Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Mom Has Osteoporosis

My Mom was diagnosed with osteoporosis about 10 years ago. She has a severe case of it. She has broken many bones in the past ten years. Including a bad break 10 years ago. That had her practically bed ridden for 3 or 4 months.

The most recent case was last Monday she fell down her cellar stairs. My sister called me later that night to tell me our mother broke her shoulder and at first they thought her ankle too. She went for another x-ray the following day. And they discovered she didn't break her ankle. She just severely bruised it and sprained it. But she did break her shoulder.

They said she will have to get an MRI to determine if she did damage to her rotary cuff. If she did she may need an operation. I hope that is not the case!

My poor mother! It is one thing after another with her. And she has not had the best of luck with her health the last 10 years. I was so upset about this last incident. I had planned on going down to visit her this past Sunday. But we ended up getting a pretty big snowstorm Saturday night. And it was still snowing Sunday morning.

There was even a 59 car pile up, you may have heard about in Derry, NH. Which is not to far from me. That is not they highway I would have been on. But after hearing that I decided not to risk traveling that day. My mother even called to say don't come. It wasn't worth the risk.

I also was thinking I do not want to get in an accident because I know it's not a good idea, but I have let my auto insurance slip. And am not insured right now. It is actually not a law in NH. You are not required by law to have auto insurance. I'm not sure what other states require, for example Alabama auto insurance may be required. But in NH it is not illegal not to have auto insurance. So let's just say I can't risk getting into an accident right now.

I plan on visiting my mother either this Saturday or Sunday. Of course that's weather permitting.