Sunday, May 15, 2016

Truth and Consequences Blog Tour & Giveaway

Continuing the May Harlequin Blog tour is the book Truth and Consequences. here is some excerpts from the book

excerpt 1

This trip had sure ended with a bang.
And he hadn’t even stepped off the train to his final destination.
He’d come here searching for a woman he didn’t really know, except in his imagination. But a promise was a promise. He wasn’t leaving Desert Valley without finding her.
When he looked up a few minutes later to see a pretty female officer with long blond hair coming toward him, a sleek tan-and-white canine pulling on a leash in front of her, David thought he surely must be dreaming. Either that or his flashbacks were taking a new turn.
He knew that face. Had seen it in his dreams many times over.
While he sat on the cold train floor holding a bloody shirt to a man who was about to pass out, he looked up and into the vivid blue eyes of the woman he’d traveled here to find. The woman who’d colored his dreams during the brutality of war and made him wish he could finally settle down. Thinking of the worn picture in his pocket that her brother Lucas had given him right before he died, David couldn’t believe this was really happening.
Whitney Godwin was coming to his aid

excerpt 2

A man scurried toward the train like a lizard, his head down and his back hunched. He wore a burgundy hat and dark shades.
Whitney spotted him when she glanced back while talking with David. She’d have to figure out the medic’s angle and his story later. Right now, she intended to nab two criminals. With her gun drawn and Hunter waiting for her command as he trailed along, she hurried around the stopped train and looked up and down the tracks.
Nothing. No one. Had she only imagined seeing someone? No, she’d seen the man, and his description had fit the one David Evans and Mr. Gallagher had given her. She hadn’t slept much last night, but she wasn’t imagining things. Fatigue weighed on her like a blanket of dry heat, but she kept her cool and went on with doing her job. Being a rookie meant she always had to go the extra mile. Being a female police officer meant she had to work twice as hard as the men around her.
She checked the front of the stopped train again and then walked by the narrow openings between the four small passenger cars and headed to the car where she and Hunter had found a kilo of heroin earlier.
“C’mon on, Hunter,” she commanded. Hunter went in ahead of her, doing his job with practiced excitement. He sniffed and moved on, sniffed again, dug around some and then kept up the search.

Could one of these men have come back for the package they’d dropped? Or did they have more stashed elsewhere?

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Truth and Consequences

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