Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WW - Beautiful Flower

I don't know the name of these. But we have these beautiful flowers growing outside by our front steps. They have been coming off in on since July. It's already close to November & we are still getting some. I love them!

(c) stay at home mom

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Puppies vs Babies!

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Hi everyone, I want to discuss with you an online contest. I just found out about this really cool contest going on. It is called - Puppies vs. Babies

This is the age old question. Which is cuter - Puppies or Babies? Well now you have a chance to vote in this Puppies vs. Babies online contest! This is such a fun idea? Don't you think? Now America will finally be able to find out who is cuter. 

Get ready to rumble! You can cast your vote from now until November 23rd. Head on over now to the online contest to vote. Who will you vote for - Puppies or Babies? 

And the really great part about this contest is that the winner is going to win an awesome prize. The winner will win $5,000! Isn't that cool? You can help out by casting your vote now. Who do you think you would vote for? Let me know in the comment section. Will it be Babies or are you a Puppy lover? 

I went over to the site to cast my vote. I will tell you right now, that I voted on the baby section. I love babies and I think they are cuter then puppies. What do you think? You can also leave a comment on the site with friendly smack downs. On if your baby or puppy is cuter! Get on over there and vote today!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

A New Flip Flop Wine - California Moscato (Review)

Hey guys! Remember awhile back I did a review on Flip-Flop wines? Please read post here if you don't:

flipflop Wine Review

Well I received another bottle to review. This time it is a new wine from Flip Flop wines called California Moscato. Here's a picture of the bottle below:

Here's a description from them too:

Vintage: 2010
Appellation: California
Tastes like: Light-bodied Moscato with
floral aromas, semi-sweet palate, and a
soft, lingering finish
It is full of: Crisp, bright aromas
balance sweet notes
Eat with: Pad Thai, Chinese chicken
salad or vegetable curry
Serve: Chilled
Store: Away from direct sunlight

My review: I am not a wine expert or anything. And it is hard for me to put into words anything about this subject. But I really liked this wine. I have actually tried some other brands of Moscato wines, and they weren't as good. They had a bitter after-taste. As it says in the description - this has a sweet & soft after-taste. If you like white wine I would really recommend the Flip Flop Moscato.

Also if you remember from my previous review. Flip Flop wines is partnered with the organization Soles4Soles. Please read more about that on their website or my previous post.

Here's a pic of my Moscato Flip Flop wine in my favorite glass.- I love drinking out of these mugs, that I got over 17 years ago for a wedding present.

(c) stay at home mom

Hey I also spotted some Flip Flop wine at a supermarket  this weekend and I picked up another bottle!

(c) stay at home mom

Cheers! And be sure to visit Flip Flop wines on Facebook!

Disclaimer: I received one free bottle of Flip Flop wine to facilitate this review. No other compensation was given & my opinions are my own.

Thursday, October 20, 2011



More giveaway winners:

Heart for Heart Girls Doll:

Kelly Delrosso

Eggland's Best Giveaway:

kathy pease  

Pink Together Prize Pack (10/20):

Kelly Massman

I have another giveaway still ongoing the Totino's one & you get a free Redbox code with it. Low entries - please check it out. 

I like using this Rafflecopter, but I don't like the ending times on these. For example the Pink Together one - I have as ending today, but really ended last night. So anyone trying to enter it today, won't be able too, I guess you have to adjust the times for this on for example Anyone else find this confusing? 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Check out this Book: Tristan Works as a Therapy Dog

There's a really cool book, I want to tell you guys about. It is called Tristan Works as a Therapy Dog. You can order it on for only $9.95 and I saw that it also qualifies for free Super Savings Shipping. Check Amazon for details.

But anyway this book is about a dog named Tristan. If you click over to Amazon, you can see the cover of the book and see what a really cute dog he is. He is special - because he is a therapy dog at the Veterans Hospital.  He is a fluffy white Bichon dog who has a job!

In this book  you can go along with Tristan as he is cleaned and brushed. Then he visits his veteran friends, and he licks - meets and greets them. He also listens and gives a lot of love. This book is great for young readers. And is rich with concepts for teaching language.

Here's some info about the Author:

Trudee Lewis grew up in Ashland, Oregon. She received her B.S. from the University of Oregon and her M.A. from Western Michigan in Speech Pathology. Trudee retired as a speech and language therapist after 37 years. She and Tristan live in Napa, CA. and work as a therapy team in Paws for Healing. This is the third of nine books written about Tristan's adventures.

Check out this book on! 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Photo Flashback

I haven't done one for awhile. But here is a Photo Flashback. Here's a pic of me and my sister (I'm the convict & she's the witch) Taken at a Halloween Party -  1992 - OMG look at my perm!

I also wanted to share some news about my sister. Read these two posts (if you like for further info PLEASE PRAY!!!!Sister Update

She went for the results of her tests the other day. And the news is not as good as we had hoped. My sister found out her brain tumor is not going away. They can not remove it all and she now has to get radiation and chemo.

I guess it will never go away, and they will have to monitor it and she will have to deal with this forever.

