Thursday, October 20, 2016

Business Travel: How to Easily Create a Home Away From Home

Travel is much easier than it used to be, which means more and more businesses are sending their employees across the country -- and sometimes across the world. While work travel can sound glamorous, it can significantly interrupt your routine. Without careful adherence to some principles to help you keep your routine away from home, you’re at risk of gaining weight, losing energy, and missing out on some of the usual comforts you’d experience in your home. Take a few helpful hints to help you maintain a routine when you’re far from home.
Find the perfect vacation cottage
If your employer allows you to work at home or go away on vacation and still work on your free time why not create a peaceful solace for yourself at a cottage by the sea? Imagine finding the perfect rental properties on the Maine coast, where you can kick back and relax, while simultaneously focusing on doing your job. Maine is a beautiful state where business men and women can escape while enjoying a scenic location. Check out the rental properties and discover a cottage that’s idea for you.
Bring comforts with you
Don’t forget that favorite pair of slippers, a travel size of bubble bath, or even your favorite robe if the hotels you stay in don’t provide one that suits your comfort level. These small luxuries can help trigger your body into relaxation at the end of a busy day navigating an unfamiliar city or office. Bring bath oils that smell like home to trick your brain into rest. Don’t forget earplugs in case your hotel is noisier than expected.
Familiar foods
Bring your favorite snacks as healthy options and tastes of home while you’re on the road. If you’re hit by a craving at the airport, you won’t have to sacrifice your health to fatty, high-calorie snack options, and you won’t spend an arm and a leg. Sitting for a long time on a plane can also make you crave snacking, even when you’re not hungry. Pack some apple slices, baby carrots, or bite-sized rice cakes to fulfill your snacking craving without making you regret it later.
Don’t Skip the Gym
Most hotels have a fitness center specifically for their business travelers. Take advantage of it, even if it means walking on the treadmill for thirty minutes after your busy day. Work trips are an excellent time to work out, since you’re away from friends and family and may have extra time in the evenings to invest in your personal fitness. Consider going for a run or walk in a safe area of the city as well, so you have a chance to get to know it before you have to leave again. Hotel pools can also be great places to refresh your body and get your heart pumping toward health and more energy.

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