Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

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A few months ago I bought some kind of Dove leave-in conditioner. I bought it at the "buck store." I ended up really liking it and wanted more. I was almost out of it a couple of weeks ago, and saw some at Walmart. Of course me being "cheap" I didn't buy it because it was like $2.50 more at Walmart. In the mean time 2 weeks later I haven't gone to the "buck store," which isn't really that convenient to get to and have looked in some supermarkets for it. When I could have just gotten it at Walmart in the first place, while I was there!

Who deemed that any kid who's birthday it is must bring in cupcakes to school for their birthday? My daughter's birthday always falls over their Feb. vacation. So every year it's a debate on do we bring them in before the vacation or after the vacation. And to make matters worse another girl in her class, has her birthday the day after my daughter. So every year this girl brings her cupcakes in the day before vacation, my daughter the day they get back from vacation. Because that's how the other girls mother sets it up. My daughter ends up getting upset about it every year. Whatever!

Also when I finally did make the cupcakes, which was supposed to be on a Monday. School ended up being cancelled because of a snow storm. 7:00 at night when I finally did make them, I was about to put them in the "muffin tins" when I realized I only had like 8 left. My husband had to go out to buy more that night. And finally I had saved a box specifically for that purpose. It was in the kitchen for 2 weeks waiting to be used. Right when I was about to put them in the box, I realized my husband had thrown it out!

We've has some "issues" with our cat and the litter box. Without getting into the gory details I looked online to find some solutions. It suggested that maybe they would prefer the "clumping" kind of litter better. Anyone ever try this stuff? This stuff stinks. It doesn't clump, so much as stick like glue and/or cement to the litter box. It is more of a hassle cleaning it then the regular kind of litter. I'm will not buy the "clumping" kind again - lol!

And some shameless promoting ~ check back on my blog, Thursday if you can. I'm having my first ever giveaway!

And lastly thanks to everyone commented on my last post. Thanks everyone for your well wishes.


  1. Great Randomness!

    My kid's school has requested "healthy snacks" for b-day treats and wont let us bring anything homemade for fear that we will give the kids food poisoning, which isnt a bad idea the way I cook! : )

  2. Sorry about the cupcake fiasco!!!

    Don't have a cat...

    Can't wait to see your giveaway. I just posted one, stop by and enter!!!

  3. I have done that exact thing for the low cost dollar items too. It ends up costing me more money in the long run! =:o

  4. I have totally 'been there' on the low cost items, too - and end up paying more later... :)

    Our cat is picky about litter...can't stand that 'clumping' stuff - you're right, it really does stink! FreshStep always seems to work best for us...well, for our cat, anyway... ;)

    Happy Random Tuesday! :)

  5. OHHHH That sux bout the cupcakes...

    I'm Evil, I'd do it two days before the vacation.. lol..

  6. We can't have any treats at school that are homemade. It is required for them to be purchased at a store!

    Kitty litter problem: I buy kitty litter liners, dump in regular litter, and throw the whole thing out once a week. That's the best way to get a non-stinky litterbox, in my opinion.

  7. I hope your husband is doing well. We can only use clumping litter because mine freak out with the regular.

  8. Your poor daughter! I don't blame her for getting upset about the other girl bringing her birthday treats to school first.

    As for your litter box problem. We have two cats and sometimes they make messes too. Everything that I have read on the topic says that some cats are picky about their litter. Some cats like their boxes to be clean before they use them. Mine are picky like that. And I've been using clumping litter for years. You have to make sure you get the good scoopable kind. Do not buy the inexpensive kind it is not the same. I've found that Tidy Cats works the best. Just make sure you scoop your box out every day. Also, the experts always recommend that you have one more litter box per cat. For example if you have two cats like I do make sure you have three boxes. Good luck!

  9. Cats are evil and so is their urine.

    Maybe you should be an over achiever and make cupcakes for BOTH days. Really stellar ones that would totally upstage the other mom.

    That's not what I'D do, of course, I'd forget all about it. But maybe you could give it a try ;)