Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fun and Affordable Gifts for a Loved One

Are you tired of figuring out what to buy for a family member when their birthday rolls around? Sometimes it takes time to get a list from your kids or figure out a budget that will work! Instead of worrying what to get your loved one as a present, think of gifts that the entire family can enjoy together. It will encourage the family to do more activities together if you decide on something like a museum membership or a trip to Disneyland. This is especially nice if you have younger children and would like to do more interactive activities with them, as well.
Explain to your loved ones before their birthday arrives that, even though they will still get a gift specific to what they want such as authentic pipe band gear to support their new Scottish hobby, you might incorporate some gifts that’ll encourage some family fun with a variety of family members as well! Here are a few ideas to get you started:
Family membership to a local zoo or museum
A gift that’s sure to get the entire family excited is a family membership to a local museum or the zoo. Provide an entire year of free entertainment for your family - just make sure it’s an activity the person who is having the birthday will actually enjoy! A creative present like a family museum pass will promote learning and also produce more time that you and the special birthday member can spend with the family.
If you do go with this option, be sure to pick out a museum that belongs to the Association of Children’s Museums or the Association of Science because this means you will also get free admission to many other museums that are located throughout the US. That way if you plan to travel you’ll be all set!
Movie tickets
If your kids are old enough to sit and watch movies in the movie theater, buy movie tickets in bulk to save money and get everyone excited to see movies. Ask the child who is having a birthday what they would like to see and then bundle up the entire family in the car to watch a family film. This is a great present if your family members are movie goers and plus you can come up with a creative way to wrap this present, such as putting together a basket full of popcorn, candy, and the movie tickets combined.
Family entertainment centers

If your family is in need or has been wanting a few new entertaining d├ęcor pieces in your home, why not invest in a family entertainment center which could include a pool table and a game center or an aquarium to add to an ocean themed home, for example. Simple touches added to a home will promote interactivity between your children, and you may also want to be a part of the fun too!

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