Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Camping Gear at The Clymb

You may or may not know this - but I love camping. I never actually did any camping growing up. My mother wasn’t really into it. Once I met my husband though, I started going camping with him. My husband has always gone and got me in to it too.

 Now, I think I may actually even like it more than he does. My kids like it also, and enjoy going. When they were really little we sometimes went 4 or more times a year. Now we have been trying to go at least 2 times a year. 

Every year we seem to need some new camping gear. I found a website called The Clymb. They offer insider pricing on premium outdoor gear. They actually offer discounts of up to 70% off retail.

Sometime before our next camping trip, I would really like to buy some new things we will need. One thing I know we will definitely need is some new camping chairs. The camp chairs I was just looking at are so nice. I need like 4 chairs - take it from me - this is a really important essential while camping. 

Another thing that I need is a lantern. I had one but something happened to it. I want to show my husband this lantern I was just looking at. It is really cool looking and really has a great price on it!

 Lastly an item that isn't necessarily something you need to go camping, but would be fun to have is a hammock. My brother-in-law always had one when we went camping with him. And now I would like to have one. It seems like very relaxing to be able to sit in a hammock while camping.

I just saw a large selection of them. In all sorts of different styles and colors. And for very reasonable prices. Doesn't that sound cool? Setting up a hammock at your campsite, hopefully overlooking the water. 

Now I am getting excited about going camping this Summer again! Do you like camping with your friends and family?

This is a sponsored post - written 100% by me.

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  1. Nope, I don't camp at all. Actually I consider staying in a hotel room to be camping lol.