Friday, June 10, 2016

Helping Your Child Unwind and Relax During the School Year

Even though school for most children and high school will soon have a summer break doesn’t mean they haven’t had an unforgettable school year. However, even though school is usually a great time for your kids to socialize and learn, it can be stressful as well.
School can also cause your child to experience anxiety due to bullies or just because they’re going through growing pains. If your child suffers from stress from time to time, they may be having a hard time concentrating and getting assignments completed at school. If this is the case, as opposed to getting frustrated that you can’t help your children when stress overwhelms them, come up with ways for them to cope. Here are a few ways you can help them relax when the going gets rough.
Encourage them to have “me” time
School is tiring and exciting at the same time. So that your child doesn’t get burned out (especially if they’ll be heading to summer school soon), it’s important for them to set aside time to unwind. During high school, it may be easy for them to get caught up in friendships, a new boyfriend or girlfriend, or hyper focused on getting the best grades. All of that is important, but so is self-discovery and growth. Without that, anxiety will take place, and it’s important for them to stay calm and happy during the years spent in high school as opposed to not feeling at peace.
Encourage the school to upgrade their playground equipment
Over time playground equipment can rust and decay, which can lead to injuries if equipment gets too worn down. Sometimes a school can get so caught up in focusing their money on other things that they forget about playground equipment and other essentials. Encourage the board to consider purchasing playground equipment for schools not only to keep the kids safe but to have an upgraded look in at their school.
Have them try natural supplements to decrease anxiety
If anxiety does play a part in a child’s life, and they are having a hard time controlling it, there are natural supplements that can help decrease anxiety. There’s a supplement called Rhodiola Rosea, which is derived from the root of a plant and is used to relieve anxiety, stress, physical and mental fatigue, and even a depressed mood. Of course, first consult with your child’s doctor, but most vitamins and natural supplements should be fine to implement into their diet.
Have them exercise regularly and enjoy nature
Even though your child is working hard in school, that doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t take a time to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. In fact, if your child suffers from stress and anxiety getting involved in a sport such as hiking will help improve his outlook on life and this activity will also help him experience something outside of school. No matter how tough the school year may be, think of ways to help your child through it. Tell him to take deep breaths, continue to smile, and discover ways that will help him de-stress and enjoy school.

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