Thursday, June 25, 2009

Great Summer Read For Kids


I just found out about a book called Chin and the Magic Stones. This is a great summer read for kids 7-11 years old.

The book is a fun adventure and is a great book for kids just getting into fantasy books. In this book kids will find themselves engaged in the riddles and magic of the book. They will want to read it to the very end to see what the next adventure will be.

Chin and the Magic Stones has a very positive message for kids. It will teach them that if they trust themselves and keep a positive attitude then it can result in positive happenings for them. Kids will not get bored with the book's messages, though, because they are masked in fantasy and magic, that will keep kids interested.

Another interesting thing about this book is that the main character is a boy. Many other books for kids in the ages of 7-11 have girls in the leading role of the book. But this book actually is a little different and unique by having a boy in the leading role.

The book is also getting good reviews from readers. On the books website and Amazon, the book has gotten a lot of positive reviews. I'm sure you know how important reading is for kids, so this is a great book to check out. Especially now during the summer months when kids are looking for a good book that will keep their interest. Check out this book today!

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