Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Public Speaking for Kids

Hi dear readers. I want to tell you about some information I recently found out about. This is a great campaign that is going on.

It is from the company Gabberz, Inc. This is a really worthy cause. They are raising money to help kids from all walks of life.

What the Gabberz Public Speaking for Kids does is empower kids to have a voice. The public speaking coaching program helps them to build their confidence. This program can really empower kids and it will also give them leadership qualities they will need later in life.

The importance of this campaign is that it will raise money, to get this program into the hands of those who need it the most. Kids from challenging backgrounds are the ones who could really benefit from this program. Their opportunities are limited so if they could get this program into the hands of those children, then it would be great.

This type of coaching will make those kids feel like they can make a difference. And that they could make an impact on the world.

Contributing  is easy you can pay securely using your credit card or through Paypal. This is a really great cause. And I encourage you to check this out for yourself. Please visit the website mentioned above for more information on this! 


  1. I never liked public speaking and I hope my kids don't pick that up from me :)

  2. Society in general teaches us that we should be fearful or shy about public speaking. I run across this continuously when coaching adults. That's what prompted me to develop this program for kids (initially just to coach my own kids). This fear is a learned fear and those who learn to embrace this skill early have a tremendous life-advantage.

    President, Gabberz, Inc.