Monday, January 5, 2009

Dell Computer

You're probably sick of me talking about my computer problems. But I ordered one yesterday and should be getting it sometime by the end of this week!

After going home last Friday and telling my husband I didn't order it online at the library he said he may be able to get a code through his work for a discount. He had Friday off and tried unsuccessfully to call a few people at his work for the code.

So Saturday we decided to look a Best Buy and Circuit City to see what they had to offer. What a mad house! It must be the season for buying computers. Which I really can't understand, since they really aren't having any great deals on them. We asked about two and they were out of stock at Best Buy. Went to Circuit City and the only one they had in our price range was junk, and didn't come with anything. And I'm nervous of buying one from there anyway since aren't they practically going out of business?

So we basically came home with nothing. Decided to come back to the library Sunday and purchase the one online from Dell, which is actually a better computer and for a better price anyway.

Thought all was well, until I just came to the library today and checked my email. One from Dell said they were unable to process my order, because my credit card would not authorize the purchase. Which I don't understand, since I am not late on my payments and I have an available credit of like $3,000.00 on this credit card. Maybe because it was for such a high amount? Now when I get out of this library I have to call my credit card and hopefully straighten it out. Then call Dell and hopefully put through this order!

This has been nothing but a big pain in the neck. I'm actually glad I came to the library today to check my emails. Otherwise I would have been sitting at home wondering when I was getting my computer. I can't wait until I don't have to come to the library anymore! But I might be back tomorrow! Bye for now!


  1. Glad you are getting your new computer soon. Love the blog!!

  2. I was without a computer once, for a month, and had to go to the library too to get my mail, so I can totally relate!

    It's kind of like an experiment: what's your life like without your computer?

    I discovered I use it all the time. To check the weather in order to know what clothes to get for the children, to look up how to remove a stain, etc.