Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Visited My Mom

Just an update on my previous post "My Mom Has Osteoporosis." I was able to visit my Mom this past Saturday. It was a good thing we went Saturday instead of Sunday. Because Sunday into Monday we got about 10 more inches of snow.

The kids and I got there around noon time on Saturday. My husband decided to stay home. I made an apple pie the night before. And brought the rest of the ingredients for a dinner for everyone. I didn't want my Mom to have to cook for everyone, with a broken shoulder and her leg bruised up. One of my sisters lives with my Mom. And has been doing the shopping and cooking while my Mom is sick. But my sister is pretty spoiled, since regularly my Mom does all the cooking.

I didn't realize until I was there for about a half an hour, that my other sister and my brother-in-law, where coming too. The had planned on coming even the week before, but canceled because of the snow. Then decided to come Saturday too. My mother never told me they were coming. My sister thought I knew. Luckily I had enough food for everyone. I made shepherds pie, and salad, apple pie & vanilla ice cream for dessert. My mother should have told me they were coming though! It was nice though to do something for my mother instead of the other way around, for a change.

My mother is doing better, but her shoulder hurts from breaking it. Her leg, though actually hurts more, even though it isn't broken. She has a really nasty bump on her leg. She has this huge lump (about the size of a grapefruit) sticking out on the side of her leg. And it's very bruised along with her whole foot being bruised too. She went back to the Doctor's last week, because she was worried about her leg. But they told her it is a hematoma and could take up to 3 to 6 months to go away. And they said it may never completely go away.

It's scary to think about how she fell down her cellar stairs. She is lucky in a way it was not worse. I really hope she will be more careful in the future!


  1. Glad your Mom is doing better. It sounds like it could have been so much worse!

  2. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for the update on your mom. Glad to hear she is doing better. It is always nice to do things for our parents for a change. I'm sure she appreciated you cooking. Our snow melted off, but colder weather will be back next week. Have a great weekend! :-)