Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


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We got another foot of snow from the recent snow storm. I am so ready for Spring!

The kids go back to school today. They had an extended vacation, since they had yesterday off because of the snow. They've had a lot of snow days. I think they've had at least 5 so far.

We were supposed to go to The American Girl store, in Massachusetts, over vacation. My daughter was all excited about American Girls at Christmas time, and we had planned to go there with my mother on their February vacation. All of a sudden my daughter isn't as excited over them anymore. And didn't want to go to the store. It didn't matter to me, but I thought my mother might be mad. My mother said it was ok, but I think she was, I guess, a little disappointed, we didn't go.

The American Girl stage is over (for now anyway). And now my daughter is crazy for "Littlest Pet Shop." She got this doll called VIP and you can play online with it. Similar to Webkinz. They have a scavenger hunt on there where you have to find items. We can not find all the items! Jeez! This game is supposed to be for kids, and I just spent 2 hours looking for the last item in this scavenger hunt and couldn't find it! I think there is a flaw in this game, or maybe me, for spending 2 hours looking for it!