Friday Photo Flashback

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Totino's Fun Friday Nights Giveaway (& Free Redbox code)

By the time Friday rolls around you´re ready to leave your work at the office, save the homework for tomorrow, and unwind with a quick and easy dinner. Enjoy a classic favorite - pizza and a movie - for a Fun Friday Night with your family and friends! With the help of Totino´s Pizza Rolls and Party Pizzas, you can serve a convenient meal that the whole family will love and still have plenty of time to sink into the couch to watch the latest movie rental from redbox.
Look for specially-marked packages of Totino´s Pizza Rolls and Party Pizzas to stock up on everything you need for a Fun Friday Night: purchase 4 Totino´s Party Pizzas or 2 Totino´s 40 count Pizza Rolls to receive a free one-day redbox DVD promo code that can be redeemed at the following:
With more than 27,800 locations, and available nationally at Walmart, there´s always a redbox kiosk nearby! Find the closest redbox kiosk by checking

My Review:

We enjoyed a Totino's Fun Friday night! My daughter had a 
Cheese Party Pizza while we watched a movie we rented with 
our free Redbox coupon code. We ended up renting 
"Shrek - The Final Chapter." We hadn't seen that one yet, 
and it was really good. We also enjoyed some popcorn with our movie. 
Here's some pics I took:

(c) stay at home mom

(c) stay at home mom

Win it! 

one lucky reader will win the following:

  • 2 VIP coupons (*1 for Totino's pizza rolls & 1 for Totino's Party pizza)
  • Free one-day redbox DVD promo code
  • 2 pizza slice plates
  • 1 popcorn bucket
  • 1 pizza cutter

Please enter using Rafflecopter form below:

Disclosure: The VIP coupons, prize pack, information, and giveaway have been provided 
by Totino´s through MyBlogSpark

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hill's Pet Nutrition

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hills Pet Nutrition for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you a dog owner? Then I have something you are going to be very interested in. It is the Hill's Healthy Mobility Challenge. I was just checking it out. And I really think you should too!

This challenge is great for dog owners. One thing you will get is a Hill's Healthy Mobility Coupon. Sign up and register now and you will get $30 dollars in coupons!

You can take this challenge in 3 easy steps first sign up and get the $30 in coupon offers as mentioned. And you will also automatically be entered into the Hill's Healthy Mobility sweepstakes. And the cool thing is 30 winners will win free pet food for a year!

Check this out! Step 2 is to feed your dog Hill's dog food. And if you want to learn more information on Hill's Pet Nutrition then I suggest you visit their website! It will really give you a lot of information you can use. And in step 3 you can track your dog's progress over 30 days. And then share your story with other pet lovers!

This is a great challenge! If you have a dog - I encourage you to also visit Hill's Pet Nutrition on Facebook. Connect with them on Facebook for a lot more info! I hope this has been of help to you. Sounds like a great deal - and $30 in coupons would be worth it. Check it out!

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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Here are some recent winners.

Winner of the Betty Crocker Box Top Giveaway is:


Pillsbury Breakfast Sandwich


Gold Medal Flour Giveaway:


Still have 3 ongoing giveaways! Check them out & should have another
 new one posted in the next couple of days. Thank you! 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Camera Critters - frog

This little guy (think "Rainforest Cafe" Frog) greets me inside and outside my mailbox on a regular basis.

(c) stay at home mom

(c) Stay at home mom

I've also seen him when I mow the lawn. The other night he was stuck to the outside of my kitchen window.

But the funniest thing was when - one night my daughter opened her window to look outside. (we don't have screens) - next thing she is running screaming. I finally figured out she was saying a frog jumped on her. 

It was then up to me to capture him - while he was jumping around her room. And then put him back outside. This guy sure gets around!

Camera Critters

Straight Talk For October

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hook, line and sinker I love Straight Talk Phones! My husband has one & has really been loving it! Weather he has to Call a friend or talk to his boss, the Straight Talk phone is the way to go. 

We feel a lot richer now - because we have virtually cut our cell phone bill in half! Think of what we could do with the extra money we are saving. What would you do with it? Maybe we could have a fancy weekend getaway. That would be cool! 

There are no surprise bills, no credit checks & best off all no Contracts! You really would be crazy to have a cell phone with a contract! Now that you can get the Straight Talk phone.

It has Everything you need - you can even get Android on Straight Talk! They are making it affordable to get that! 

Check out the video above! It talks more about that. Isn't that cool?

The plan that we like Hook, line and sinker is the Unlimited Monthly plan. For $45 a month you can have unlimited calls, text, picture messaging and web! That is a great deal. October is a great time to start thinking about getting a Straight Talk phone! 

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Upromise Celebrates 10th Anniversary!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of UPromise for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

UPromise_Brand_300x250_static.jpg (3 documents)

Here's some information I found out. I really want to share this with you guys. This seems really interesting! I just learned that Upromise is celebrating their 10th anniversary. I'm sure you have probably heard of Upromise - right? This is a really great organization. Upromise members have received more than $600 million in college savings through their rewards program. 

To celebrate this - and all the ways Upromise has helped to fuel those sparks that made children into the people they are today and the adults they will become tomorrow - they are holding a sweepstakes. 

Upromise is giving away $20,000 to users who share a story that tells how a parent has supported a child's dream! Please visit to find out how you can enter this awesome sweepstakes! You can go to the Dream Wall destination, submit your dream.  Also check out the dream wall official rules for more information on this.

I was just on the Dream wall submitting my dream. My dream is for my kid's to go to college and find something they are really passionate about. If it's being a doctor, dancer or doing something with computers. Whatever they decide I will stand behind. What is your dream? Please share here. And why not go submit it on the Dream Wall? You could win some money to help you out! Check it out! 

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