Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dance Pictures 2016

Hi guys - I know I haven't posted a "personal" post in awhile. I've been super busy lately. One reason is I got a part time job. I started back in April and it is a pretty good office job. It may only last til July, but it would be super cool if it turned permanent.

Another reason is my daughter's dance recital was last week and that is a week long process and then right after that we had tickets to this show she wanted to see. (which was for her birthday) And it was in Washington DC. So we went to that. Now I'm back but with this part time job- I don't have as much time for my blog as I used to.

Anyway here's a few dance pictures and will post more pics soon and maybe to this show we went to also.

Have a great rest of the week!

she also got the 5 yr award. She has been actually dancing for 11 yrs, but we switched dance places over the years so this year was the first time she actually got an award!

her (in contemporary costume) and her friend 

fam after recital

Hip hop video below:

Turn it Up

hip hop outfit

she was in a total of 6 dances this year for the recital. I have more pics and videos I will post soon! ♥♥

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