Friday, April 18, 2014

Saving Your Ocean Property from Infestation

Do you have a home right on the coast? Have you ever thought that your home could pose a risk for termite infestation? This is everyone’s worst nightmare, but you must be aware that termites prefer damp conditions and sandy soils, making an ocean property a target zone for them to dwell. They don’t like the sun so they will build shelter tubes above ground to feed on any wood. These tubes keep their environment damp, making it easier for them to hang out at your home and continue to feed on wood. So what can you do about these nasty insects and is your home at risk? Here are some important things to keep in mind if you have a home on or near the coast.

 Improper Drainage
Improper drainage and having a lot of damp shaded areas at your home unfortunately creates the ideal habitat for termites. If you suspect that your drainage is not working properly, call the plumber and get this resolved. The last thing you need is a food source for these critters to use to thrive. Also do your best to eliminate nesting conditions (dark damp areas around your home) and this will reduce the risk of infestation. One way of doing this is eliminating wood soil contact, discussed next.

Eliminate Wood Soil Contact
Another way to prevent termites from infesting your home is by eliminating any potential wood soil contact for them. You can do this by removing any wood stored on the ground that’s near your home, storing firewood on concrete or steel elevated off the ground instead of on the sand or a damp area, and removing any pressure treated retaining walls, railway ties and edging boards. There are other ways to eliminate wood soil contact such as removing dead trees and getting rid of the stump. Outthink termites and your home will be safe and sound.

What if Termites are Dwelling Anyway 
There’s still a chance your home could have termites, even if you’ve done everything to prevent them. If you’d like to know if termites are indeed at your home, call an inspector from Pacific Coast Termite. They’ll be able to inspect your home for termites, answer your questions about treatment, and later spray underneath your house and other areas to ensure the termites do not return if they find these insects. In addition you may quality for a warrantee, which means that if termites should come back, you can be at ease that it will be taken care of and your ocean haven will be safe from termites.

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