number one favorite show of all time!

Did you watch it the other night? This is a photo from last weeks show. When they were celebrating an award Christina was nominated for:

(c Grey's Anatomy FB Page)

Another show I love is Day's of Our Lives. I have always loved soap operas. I used to watch certain one's - but they were canceled, so It is only in the past year or so I have really gotten into Days. I pretty much watch it everyday now, and really like it so much! So I joined the Day's of Our Lives TV Room.

The other show that I absolutely love and never miss is The Voice. I have seriously loved this show since it debuted a few years ago. I really love it, I get so into it and it is one of the few shows, I will actually vote for the people when it comes time for the voting!

So I am really excited to find Beamly where over the next month - I'm going to watch my favorite shows and chat, share, etc. in the TV Rooms, with others. And maybe make some new friends who are passionate about the same shows as me!

I will probably be joining some more TV Rooms too, because there are a lot of other TV shows I love. So join me on Beamly and follow me through my profile page!

Also check out this cool video below:

What is your favorite TV show? And what TV Rooms would you like to join?

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