Saturday, October 1, 2011

Camera Critters - frog

This little guy (think "Rainforest Cafe" Frog) greets me inside and outside my mailbox on a regular basis.

(c) stay at home mom

(c) Stay at home mom

I've also seen him when I mow the lawn. The other night he was stuck to the outside of my kitchen window.

But the funniest thing was when - one night my daughter opened her window to look outside. (we don't have screens) - next thing she is running screaming. I finally figured out she was saying a frog jumped on her. 

It was then up to me to capture him - while he was jumping around her room. And then put him back outside. This guy sure gets around!

Camera Critters


  1. Delightful story of frog and great photos ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) linked with Camera Critters ^_^

  2. Your poor daughter. They've got a slimy feel to their feet that's just icky. He is cute sitting under the mailbox.

  3. awww thats a funny story and mommy is still into taking a picture of the green fella

  4. aww, very cute!

    thanks for sharing. :)

    have a great weekend!

  5. Probably a whole lot safer in the mailbox than on the lawn while you are mowing. Cut little guy. Our frogs stay pretty close to the water, mostly bullfrogs these days. They've eaten most of the local critters. - Margy

  6. Lovely critter shots!

    My Camera Critters post, have a lovely weekend!

  7. A cute frog :)

  8. That is so funny! He must like the stuff he finds to eat around your place. LOL

  9. I feel bad laughing at your daughter's screaming but that was funny!!!

  10. So that's where he went.
    I haven't seen him since we moved out of Florida.
    Really a cute fellow.

  11. Uh... I guess it's cute? LOL! I'd scream seeing that! =)