Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ways to "Dress" Your Table

When I think of a nice dining room - I think of the home I grew up in. That my mother still lives in. We always had any special occasions in the dining room. Such as all the holidays, birthdays, bridal and baby showers, etc.

And when I think of the dining room and the dining room table - which my mother has had the same one - for at least 50 years - I think of a nice table cloth. My mom would never use the table without putting on either a really nice table runner or a linen table cloth.

My mother always knew how to put on a good party. Growing up there was always some kind of party going on. She was such a great entertainer and could really dress the table up nice. She would have bridge parties like once a week, when I was little. And there would always be a big spread out. If she was having a buffet she would probably use a table runner. Like the ones I saw at The White Company, where they sell, among other things, white linen table cloths and table runners.

She would, I’m sure love to buy some new linen tablecloths. Because she still likes to throw parties and have guests over. She always knew the best way to dress up a table and that always includes, table cloths.  I remember one party in particular - it was a double birthday party. It celebrated my Mom’s birthday and her friend’s who has the same birthday, but 10 years apart.

This party was huge, and the table was dressed so nice. Everyone brought something different. My sister and I were in charge of getting all the condiments. My sister and I also even decorated the best birthday cake, we ever made! The table was dressed, with everything from appetizers to main courses to desserts. It was also laid out with a lovely linen tablecloth to make the table very elegant.

Do you like to use linen table runners at your house? If you are planning on having a party or get together, having nice linens can really make it special.

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  1. We love hosting dinner parties. We usually cover the table with a nice linen tablecloth. On top of that we place a disposable clear plastic cover. It helps protect the cloth and makes clean up real easy.

  2. I just have placemats and a centerpiece on mine :)

  3. My mom always does something special and seasonal at her house. I love to go there and see.
    Here we just do a tablecloth for Thanksgiving!