Sunday, August 14, 2016

Best Selection of Cross Stitch Kits

My sister and I learned to cross stitch when we were very young. We were taught by our Grandmother. She was very proficient in cross stitching, and made many beautiful things. Recently I was able to view the things she made again, and it reminded me how I miss doing this craft.

My sister actually inherited the talent from my Grandmother more than I did. Over the years she bought some different cross stitch kits and worked on them. Then she would have them framed and either decorate her own house with them or give them away as gifts. I am proud to say that I have two of her amazing cross stitch pictures hanging up in my own house.

photo found on: photopin

One of the pictures I have is of tropical fish and the other one is of hummingbirds. Because she knows how much I love both of those things. You can purchase a lot of different cross stitch kits in many different subject matters. I really want to start doing it again and maybe get some pointers from my sister, because she is so talented in it.

Have you ever done cross stitch? Or would you like to start doing it? Then you should check out all the different cross stitch kits and start. It really is a fun hobby!

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