Friday, January 16, 2009

My New Computer!

Yea! My new computer arrived yesterday! We actually didn't get a new monitor, but just the processor! It is an Inspiron 530. And came with Windows Vista. That comes included. Previously I had Windows XP but that actually costs $150.00 more to have that installed. So just went with the Vista. I guess there pushing that.

But so far so good. My husband hooked it up last night and all is good. I'm actually amazed how easy it was to set up. I thought for sure there would be cursing involved and hours of frustration. But it was up and running in no time. Especially the Internet. I thought it was going to be harder to get the Internet connection going. But it was like boom! Your on the Internet! So I'm super happy! And it runs very fast! Which is great!

The only complaint I have is how much of a pain it was to get it in the first place. The last problem, was I think on Monday. I decided to check this phone number I had to check the status of the computer. When I entered the order number I had - it said order cancelled! I freaked out! My husband got on the phone and called Dell. After talking to like 5 or more people (who basically have no idea what your talking about and are zero help) he finally got someone who could help. I guess what happened was that order was cancelled (when we had a problem with the credit card) and when he called to order it again, it was under a different order number. But no one had given us this new number.

My husband was starting to get really pissed at the morons on the phone, because I checked my credit card and we were charged for it. So he was getting really irate at the people saying they better figure it out and it better not be cancelled since we had been charged for it! So after all that, all is well and my new computer is here! What a hassle from day one though!