Monday, June 1, 2009

Scrubs Online Magazine

Are you a nurse or in the health industry? Well then you should check out this great online magazine I found called Scrubs

This online magazine is not your usual nursing magazine. Scrubs is not just a clinical magazine, like some others. It has a lot of different content in it. Such as lifestyle and stages of nursing. Including student nurses, new nurses and seasoned nurses. It also differentiates from other nursing magazine, because it is presented in a fun, warm and positive way!

There is also fun things on the website too, like a
nursing poll. The poll I took was who is your favorite fictional nursing character. I choose Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan from the show MASH. Remember her? I love the show MASH and used to watch it religiously, I'll even catch it on repeats sometimes. I choose Margaret, because she wasn't just a nurse, she was also portrayed as a real person.

There is also another interesting section called
The tip jar. The tip jar is where seasoned nurses answer questions for new nurses . Giving advice on all kinds of questions they might have. One such question I read is "How to deal with a weak stomach." Which outlines what a nurse must deal with on a daily basis - the sights and smells they may have to overcome and how to handle it. There was a lot of great tips on how a nurse could deal with this situation.

So if your looking for a great online nursing magazine, then you should really check out Scrubs!


  1. Good to know, thanks for this. I've been a RN x 27 years, so I guess I fit under seasoned. Well seasoned!!

  2. I will pass it on to my sister she is a CNA -- but wants to go to school to be a nurse. TFS