Thursday, October 20, 2011



More giveaway winners:

Heart for Heart Girls Doll:

Kelly Delrosso

Eggland's Best Giveaway:

kathy pease  

Pink Together Prize Pack (10/20):

Kelly Massman

I have another giveaway still ongoing the Totino's one & you get a free Redbox code with it. Low entries - please check it out. 

I like using this Rafflecopter, but I don't like the ending times on these. For example the Pink Together one - I have as ending today, but really ended last night. So anyone trying to enter it today, won't be able too, I guess you have to adjust the times for this on for example Anyone else find this confusing? 


  1. Thank you! It looks like it was a lucky day for Kellys and K first names! :-) Congrats to the others!

  2. I was totally thinking that too Kelly - 2 Kelly's and a Kathy!

  3. I asked another blogger who hosted giveaways about the ending times on this and she said that you have to add an extra day to make sure it ends on time or it will end the day before either 11:59 pm or 12:01 am.

  4. Thanks Tabathia - I have to make sure from now on I add an extra day to it!

  5. @The Blonde Duck - I know - I think these cats are adorable