Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chase Credit Card

I'm somewhat ticked off at Chase Credit Card. Like I said yesterday they didn't authorize my purchase of my computer. When I got home yesterday I called them and asked them what was up. I talked to one guy and I told him what happened then he said hold on he'll put me through to something like "Fraud Services" or something like that.

Next I talked to a girl, and I told her I tried to purchase a computer online but it was denied. She said they thought it was a fraudulent purchase so they denied it. She said it looks as though I don't use my card that much and that it was for such a high amount and online that they thought it was a fraud.

Ok. Number one I wanted to scream to her "Don't use my card much? Have you seen my balance?" Two what they just willy nilly decide to cancel this? And three if they feel someone is using my account without my permission did any one consider even calling me and letting me know this?

So then she said she had to ask me some security questions. These were the most asinine questions I had ever heard. First she said "According to my drivers lisence how tall am I?" Then she proceeded to give me multiple choice answers. I mean anyone could guess this. Most likely I'm not 6 feet tall! And also how do they know this anyway? Then she gave me some address I've never heard of and then listed off a bunch of counties - I never heard of either. Then said what county is it in, or have you never been associated with this address. I was like "never associated with this address." These were the stupidest questions I have ever heard and don't think they proved anything. But I guess I passed because she said they would authorize this payment.

So now I still have to call Dell to have them process this order. But now I want to use this dicount code my husband has through his work. I could save 12%. I hope they still will let me use it. Because I hadn't submitted that in my first order.

My husband called me this morning from work, after his
safety equipment meeting. And gave me the code. So later I'm going to call Dell and hopefully get this computer ordered once and for all!


  1. I sure hope you get it worked out Sue. It's even tough getting a house loan with an excellent credit record anymore. And now we have congress getting another raise while they contimplate raising the gas tax! Is it any wonder Richardson decided to withdraw his position as Commerce Secretary? I hate even turning on the news anymore. :-(

    Take care sweetie ~ will try to check in more!

  2. Okay the question process is just sounds weird!