Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #18 "Positives of No Computer"

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Goofy Girl

As many of you may know, my computer died awhile ago. I was without a computer at home for almost a month. And had to rely on my library for my computer memory. But there were actually some positives that came out of it. Here's 13 positive things that happened when I didn't have a computer.

1. I finished 3 books
2. I finished an embroidery project I literally started 5 years ago.
3. I started another embroidery project
4. I am even teaching my daughter how to embroider
5. Lots of laundry got done
6. Lots of dishes got done
7. More vacuuming was done
8. Got more sleep (because wasn't staying up late on computer)
9. Got errands done earlier (without computer would leave house earlier to get errands done)
10. No fighting (didn't have to listen to anyone fighting saying "My turn on the computer!"
11. Painted my sons room
12. Watched some movies (and actually paid attention to them)
13. Spent more time with family & friends (not sure if it has to do with not having computer, but didn't feel tied down to computer so was able to do it)